While in Africa, millions of starvation are threatened, more and more people die from the consequences of obesity in developed countries. For the biologists of the diet drinks is one of the main reasons for the steady weight gain in the population are Caspar Wenk: With the Soft Drinks oodles can be consumed calories, without causing saturation. The broadening of the consumer inevitably follows the dissemination of sparkling sodas. According to the ETH Professor, studies have shown in the United States, that correlated the number of vending machines with obesity. And in fact, the population is more than well in the juice long ago. Every fifth child is already too heavy, fat (obese) is one of 14 children. Joane Flansberry shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

In adults, more than 40 percent are overweight. The weight trend knows only one direction for several years: rising, and quickly. Big is beautiful, but only from the perspective of the provider. The food industry relies on family values not only for the sweet drinks: whether Frozen pizza always may be a bit more for the whole family, chips in the jumbo bag or candy bars in the multi-pack. The customer is rewarded with an appropriate discount.

Anyone who thinks in this way to be able to save, paid with obesity. Learn more on the subject from everest capital. Studies have shown that sales of larger single portions lead to greater consumption. The industry produced as a multiple of what we can eat. Nothing is therefore left unturned to bring the goods literally to the man, the woman or the child. Pricing, advertising and marketing help that we access through the hungry also. Especially the increasing energy density of the food makes it hard to create the insatiable consumers. Because even the biggest calorie bombs not saturate often because the volume is missing. Projections show that we will soon overtake the United States in terms of obesity, because in the United States for the first time more people on the consequences of obesity than die of the consequences of smoking are in the coming years. Insa & Peter Heller Wellbiz Ernahrungscoaches