Water – the most important source of human life. But at the same time, water, oddly enough, is also a major cause of morbidity. The consequences of drinking contaminated water can occur both immediately and a few years in the form of serious diseases. And it is not surprising that the use of poor quality water greatly affects the life of appliances. To date, very hard to do the right choice when buying a filter for water purification. I would like it to do high-quality water treatment, purification and speed was not a little, and he served for a long time, and cost is not expensive.

So after all, what better water filter? That make an objective analysis of systems for water purification is necessary to compare the full range of technologies used to purify water in a given filter. Activated carbon filters are easy to install these systems, and cover the main filter functions. Charcoal derived from coconut fibers. It absorbs the contaminants contained in water. They are easy to install, fairly economical, and depending on the level of microns, will remove the most deadly polluting substances, and microscopic parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Guardia.

Ceramic water filters in through the ceramic filter element is diatomaceous earth, fossil substance, made up of tiny silicon membrane consisting of trillions of microscopic one-celled algae called diatoms, which lived in the waters of the Earth 150 million years ago. Some contain ceramic vodochistiteli nano-silver impregnated which external porous membrane that can trap bacteria. The service life can be extended if the surface is clean it under running water. Reverse osmosis Reverse osmosis – is water purification using reverse osmosis membranes. Water with this method of cleaning passes through the membrane, which couples pass water, but do not let its dissolved impurities. Water subjected to five stages of cleaning, ideal for drinking, cooking and even baby food. Sixth stage – the mineral cartridge, which ensures the saturation of water with mineral salts. The treatment removes 99.8% of harmful impurities such as pesticides, organic and chlorinated compounds, nitrates, nitrites, salts of heavy metals. Get acquainted with the kinds of pipes, industrial filters for the connection here. This article describes the main types of filters on the market. In conclusion, we note that before buying filtration products, primarily, is to analyze the water in the local SES and, therefore, to pick up the necessary equipment.

We find that the wine between more expensive outside, more activity would have on the medial brain orbitofrontal cortex, said Antonio Rangel, Associate Professor of Economics at Cal Tech. I cannot change activity on the part of the brain that encodes the subjective delight by changing the price to which you believe that the product is sold without changing the product, he added. The findings are published in the online edition of this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the study, Rangel and his colleagues asked twenty people that they classified your enjoyment of wines of different price while they scanned images by functional magnetic resonance imaging. But there was a trick, two of its wines were presented twice, one with a high price and another with a reduced price. The researchers found that people would say that the expensive wine he liked more than the cheap. In addition, the scanners for neuroimaging showed that when people drink expensive wine, they had more activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex, which reacted to the pleasure experienced by smells, tastes and music. It was believed that that pleasure related to a product depended solely on this, said Rangel.

This suggests that it is not. Beliefs about what you are experiencing also affect how nice that is experience Rangel believes that incorporating factors in addition to the same product to the same experience is part of human nature. It’s something that can be exploited with the marketing, but that has not been created for this. For Rangel, the neuromercadeo is a scientific, non-commercial objective. We want to understand how they affect the environmental variables, as the price, the calculations that makes the brain to make a decision, says. Adds us on the information submitted, that Jon Hanson, Professor of the Faculty of law at Harvard, said that the new study points the way in which marketing can manipulate feelings about a product to influence purchase options, that I tend to defend as rational or reasoned. This new study seems to clarify a valuable contribution some of the neural mechanisms behind what makes something attractive, tasty or pleasing, and they might be important to offer additional evidence on how Herculean marketing investments are justified because they operate under the radar of the components more aware of intellect of our minds, said Hanson.

In addition, it could suggest one of the ways in which consumers are faced with the cognitive dissonance of paying a high price for something. People enjoy your purchase, more precisely, because it paid more another expert considered the neuromercadeo a way of understanding how people think and how to make marketing efforts more efficient. The use of methods and paradigms neuroscientists to help answer questions about the theory of marketing has the potential to revolutionize the understanding of the relationship between organizations and consumers, said Nick Lee, Keynote marketing of Aston in Birmingham, England business school group. original author and source of the article.

Average altar was consecrated in the name of St. John of Damascus in 1768 by Archbishop Gabriel Kremenets. A year later, were sanctified by the throne, and both sides – on the south side of St. Harlampy martyr, and on the north – in the name of the Holy. prophet Elijah. From the church Anichkov Palace was moved iconostasis. Among the images were a few canvases by painters of the School of pp Rubens, including The Holy Family "," Last Supper "," Descent from the Cross ". The church at the top floor of the throne in the name of Vladimir Mother of God finally arranged in 1783 and was consecrated by Metropolitan Gabriel.

