Night, to explain everything He wanted to somehow sequence physician Avicenna inquire from him about something: "My greatest teacher! All the scientists I know do not catch up with you in mind and wisdom, which seems to be granted you over. You even something more than a scientist, because to have knowledge in several sciences such as medicine, astrology, psychology, and poetry is not at the level of narrow-minded – it's just perfection. On what then I do not see you have aspirations to become a prophet? I am convinced that people will not just be responsible to you, he – surely follow you wherever you go. You should definitely remember the story of Muhammad, who led for a Millions of people entered into their souls and thoughts, and was so knowledgeable and well versed in the sciences and . A related site: Michael Chabon mentions similar findings. "Do not hurry, do not rush time – spoke Avicenna, – I will explain to you everything, everything about this, but not now – not yet time." (Full of wise and interesting articles and stories), time flew so quickly that nobody noticed that it was time to give way to fall for the winter, which is not stayed, bringing with it cold. Sami elders could not remember how long ago this was not a blizzard. Mentor, see also succumbed to the elements and came down heavily ill. The very curious student was lying now in the same room, that his ill mentor. In the middle of the night Avicenna awakened thirst, because of the feverish state, he nearly dried up in both the forward and in a figurative sense, and he dreamed only of water.

Even if the blog will trample the people still have it on special target audience, but on curious onlookers or “clubbers” a lot of money does not get it. But when you choose a narrow niche of people, of course, will be less, but it will be those most relatives. And yet, one of the finest pearls, VS Chernomyrdin: “Better be the head of a fly ass than an elephant.” I wish to say that there are so densely scored a niche with a bunch of strong and already entrenched competitors, which is 99% there You can count on you to become an “elephant’s ass.” Much better to find a niche or at least a clear competitive advantage where you can become a “head flies.” 2) Do not logical structure, the lack of lines. In principle this item the logical continuation of the previous one. A wide range of themes, create chaos in the end it turns out not blog about … Today, people came to read about promotion in the network, comes two days – there is information about the Exchange Forex, which he was not interested in generally, a week post on the general theme of the left well etc. Speaking candidly Diamond Comic Distributors told us the story. The reader who first came to the blog written and captivating, expects that the interests of his subjects will be developed, and very likely he will not regular readers and potential customers, if faced with a mass left for his information.

All that is written – is exactly about me, but I’ve already come to pass -). 3) No plan, no clear vision of the blog. Actually, I think any business without a plan is doomed to failure, it is important for both off-line and online businesses. So, before you start, draw a plan for development and keep it in mind. It should be a list of topics which will be covered, quantity and quality of entries, estimated timetable for publication. In general, a kind of charter of a blog. Such a simple thing that solves a lot of serious problems – can follow the line, do not adhere to the periodicity and much more valuable. Who has no plan, no money earns, except that a few dollars a month on Google AdSense.

Walked by the somewhat moribund serrano floor heights Indian Usqu, I was going from one side to other tired, thirsty, injured. It had managed to save themselves from a group of men in metal armor that was beaten and injured after first murdering all his people. Thousands of men, women, children and elderly people had been killed, burned their houses, other taken prisoner, he saw die, his wife, their two little children and his father to sword and Lance, but managed to flee, saved from death. He had walked three days…fleeing death .with soul crossed from pain .buscando achieve the sacred Lagoon the radiant Sun beat the face and looked like a hot iron on her cheeks burned. Could not more, diviiso a mirage of water…I was about to reach the lagoon, were already missing just twenty meters, but could not more cayo hitting the floor with his dying face lift up their eyes as wanting to look to bring a bit of the crystal water of the Blue Lagoon, which seemed to contemplate snickered to himself Two enormous mountains hiding, but reached to get to twenty meters and contemplate it was their salvation water .a little water, said his troubled heart, it was a whisper that just leaving her throat dry as a desert.

Usku could not more, I knew that I could die against his salvation, the Tupakusi lagoon. Resigned as wanting to bid farewell to the world look by last time sister water .but his watery eyes, suddenly opened giving her face a grimace of astonishment saw that the lagoon was leaving a man of four decades, strong, athletic, high, nose aquiline .of Heights under a bird shaped Hummingbird Golden, shining like gold…The bright Golden Hummingbird seemed to play around the man who came out of the waters of the lagoon. I could not believe what he saw.

