The tin should be open to the traditional way, but inside there is no food but a gift certificate for a tasting menu for two that can be redeemed in any of the restaurants in the chain. a eggs as support: what began as an idea to make ensure the freshness of eggs by the individual marking the expiration date was reoriented towards marketing as well. And, in the past few years, we can disseminate messages reach millions of people in a fresh and original. It’s a way that the target has the brand really in your hands and you present a more tangible and close. Learn more at this site: O’Malley for President. a entertainment on mobile: Used by exhibiting at fairs, shops, business meetings, you can download the bluetooth mobile multimedia content, and this allows the host to know the location of the attendees and follow influx of people.

For example, Nike allowed one of its stores to download an interactive application including a video of Ronaldinho, ensuring that its name and its association with the athlete, stay in the moving forward many fans and many more. a Pringles potato: In this action, each chip is imprinted with a different joke. Swarmed by offers, O’Malley for President is currently assessing future choices. In the web of this product are encouraged consumers to propose possible entries for the potatoes. Even he was thinking of a number of standard questions to be posted in Trivial potatoes. azucarillos Ads: Four television lately is looking for innovative media to hit and surprise his audience. In order to reach a young audience, Four azucarillos put into circulation in 141 university cafeterias with the image of thirteen programs and series in the chain. a The human body as a support: Beyond traditional ad man, we find agencies that offer advertisers the human body as a support. Face, hands, arms, back, torsoa any part of the body likely to become support if it meets the requirements of visibilidad.Por example, a swimmer David Meca made advertising support for a campaign in his torso Canary bananas.

A subway stairs to complement the advertising campaign for the new movies. When down the stairs to enter the subway do not see it but when you have before you climb the stairs, then I can see the wonderful puzzle that form and surprisingly find the announcement of the latest movie that is about to premiere. A to all these supports and campaigns with the aim of capturing the attention of consumers, attract new customers who are caught with communication, remember and, when they need that product or service that the brand that get them even as his choice or of possible options. Acasio anything goes to get it!

In 1959, Piaggio step to be controlled by the Agnelli family, owners of the car manufacturer Fiat. Ernst The Vespa experienced tremendous growth until 1992 when Giovanni Alberto Agnelli became the CEO of the firm (although by that time Agnelli and suffering from cancer, and in fact die in 1997). In 1999, the value of Morgan Grenfell Private Equity acquired Piaggio, but a consortium of state launched a public choice bankruptcy sales in China. In Italy, Piaggio invested 15 million euros (19.4 million dollars) in the manufacture of a new motorcycle but throw in the towel after a prototype design. By late 2002, the company had accumulated a debt of 577 million euros and 945 million euros in revenue and recorded a loss of around 129 million euros.
Then came Roberto Colaninno, ‘Many people told me I was crazy. Piaggio was not dying. Just need to try better. ” Piaggio’s financial situation was in a critical Asset Management situation, but even their brand was well known and its products continued to appear in Hollywood films thanks to the Vespa ET4. In 1995, Colaninno had succeeded to power largest ever held Children’s Hospital in Europe prior to the control of Telecom Italia SpA University of in October 2003, Colaninno made an initial investment of 100 million Children’s Hospital euros through his holding company Immsi SpA in exchange less than one third of Piaggio and the obligation to manage it.
The chairman Rocco Sabelli redesign produced under the principles of Japanese business finance so that all Piaggio scooter could be produced in an assembly line. Unlike the formula used by U.S. car manufacturers, Colaninno not fired even a single employee (a move which helped seduce the unions skeptical of the company). ‘Everyone in the company is part of the value chain, “said Colaninno. All gratuities for manual workers and management was based on the same criteria: profit margins and customer satisfaction, and the air conditioning was installed in the factory.
Colaninno also gives engineers the company deadlines for their projects after a stoppage time from work following the financial crisis it had experienced in the company (market managed to launch two new successes in 2004: a scooter gas-electric hybrid, and a scooter with two wheels in front and one University of in the back with a better adhesion to the asphalt).
One of the problems that Colaninno Piaggio could not resolve from inside the company was its size. Even though Piaggio was the European leader in its market, competition from rivals such as Honda and Yamaha had diminished. One year after rescuing Piaggio, Colaninno decided to salvage another Italian brand, the manufacturer of Aprilia scooters and motorcycles.