At the top of the church just outside the sanctified in the name of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow" and Faith Hope and Charity and their mother Sophia. Detached round tower of the church of the Vladimir project Quarenghi was built in 1783, and in 1848 F. Rusca increased its height by one storey, and in 1850 he also headed 1853godah construction fence of the cathedral. The western porch of the church with a portico in classical style, turned in the direction of the Vladimir area, was created in 1831 by architect cathedral before the Revolution in the temple existed Benevolent Society, an orphanage and women's hospice. In 1922 the church property was confiscated.

Vestments and the icons were partially transferred to the Russian Museum and the Hermitage. In 1930 the church was closed, its premises have been brought to book Funds of the State Public Library to accommodate its branch – the anti-religious library, and then another and building trust. After the war, withstood the siege temple again transferred for storage of books Library Academy of Sciences, and in 1947 Lenpromkombinatu Fizkultpromsnaba under knitting production. In August 1989, after 60 years of estrangement Cathedral of Our Lady of Vladimir was returned to the Diocese of Leningrad. In many respects this contributed to the well-known residents of scientist, historian and writer LNGumilev and honorary citizen of St. Petersburg , one of whose ancestors had been caretaker of the church. From 1996 to the present rector of the church is – Vladimir (Kotlyarov) Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga. Since the end of xx century undergoing restoration. Main sanctuary of the temple are: the icon of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God icon "Almighty Savior", consecrated St. righteous John of Kronstadt, as well as the image of St. Seraphim of Sarov with a particle of his relics. Here the funeral service nurse Pushkin – Arina. One of the parishioners was Dostoevsky, who lived nearby in Kuznechny lane.

In the dark Glowing in the dark aquarium soil gives the accumulated lumens in the form of a visible glow. Glowing in the dark aquarium gravel, contains no phosphorus, do not increase the pH and water hardness, does not adversely affect any on fish or on plants. The number of cycles of the soil and recharges its luminosity is not limited to, the service life is also not limited. The important characteristics of any aquarium soil are the shape and size. Aquarium soil should readily permeable to the horizontal and vertical flows of water, the soil must 'breathe'. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil consists of elements of approximately the same round in shape, emitting a pebble, and the intervals between the constituent particles of soil aquarium large enough to ensure good water exchange. Imagine, for comparison, the soil consisting of particles of different sizes.

How would such a primer interesting was not looking, over time the climate may deteriorate the aquarium, gravel stop 'breathing', small particles fill the gaps between large, water in the soil begins to stagnate, you are swamping all consequences. Similarities and round glowing in the dark aquarium soil makes caring for them simple enough, such an aquarium ground well cleaned trap, pollution that fail to ground and may muddy the waters, just as easily and washed out of him. With regard to the roundness of the particles of glowing in the dark aquarium soil, in my opinion, it is much better than the soil from chipped and sharp edges, though, because of Such edges can injure fish. Before you fill up glowing in the dark aquarium bottom in the aquarium, you need to wash it in the usual way to get rid of fine particles and dust, in this case it is better not to use soap and chemical means. Glowing in the dark aquarium ground running as a primitive mechanical filter, which fail fines and suspensions, polluting the water, which subsequently can be easily dust. Another essential characteristic of the aquarium is a lot – the color. In the aquarium you can sleep monochrome ground, but it may be interesting to mix a few colors. We should not forget that the most important in aquarium fish are, therefore, design the aquarium should be selected for specific types, which will live in an aquarium.

Glowing in the dark aquarium ground in daylight or artificial light looks like a pebble with a translucent shade of pink, blue and green as interesting option colorless pebbles. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil will give the aquarium beauty, personality and could create special charm in the design of the aquarium. Psychologists say that is tastefully decorated aquarium is located at the premises of people joy and delight, it has beneficial effects on their health status. In observing the underwater world of human mood improves and there are more forces to tackle a variety of everyday problems. Glowing in the dark soil in the aquarium is now an absolute know-how in a series of aquarium products. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil does not contain phosphorus or other harmful to fish and human elements, does not alter the chemical properties of water. Glowing in the dark aquarium soil is not only an ornament aquarium, but also, in conjunction with the activities of plants, can be a very effective tool for filtering and maintenance of biological equilibrium in the aquarium. Use glow in the dark aquarium soil including the day's color scheme gives you the opportunity to realize the unique, fantastic and unique design solutions for your aquarium.