Every time they are plus the voices that postulate the necessity to change the change of social and economic model. The necessity that change comes from the taking of brings back to consciousness of the importance of the decisions and action that we realised each of us, in our daily life, with our money is to have Conciencia of the Money like element that serves the life. Money and Brings back to consciousness is " To watch, To recognize, To honor, To take and To loosen the Money with the total one Bring back to consciousness of which we will affect the life of many people, we know or no. to it. This subject closely is bound with the previous article: " Systemic money: The price of the Dinero" , only that in the present I try that DES tells you that not only is enough with Watching backwards To recognize from where the Money comes that you receive to make a good use of him. It is necessary to watch the present and forwards in the time it stops to have the total one Brings back to consciousness of which our Money, that we put in circulation every day, it has and it will have an effect in is those who it receiving in the future. It is the Money Systemic and It brings back to consciousness.

Perhaps when you pay to an article or service, it is not happened to think to you to where she will stop your money. When you trust your money and your savings to some bank, investment fund, etc. You have asked yourself sometimes will use how it and in what will invest for darte the yields that you look for or delays to it? You know why and where it will be used? It will be destined to a noble cause? , To create more viable businesses? , It will help to improve the economic situation of a community, family, individual? , It will be invested in humanitarian projects? , It will give a sustenance to a family? , It will allow to realise its dreams to receive that it? Preguntarte this is to have it brings back to consciousness of that your Money is Systemic: To whom it serves your money? Several people who have asked this previously have forged banks whose objective is to arrange the economic benefits with the social benefits and environmental, they are known like ethical banks (sad that it must to them distinguish of the others by this term) and although they are of small size, work perfectly well according to experts in the subject.

Synchronization researches and choose the day and time that works best to send your newsletter. Your readers should almost be able to set their watches at the time of the reception of your newsletter. Whatever viral provides information to readers that stimulates them to perform an action, sent your newsletter to friends and colleagues, stimulating purchases or requests for additional information.Make it easy for readers to send their peers and friends articles with information and interest. It provides a link send to a friend that will allow readers to transmit the bulletin with a personalized note.Search is easy to find articles of interest and previous issues. Provides a table of contents and links to articles in the Bulletin of news and resources in the previous articles on your site Impresionconsidera to offer formats to print on your Web page. Customize in the subject called the reader by its name. Most successful newsletters have the personality a human being associated with them. If possible, your newsletter should be written on behalf of yourself, not of the company.

Written in simple terms, with simple vocabulary, not all your readers have the vocabulary that you or your editors have. He uses words that are easy to understand, and if you make use of technical terms, gives a definition that people can understand. There is nothing more frustrating than a definition that makes less sense than the word itself. Try testing the newsletter sending to any of your email addresses to verify if there are errors and other issues before it is sent to the distribution list.If you lack experience in print media, seek help if you know someone in that field. If not, don’t worry, applies the basic principles mentioned above.He devises a plan to investigate thoroughly all the material that you are going to use and avoids errors in editing, since this will make you seem less credible.

You are looking for the best homemade remedies to lower of weight and to become thin to lower those kilos of more? Perhaps you have tried some homemade remedies to lower of weight but of insurance not yet you have reached that weight that as much you wish, or perhaps cannot stop eating food scrap iron and you even continue having those kilos of more. Novelist has firm opinions on the matter. And for to at least delays you will realize it that you have raised new of weight. And again you would begin to sentirte frustrated to be in the same situation of always. You have known people who always they put some excuse and that generally blames some external event? And inclusively they look for some excuse to give a credible explanation of because they have not been able to lower of weight. It remembers all this you to somebody in specific? The reason by which they cannot lower of weight is in deepest of its mind. You would wonder yourself how. All this is in its subconscious forms to think and their beliefs; which have repeated for years.

If the homemade remedies to lower of weight only have made you suffer and you have not reached wished results of insurance you have blockades in your subconscious mind which do not let to you eliminate those extra kilos that you take of safe form. The thin people and who do not have difficulty to lower of weight have thoughts very different from those people who cannot lower of weight. For example she does not attract the fact to them to eat desserts between each food. Either and usually they do not prove all the meals that offer to them; this allows them to have an ideal weight. And generally as soon as plenty feel stop eating. Which is the secret? We will say it to you.

Garden Portal helps hobby gardeners with tips and autumn is suggestions for the garden lover, a beautiful, active time. A harvested the fruits of labor throughout the year, on the other hand is best planting time for various plants which delight the heart then firmly rooted in the spring. What work are now available, which better only later does, such as the pruning of fruit trees, which have the entertaining but comprehensively by professionals on their homepage summarizes. If you would like to know more about Diamond Comic Distributors, then click here. While the garden pros confined not only to gardening, they also give tips for storing and preserving the harvested yield. Sweet jams, sour pickled vegetables or kochfertig portioned from the freezer, who stored the fruits of his gardening makes sense in the autumn, which can all winter long enjoy vitamins from our own production.