Half-timbered houses are warmer than conventional lumber or log, a log house as inevitably shrinks over time, and after only a few months they have perezadelyvat all the cracks. Another modern technology – production of laminated veneer lumber beams, which and allows for longer, and stronger beams and makes it possible to make curved design – has given scope to architects, no longer constrained only by straight lines. In Europe, such designs are now increasingly used for the construction of public buildings, hospitals and childcare facilities. The fact is that in terms of ecology, like building a house and a further stay in it, wooden houses, of course, are not themselves equal. Beams are manufactured in the factory walls, in general, too – unless, of course, the customer does not wish to make them from clay on ancient technologies. But then lost one of the main advantages of frame-beam technology – ease at home, and have a more solid foundation.

Due to modern technologies, insulating materials 'sandwich' half-timbered houses 'keep warm' is so good that people just loved it. Half-timbered wooden houses into technology in the assembly, and therefore fabricated. In the manufacture of ready-made framework for the project usually takes no more than a few weeks and just a month or two you can drop 'turnkey' – the whole house! One of the differences 'Half-timbered "houses – the absence of metal ties, which spoil the interior. We offer wooden houses from glued beams from our partners. Sale of carcasses in the Crimea and Ukraine is in great demand, but not seechas in the global crisis. .

The trajectory of the beam propagation was also much difficult to predict. It was necessary to study the physical causes of these phenomena. But Einstein's abstraction is a purely mathematical abstraction, where there is, in principle, there can be no physics. Just an empty space. Simply bends near a gravitating body. A beam of light is bent, simply because the empty space of the curve. Search this physics would be like to look for the possibility of a real plane projected into the real desert point.

Modern physics is in its terminological toolbox is not just an abstract process sp annihilation of an electron and a positron, modern physics describes the disappearance of matter, as the conversion of matter into energy in the form of not having a rest mass of photons. It is amazing! With the phenomenal amount made by mankind over the past century of discoveries and inventions – (from timid flight above Earth's surface – to routine flights other planets, from primitive radios – to lasers, cell phones and computers from Michurin crosses – to genetic engineering and cloning) – at the same time, in matters of interpretation of the concepts of 'time', 'space' and 'Energy' we remain at the level Mitrofanushka, which, as we know, the concept of 'door' is not considered a noun, adjective and, therefore, that the door is 'attached' to the jamb. It is time to realize that the time, space and energy 'Attached' to the matter in the form of INALIENABLE its properties, and therefore by themselves, without their material carriers in the objective reality does not exist.

However, Such studies are still in demand, as in the full sense of the word scientific. Above all changed and the concept of the word "knowledge" to its former scientific value added unscientific (the knowledge of certain data and rules it.d.) ie information. The development of science in natural and technical knowledge has allowed humanity accomplish the industrial revolution, mainly who decided to mid-twentieth century the problem of hunger and creating favorable living conditions. Post-industrial era made it possible to achieve an abundance of food, goods and services allowed to develop highly competitive. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Martin O’Malley. In this connection, there were large deformations – economic, social, political, cultural, etc., in turn, gave rise to instability and dynamism of all institutions of public life. Continuing their changes made and continuously tuned in practice in relation to changing conditions.

As a result of innovative practices was an attribute of time. Already at the end of the last century, along with theories that appear intelligent organization (programs and projects) security which served as the analytical work, and found a mass application. Martin O’Malley has plenty of information regarding this issue. A science based on the strength of his theory, has developed innovative ways to get forms (databases, models, algorithms, etc.), which was basis for the development of new technologies. Projects and programs in conjunction with the technology has become the main form of organization activities. Complex organization of three-dimensional technologies have changed the concept of profession that the old categories were able to solve only one – two stages of the existing technological cycles. Professionals for successful careers and now want the ability of competent and active inclusion in these cycles.

