One of them you will no doubt remember – the meeting of Romeo and Juliet. Keeps a fount of ideas and Russian fairy tales, where the Princess met with John, looking at the balcony! Has long been a traditional element of balconies southern architecture: located in the full-length front of the palace, they like the delightful gardens c exotic plants, where the rich know gave dinner parties, and the lovers secretly met in the shadow colors. Of course, during the heroes immortal William Shakespeare's balcony different from today, but some of the ideas from the experiences of our predecessors is gleaned. Getting to the arrangement of balconies, be sure to listen to your feelings. And then get to work. Reach your advertising magazines and newspapers. Cut out favorite pictures and combine them safely until the head is not an idea. Make transparent the walls golden rule, which should not be forgotten when planning the space: a minimum of furniture, and window – the foundation of all! Depending on the balcony where you can arrange not only the winter garden, but also a small gym or library.

The most important thing – to choose the right windows. A survey conducted among experts window market, showed that the most popular and reliable is the construction of the glazing profiles Sib Design and Brillan Design German company rehau with glass, and so-called "cold glazed" Spanish brand Provedal. "The demand on these types of glazing is not accidental. System Brillan Design and Sib Design German company rehau good that provide excellent heat and noise and soundproofing, providing a favorable microclimate – commented on the results of the poll director Sales of "Build Master" Yuri Leonov.

Currently, the confusion is very great. In general, one of the attitudes (literary or pedagogical) has predominated on the other. From there the excesses and the mistakes that proliferate in certain more recent infantile productions, that disclose books that in the place to be amused, as they are intended, are dull fools and, or then, they are broken up and meaningless. To know more about this subject visit Martin O’Malley. Or still they are overloaded of information corretssimas, but that, undressed of fancy and imagination, in place to attract to the young it drives away it reader. The productions that with rare happiness obtained to equate the two terms of the problem show a literature to amuse, to give pleasure, to move and that at the same time, it teaches new ways to see the world, of living to think, thinking, to act, to react mainly if shows conscientious of that it is for the invention of the language that this basic scienter is reached. Literature contemporary, expression of the changes in course and that, far from intending the exemplaridade or transmission of defined values already or systemize, it searchs to stimulate the creativity, the discovery or the conquest of the new values in management.

With all this quarrel many professors if lose in the use of infanto-youthful literature in the classroom, the use of inadequate methodologies and texts that if show to many superiors or inferiors to the linguistic level where if they find the pupils. At last, between these two polar regions, are oscillating the current production of literature, remain the writers to become conscientious of the operating forces in its time and to conquer the ideal fusing, since true felt of a pedagogical action that is more than what to teach the little that if knows, it is to be of promptitude to learn vastness of what if it does not know and the literary art is one of the ways for this learning. . For more specific information, check out Martin O’Malley.

So looks like our inner world, so this is reflected in the external world. Leads us to the timing of consciousness. Relationship brings to our synchronization consciousness, that is, we will be in harmony with the specific events that occur to us, and which are considered to us as hints and instructions, and can provide us with substantial assistance. Connects us to the river of life. Follow the river of life, means to learn the game of life with all its joys. Makes the law of attraction for us consciously draws to us the things that are important to us at this moment. This may be a seminar, which contains the fact that takes us. Or it could be the right treatment for our healing process. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Mark Hyman has to say.

We meet a man whom we know as a mirror of our inner world. As a consequence, we can discover our masks release them to be provided closer to the true Being. Works on all levels of Being. Works at the cellular level and it brings out in conventional visible and invisible levels of our being – from the microcosm to macrocosm. Returns us to all aspects of our Being.

We often are not perfect. Many aspects of our Being lost for various reasons, may be in other worlds were in past lives or memories, or are suppressed by us. As a result we feel tired, confused and so on This brings us back to our essence being – our true being. If we accept and indeed willing, we will learn gradually our masks, we accept from the incarnation to incarnation, from our experience, we are ready to accept and release.