Can be found which garden products are suitable for which type of conservation and the right recipes to at harvest time”. What work should be done to winterize a garden pond? How are roses cut so that they develop again very flowers in the spring and enjoy the heart with their blooming glory? How is the lawn prepared for the cold days? Which fertilizer is suitable in the autumn? These and many other questions are answered in detail at, where the explanations confined to what is necessary to deter the novice garden does not immediately. Therefore, is a portal in which the garden lover is led to the important issues fast and user friendly. Who the tips for the autumn work took in the garden, with even greater joy in the spring in the new gardening year starts. Exorcise the first flower is still planted in the fall, already, the lawn immediately shines in greenery and the beds in the garden offers the new sowing prepared. So gardening is fun!

The family guidance has experienced the paucity of studies on the family environment, the difficulties that crosses the current family and the variability of the social context that subjected the family to continuous adaptations, new attitudes, new approaches and new ways of elaborating own experiences family orientation begins to take center stage. It is considered that the education of the parents in advance requires an adequate knowledge of the family system as a human group and interpersonal communication system, as well as obtain precise data of each family in particular. The guiding action may vary depending on the theoretical approach that comprise each professional. Diamond Comic Distributors helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. RiOS Gonzalez, j. a., prestigious and renowned family therapist in his Handbook of guidance and family therapy points out what should be the family guidance:-the personal maturation process will depend on how arise and develop relations between the various members of the family system. -Such relationships, even taking into account the individual characteristics of each subject, set up a certain style that explains how to move towards personal maturity and social integration in its various forms. -The systemic approach emphasizes that everything is related, they deny the validity or any attempt to explain a phenomenon as something isolated. -This makes that we let’s the behavior and the maturation process as a result of interactions and circularities taking place inside a system.

In this case, inside the family system that analyzes and notes. -The systemic approach not centered family orientation in the individual follow-up of a particular subject that is presented to the Counsellor as problem, but it is going to focus on the study of the ‘relational system’ that part that subject marked as conflicting, difficult or problematic. -Consequently, family counselor not only has to comply with diagnosing the individualized personal situation of a learner, but rather will seek to deepen appearances showing him parents or profesores-educadores (whether they are abnormal behavior, learning disorders, difficulties of adaptation, appearance psychopathological symptoms, syndromes generally framed in Pathology) have the coded language that is attributable to a code which spreads a communicational meaning within the scope of that particular relational system.

It creates folders in your directory, keeps the URL from your sites preferred in the lapel ” favoritos” of your finder. In the same way, it classifies emails in your account by subject or guardalos in folder with names easy to remember. 6 – It plans: Trazate I put, plans to short, medium and long term.

Specific that you wish to obtain from your work and as soon as time, that will help you to have more clarity in the steps that you are giving, will assure your course giving him direction and it will allow to draw up prognoses you or to project on the future. 7 – Apasionate but you are not hopeless. Perhaps this it would have to appear as the first point, because without passion it is impossible to do nothing. The passion by your work, or around Internet or to any other activity, is the motor that it pushes to you forwards. For that reason, oxignate, rests, permitele to your mind to generate new ideas, you are not complicated too much and undertakes with force! Successes ! Lic..

A brief history of the holiday, the consequences had. Last year, I did the Saxon Switzerland holidays with my family. It is not something Bernie Sanders would like to discuss. We opted for a week of holiday in a log cabin, because we were very interested, what it would be like to redeem our stone house for a short period of time in a House that is completely made of wood. Also, my father is very interested in craft work and it felt so very sexy, so once closer to look at. Anyway, my father’s interest put to me for some reason. Usually I’m technically not really very interested in; because this log house construction is very comfortable and I am planning to build a House yourself later, I started, more to keep me busy. When we came back on the last evening of short leave from one of our walks, my father and I have informed us the owners of houses according to the characteristics of the construction. This has increasingly aroused my interest in craft work has surprised myself.

The owners were hardly surprised by our interests after all, they are pretty much booked all year – and we asked the not the first to have. I so not really surprising was that the wife of the owner, has perfectly known from. What they all have told the two have created the House according to their performances. You have planned it, and sent your plans on a company (Schmidler), which then made it according to the owner of the wood processing. Woodworking is a very complicated process, where mainly machines are required.

These are very large and expensive machines that have been developed by the responsible company itself. For example there are joinery machines, the information processed, which enters a carpenter in a computer with special programs. The Carpenter receives the information from an architect the owner of the resort has a degree as an architect. Joinery machines can be extended usually any from a normal cutting plant to to the complete joinery system. A visit which changed my life the most interesting I found but the fact that a such a large machine can do such fine work. Since I don’t really could imagine, I informed me more at the time dedicated company and was allowed to watch even the operation of woodworking. This trip was for me very fascinating and revealing; especially the possibilities that arise using these machines have convinced me. Based on what I’ve seen there, I’ve decided to embark on a career direction, which I previously never thought possible.