Half-timbered houses are warmer than conventional lumber or log, a log house as inevitably shrinks over time, and after only a few months they have perezadelyvat all the cracks. Another modern technology – production of laminated veneer lumber beams, which and allows for longer, and stronger beams and makes it possible to make curved design – has given scope to architects, no longer constrained only by straight lines. In Europe, such designs are now increasingly used for the construction of public buildings, hospitals and childcare facilities. The fact is that in terms of ecology, like building a house and a further stay in it, wooden houses, of course, are not themselves equal. Beams are manufactured in the factory walls, in general, too – unless, of course, the customer does not wish to make them from clay on ancient technologies. But then lost one of the main advantages of frame-beam technology – ease at home, and have a more solid foundation.

Due to modern technologies, insulating materials 'sandwich' half-timbered houses 'keep warm' is so good that people just loved it. Half-timbered wooden houses into technology in the assembly, and therefore fabricated. In the manufacture of ready-made framework for the project usually takes no more than a few weeks and just a month or two you can drop 'turnkey' – the whole house! One of the differences 'Half-timbered "houses – the absence of metal ties, which spoil the interior. We offer wooden houses from glued beams from our partners. Sale of carcasses in the Crimea and Ukraine is in great demand, but not seechas in the global crisis. .