Increasingly more people buy their travel online because they have realized the many advantages and benefits that can be achieved. A survey that made Colombia a prestigious radio station nationwide found that a very high percentage of people, men and women of various ages, buy airline tickets over the Internet and the main reasons are as follows in order of importance: get the best rates in the market buying on the Internet is the new trend and is essential to adapt to it there is an access in real time to all airlines information, routes and schedules and in addition you can make comparisons of rates purchase can be done directly to the airline which implies a greater guarantee of service and added support when traveling to shopping on the Internet is much more agile than do the process through a travel agency; is also very easy especially when you have a first experience contrary to what many people say, shopping on the Internet is quite safe if done in companies and recognized suppliers pages on Internet purchases are possible from the comfort of home these are the main advantages and benefits those who are already buying their travel on the Internet; If you do not thing doing this should seriously consider it. Airlines increasingly more focus its strategy towards online sales because they want to reduce the costs of operation involving offices of the customer service and call centers; Likewise they have drastically reduced the commissions that pay travel agencies that were once close to 10% and today they are at 1%. All this consequently allows airlines to have best rates on their Internet sites and the beneficiary turns out to be the final customer or traveler. The companies in the travel and tourism industry are rewarding people who purchase their travel online to collect less taxes or administrative fees and offer best rates by booking with enough time. An example of this are the airlines that in many countries even charge administrative fees, a species margin or additional income, when travel agencies often charge very high fees. In the case of Colombia, the rate it administrative they charge airlines to fly within the country is around USD 16 when travel agencies normally charge double and even triple. The case of the air tickets is only part of the entire offering of travel on the Internet that is already available to the traveller to make access better information in real time, at the best rates in the market and a large number of previous travel experiences, perhaps one of the most precious benefits which can already be found in Internet. I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, how is your experience with the Online travel Travel on the Internet? You already purchase your air tickets, hotels, car rental and other travel Internet services? What problems you have, what want to learn?

What is the Audiobook? Audiobook – this is the book, voiced by professional actors and recorded in audio format. Or you can put it another way – the older generation probably remembers earlier on the radio very often twisted auditions. Audiobook – it's the same thing, only recorded on a disc, or recorded in the MP3 format audio recording, which can be downloaded from specialized sites. What kind of format MP3, which recorded the audiobook? MPEG Audio Layer-3 – is the most popular format for storing and transmitting information in digital form using a compression signal. For example, on an ordinary 700MB disc in this format can be recorded 11:00 of music.

On which to listen to an audiobook? At the present development ITehnology audiobook you can listen to on your cell phone, also on special small players MP4, which support many formats, including MP3. Can I burn an audiobook itself? Yes, very possible audioknigu record, this is both free and paid programs for recording audio books that can be easily found online. Of course the sound quality of recorded books you will be very different from the audiobook, which recorded in a professional studio professional actors, but you choose. How do I find an audiobook on the Internet? Through any search engine, just type in the search box: Audiobook and you get several million hits to sites with free and commercial audio books. What are the advantages of audio books in front of ordinary books? The advantages are enormous. First, the thrift of time, because you can listen to an audiobook in a different place: subway car, and just when you're walking. And secondly – is the preservation of your eyes, and in the present world is very large flow of information passing through the eye and sometimes they need a rest.

More and more people want in the age plus-WG – first online portal for flats from 50 to enjoy the benefits of community living. The Internet portal PlusWGs is dedicated to this need and offers a free exchange for share or unfurnished of the generation 50plus. Our portal is designed not to elderly people who are looking for a retirement home or assisted living, but to active people over 50 who want to bring more color into their lives”, so Felix Herzog, founder of PlusWG. The number of people over 65 to five million in Germany will increase in the next 20 years alone. The proportion of single adults increases continuously. Today, every third woman over 55 alone lives. Among the men the proportion of individual households is indeed low, but 18% is also at a high level. The new Internet portal offers for these categories of persons already offers and requests in whole Germany and is tuned to high user friendliness.