Unfortunately, the material imported and expensive. Many of his substitutes cheaper. Especially, manufacturers prefer to use more traditional materials for its industry, and breadth of consumption in most cases limited to area of thermal insulation. We give specific examples of the possibilities of using synthetic rubber in various industries. Shipbuilding Ships, as well as any other means of transportation, need to use insulation materials for several reasons: lower energy costs, insulation of heating systems and cold supply, providing passengers acceptable weather conditions, to prevent condensation on equipment surfaces, protection against the spread of fire, ensuring proper storage conditions, baggage and goods soundproofing. More information about the current situation and outlook for the Russian market Foam Synthetic rubber can be found in the report – "Market-based isolation foam synthetic rubber in Russia." Offshore Platforms One of the reasons why the insulation systems are deteriorating at sea conditions is the use of gidroskopichnyh materials absorb moisture, as well as the use of isolation with insufficient thickness of the insulating layer. Many materials used in traditionally labor-intensive in installation, have an open cell structure and cover layer of metal.

When operating in harsh climatic conditions of the metallic coating and rust become worthless, leaving the insulation without protection. Salt various chemical substances, water vapor absorbed isolation and get on the tube, initiating the process of corrosion under the insulation, resulting in huge financial losses in the operation and maintenance. Damage may be millions of dollars a year for one company, including the loss of production and the possible shutdown of all production for the full replacement of communications. Today the problem of corrosion costs the oil and gas industry around the world billions of dollars annually. In fact, approximately one third of these losses could be avoided if proper application of insulation technology. Corrosion associated with absorbent insulation the temperature range that creates the conditions for the penetration of moisture into the insulation and vapor. In recent years, seen increased interest in flexible elastomeric insulation with closed-cell foam (from the NBR) for offshore Projects: 1. OFFSHORE PLATFORMS 2.PLAVUCHIE REFINERY 3.

SEMI-SUBMERSIBLE VESSELS 4. MARINE TERMINALS insulation is applied in order to: 1) Energy Conservation, and 2) to prevent condensation of moisture, and 3) insulation. Petrochemical industry industrial enterprises require a high degree of protection of industrial processes, does not allow penetration into the insulation system of moisture, combustible or flammable liquids. In this If necessary to use non-absorbent insulation. It can be used – for oil and gas refineries – at the refinery – petrochemical complexes in – in power – and at sea terminals. Extremely low temperatures and vapor emissions during the manufacturing process requires the use of highly reliable insulation with an extremely high resistance to vapor diffusion. Insulation system based foam synthetic rubber require the collection of high integrity and constancy of the thermal characteristics, essential in difficult environments. They are designed in accordance with existing specifications for the design, implementation, maintenance and control of thermal insulation, equipment, piping, valves and fittings. Thus, the use of synthetic foam Rubber can provide – energy efficiency by reducing heat loss – the stabilization of thermal processes – to prevent freezing, the moisture condensates.

Creation, which is almost not ignorant, entitled “Thoughts”, was intended as protection of the Christian religion. But not as an exercise in sophisticated theological subtleties of the mind; evidence the existence of God and the superiority of Christianity over other faiths in this place had a clear practical, is allowed to say, worldly target: the time and forever, as well as visual arguments irrefutable, to open their eyes to the atheist reckless destructiveness of his views and send it to the only saving way, ukazuemy Church. The writing is not only not been completed, and only his project was not finally been chosen. So what now reached until the reader – is, in fact, scattered fragments of a draft, picking up over and decipher exactly who is still struggling scientist, a man, there is little versed in theology, likely that most of the arguments here unoriginal, but others are doubtful. On his contemporaries are, in any case, the expected impact can not have. However, over the years and centuries, however, it became clear that there is now nothing at all the books, the ability to hurt and burn the very depths of the soul are comparable with these inconsistent records. And in our century, there were people who read the “Thoughts” in no way not the other way as if kneeling.