Taking into account the connotation of social networks that the end of WEB 2.0 have implicit, its main exponents are precisely this type of generating community applications. Among the most popular are: Facebook (, Jigsaw (, LinkedIn (, Orkut (, Spoke ( and Xing ( Is which its usefulness at the enterprise level? Initially its greatest potential is identified with marketing activities, through the creation of specific segments with common interests with a high level of cohesion. The WEB 2.0 application that has generated better results at the corporate level is LinkedIn, especially due to the ease and naturalness with which we establish new contacts at the level of businesses for sale B2B environment. According to experts in the field, when the sale is transactional or repetitive, social networks Web 2.0 can not offer many benefits, but when the sales process is strategic and based on personal relationships, the benefit of belonging to a social network in WEB 2.0 is probably fairly high. This is the view of Jeff Weinberger, Marketing Executive of the company Webex, leader in online meeting system. That’s why that has now emerged a new concept called Enterprise 2.0, which is nothing other than the impact of WEB 2.0 at the enterprise level. Does a picture is worth a thousand words, so meet Charlie and shape as in working in an Enterprise 2.0 schema, see the following presentation: Meet Charlie what is Enterprise2.0? View more presentations from Scott Gavin.

One of the biggest impacts that are being generated by the use of WEB 2.0 is the proliferation of Micromedios, which drastically affects the use of mass media as a mechanism of investment in advertising. It is necessary to begin to evaluate the use of these micromedios as a fully viable alternative for effectively reaching the target segment. In addition the large tech companies like IBM, Microsoft, SAP, etc., are making inroads so accelerated in the world of WEB 2.0. To obtain a larger illustration, invite you to watch the following video (is in Spanish) for more information about this topic, or issues please contact us at or visit mind.

REMEMBERING A craftsman of popular culture (the “Gordo” Rodolfo ORTIZ) a Throughout our long and vital parable, we have been proving that many of the makers of our everyday (or those who raised at some point pleasant moments to our lives). We have been checking, we reiterate that with the passage of time is lost in oblivion. a In our childhood in the fifties in the Ensenada de Barragan, we remember that that Spanish dancer Otilia Curbelo, the one reciter Bravo, choreographer of the film of that local “social”, “Chorson” Divale, the fiery speeches of Rafael Elgarrista. a Discount if every veteran or veteran makes a journey to his childhood, recalled in his small town, neighborhood, or rural area, people such as those mentioned. If there is any or any tip comes up on a carrier such “micro-stories, all these rich trajectories, which never reached the” consecration “in the major media, end diluted into oblivion.

a A few years ago, evoking closely related to another character with which we recall at this time, we referred to a section in his time, had the then-widespread American magazine “The Reader’s Digest.” The section is called “My unforgettable character” and was devoted to a personality who had impressed the authors of it. a This time, we want to evoke the “fat” “Adolfo Ortiz. What of” fat “is not menoscabante, but all they called at a time, when there was no crime of discrimination. a I met him in action “fat” on the occasion carried out in the Parque Chacabuco of the city of Buenos Aires, the Argentine championship Free Athletics, in the spring of 1962.

Natural disasters, changes in the global economy, the calamities and personal tragedies have all the potential to feed our subconscious mental barriers by making them more strong and sturdy. The truth and important is that the circumstances do not the person, the circumstances reveal who you are against the same or as these scheduled at the mental level to cope with it. All carry in our minds an idea of whom we believe to be, for this reason the bad times and circumstances painful reveal us and bring us closer to our deeper mind and there we discover as we really are and think. Here I want to give you this message Amig @, in life or you become the victim of adverse circumstances that you may be facing or take control of your life and succeed despite them. That is your decision all had or we have subconscious mental barriers that we try to delete some time in our lives with the hope of discovering our true potential at the end, the only thing that is needed is identify these false beliefs that limit us and replace them with messages and ideas that we strengthen in order to achieve our goals and dreams asleep.

The next step is to become aware of our mental obstacles subconscious, detect that we have been programmed at the social level to mediocrity, we must be aware that we have been created for greatness, even how much we are ordinary people and currents can accomplish extraordinary things. You only need to open our minds to the possibility to change and grow. Our future need not be the same as our past, and that it is possible to build a new future free from negative subconscious barriers. Read more original author and source of the article.