With just one click the Flatshare ads can be studied in the own State be and new offers or requests will be abandoned. PlusWG looks back on the experience in the placement of shared flats for the generation 50plus. Since the beginning of the year, PlusWG seniors WG Directory operates the Web site. Through the experience with the previous ads, the Web site operators have decided to rename the Portal: we have found that the content of the ad were on behalf of seniors-WG cannot meet. The majority of the ads controller looking for roommate, who do not feel as seniors, but are in the middle of the life. Check out Former Maryland Governor for additional information. These are mainly people aged between 50 and 60 years. Together instead of lonely; that is our guiding principle”, Felix Herzog. Since March 2010, the directory for shared flats under senior was found. The majority of advertisers is between 50 and 60 years old. “Plus-WG” is a short form for “50plus-WG” or “60plus-WG” and distinguishes so clearly from serviced apartments for seniors. (Felix Herzog)

At birth, we all do within a particular culture that we must incorporate if we are to survive. Every culture is a world of shared meanings whose primary vehicle is the language. Novelist usually is spot on. As the language that characterizes the man as a species, it is logical that it can become the main "instrument" to travel on the "reality." This "psychic organizer" allows us to objectify the experience. Experiences that enable us to be repetitive anticipate situations and therefore live longer adapted to a changing world. When we communicate with someone and this is basic psychotherapy, we use three types of channels or means of communication: 1 .- Digital communication is based on the word is used when listening and enunciate a word to name something, where the word is an arbitrary sign and the result of semantic agreement (for example, we have all agreed on that particular device is a TV or radio). 2 .- paraverbal communication that is all that "supports" a what is said, laughing, crying, intensity, timbre and tone of voice.

3 .- The Nonverbal communication is represented by body language. It is for "everything that is done but not said" (gestures, facial expressions, posture, gaze or eye contact) All these channels do not use them in the same proportion. Multiple scientific studies on human communication, have coincided with small differences in the impact and effect of a particular communication depends on a 55% body language (basically the look), in 38% of communication paraverbal (primarily the tone voice) and only 7% of the word.

Each beginning of cycle of financial expansion is called sinalizadora crisis. At this moment the main agent of the sistmico process of accumulation dislocates its capital of the commerce/production for the financial speculation; this is a preamble of the deepening of the crisis that leads to the substitution of a regimen of accumulation of capitals for another one (terminal crisis). In a question-answer forum Bernie Sanders was the first to reply. The genovs cycle took 290 to pass all for this process; the dutch cycle lasted 220 190 years and the English about; this acceleration of the rhythm of capitalist history seems to indicate a North American cycle (initiated in 1870) still lesser. Industry, imperialism and accumulation of capital One of the daily pay-conditions stop boom English industrial was the transference of the world of high finances of Amsterdan for London (1780-83), in virtue of the war. ady Stepper. This arrives in port allowed to raise the loans of the government of 22 million sterling pounds (1792) for 123 million (1815).

The intensification of the competition took to the monopoly in addition and fall of the prices, producing the Great Depression of 1873-96; from the great capital if it dislocates from the production sphere/commerce for the finances, more income-producing there; the expansion of the banking networks forms City. Bankers as the Rothschild had become an independent power in the Europe, having financed the imperialistas projects and the wars (the military expenses of the great European powers had gone up of 1332 million pounds in 1880 for 205 million in 1900 and 397 million in 1914). The high remuneration of the speculative capital will create one where of optimism and development, the Belle Epoque (1897-1914). After World War I England tried a great expansion imperialista, but already the very bigger culstos that its benefits. In 1931, with the collapse of the standard gold, the end of the British domain occurs on world-wide the financial capital. The high finances cross the Atlantic and if they install in Wall street; it initiates the reign of the dollar.

Today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe for kebabs marinated in wine, an excellent choice to learn to cook recipes easy and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 4 people. Ingredients for kebabs marinated in wine recipe: 1 1/2 pounds Tenderloin of beef into cubes 1/2 cup dry red wine 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons minced garlic 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary 1 teaspoon thyme for skewers 8 mushrooms 1 onion quartered 1 red or green pepper, diced salt and pepper to taste to accompany 250 g of luffed (risono) 1 chicken broth preparation of kebabs marinated in wine recipe: cut the tenderloin into small cubes. We moved them to a bag with an airtight seal, and season them inside there with wine, vinegar, soy, minced garlic, Rosemary and thyme. Mix with a spatula; close the bag and carry it to the fridge at least 2 hours, but preferably overnight. This can also be done in a container, and then cover it with plastic wrap.

We get meat from the fridge, put it in wet bamboo skewers, alternating with mushrooms, onion and paprika. We will add salt and pepper. We put the skewers on a grill hot and greased with a little vegetable oil and roast them until you achieve the desired doneness in meat. We offer you cooking the luffed (risoni) in a pot with boiling chicken broth until East to the Dente, drain and serve in a bowl. We serve this dish with the luffed base and skewers on top. Skewers of meat recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipes and delicious recipes easy to enjoy as the cannelloni of meat and skewers kebabs.