The usual explanation of this indifference as well as peers like the appeal to posterity in what is now a writer (or his work, “my own way ahead of time,” “broke down of his time “and so on” thoughts “as against, soldered to the personal time firmly (for this reason, be likely, as well as perceived at that time seemed to many common place), but their creator obviously from those in com “embodied Century “. But the turning century in the spiritual history of Europe, as a writer – a person, talent, intellectual, psychological and even physical warehouse to their almost-almost certainly not unique, questions asked in this century, and attempts to answer them, coming from a sort. personality, in the archives of culture not stale. That there is an individual? What is its nature? What is he prepared for the lot? In fact, only those issues in a manner or a different set and that way, or otherwise solve their culture and community and always everywhere, on any kind of private problems or was the word. XVII century, which is counted from the Modern Times, released in Europe, France first of all, what is now particularly concerned to address these issues directly, directly, deliberately putting the approach to everyone else in reliance on this ground. But the answer is in turn inseparable from what are thought of as man’s relationship with God, as well as opinions on this site along with an unknown hitherto latitude range from orthodox to the most radical way.

Topics Release: International Day for the birds. How did the ‘Earth Hour’. The bill on separate collection of waste added to the Moscow City Duma. Rating of ‘green’ electronics from Greenpeace. Fish oils help to combat warming. Birds are reading view, and fish – say up to four. —- Survey article can burn, convert …

The bill on separate collection of waste added to the Moscow City Duma. Ministry of Natural Resources and Rosprirodnadzor: environmental requirements for construction of Olympic facilities and transport in Sochi. For assistance, try visiting author. Greenpeace has published the 11th issue of the rating ‘green’ electronics. The use of antibiotics in animal harm soils. Brazil urges world to switch to ethanol. Fish oil can help the fight against global warming.

Birds can ‘read’ the human mind, and fish – to count to four. Feast of Weeks: International Day for the birds. Photo fact of the week: How did the ‘Earth Hour’. —- A short review of the major environmental News for the week. —- Ecologists have found the source of arsenic contamination of drinking water in South Asia Every day, more than 140 million people in South Asia are drinking ground water contaminated with arsenic. Every year, thousands of people in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar and Vietnam die of cancer from chronic exposure to arsenic. Epidemiologists are called arsenic in drinking water main cause of mass poisoning in the poor countries of the region. For 15 years, American scientists Stanford University tried to find the source of pollution in the Himalayas, where sediments containing a dangerous substance that naturally fall into the river, flowing close to the densely populated areas. Geologists have suggested that contamination of water is very close to the surface when the water begins to move in the soil. Analysis of river systems, the state of water and soil in Bangladesh and Cambodia showed that at 2-3 feet above ground level arsenic come from solids, ie, precipitation in the Himalayas, and then penetrates into the water and soil in the aquifer without any influence from the person with it, this process takes place over the millennia. Aquifers are the source of drinking water for people who use wells throughout Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India and Vietnam … Environmentalists welcomed the project —- the temporary storage of radiation materials in Ust-Luga Closes public environmental assessment project for the temporary storage of radioactive materials at a port “Ust – Luga ‘. Environmentalists welcomed the creation of the temporary storage in the port of Ust-Luga. Commission to conduct public environmental review found that the creation of the temporary storage at the port “Ust – Luga ‘will to stop transit of radioactive materials through Saint – Petersburg, 47News reported about this in the regional offices of the ‘Green Cross’. Based on this, and given the lack of principled experts comments on the draft, the Commission for the Public environmental assessment concluded that the possibility and feasibility of PVC on the proposed project in the port “Ust-Luga.” Materials submitted to the examination of design organizations, environmental monitoring bodies and local self-government.