Even the most "serious" Losers in a few years after graduating from high school there is a feeling of sadness and a desire to return to childhood. That's just an inner voice prompts (which, incidentally, he did not do in the classroom) that "the years wonderful "past. Intuition, of course, in this case law, but go back to school is always possible. First teacher forever remembered us as the embodiment of new life. Childhood has not gone anywhere, but the new responsibilities given clear understand that in the coming years will be interesting and a little difficult. First teacher also talks about what is good and bad, and knows a lot of games like kindergarten. But she still holds the key to the magic world knowledge of letters and numbers, the laws of nature and the mystery of communion.

And the key that is also magical, because he each student, and for this gift can not repay – no matter how many years have passed since the Feast primer. No more fast the way to mastering the knowledge, than a sincere love for the wise teacher (Xunzi). Gifts that you can teach after graduation, a lot. And their choice will depend on many factors. On the one hand, we should always bear in mind the nature of man and his interests, on the other – the financial aspect (only you will be a gift or for example, from the entire class). But what would a list of potential as a gift you made, the first item there should be sincerity.

At this point it is important to perform several sketches of the design that you want, and show it to several people, i.e. do market studies in order to test the effect that will produce the new logo. This also applies when you are redesigning the logo on any product, already that if customers were used to identify the product with the logo and this is changed, is necessary to perform various tests of the product with the new logo, group dynamics, interviews, questionnaires, to hear the opinion of people, this first and once it has been decided which will be the new designcarry out campaigns of intrigue where the new show logo, so people are identifying with the, and may associate it with the product. Timeless. This means that the logo design should be kept in time, i.e. not is should be changed, unless the situation warrants it, such as an excessive decline in sales, which can be a factor that obliges to re-launch the product with a change of logo.

It must be legible, i.e. that you understand with ease, the logos when they are very busy, occurs not identified easily, the logo should be recognized clearly, whether that size is large, small, make it static or in motion. When a logo is readable, this is remembered more easily by customers, as the above case of the sports brand NIKE, whose logo is simple which makes it easy to remember it and identify it. Another feature of the logo is that it is different from others, i.e. must have something that differentiates it from others, it would be very difficult that the logo of our company resembles another, since in addition to bringing confusion to customers, we would be not identifying our product, and what every company wants is that its product is recognized by potential customers. Here comes into play simplicity in design, since while is easier, better will be remembered.

If we follow these simple considerations when designing our logo, this will have guaranteed success. M.S. Felix Gonzalez j. website: E-mail: Felix Gonzalez, is Venezuelan, and graduate careers in computing and public accounting, master in finance graduate of the IESA. He is consultant in payment of debt and highly expert on the subject of crises and bank failures. He has worked as a systems consultant for more than 20 years in private his country’s banks, and is a specialist in automated systems of credit and debit cards, and ATMs. He has written articles for various print media in your country and is also the author of the book: fearless debts: what banks do not teach their customers.

A ghost can be seen in the bleak horizon of the global financial and economic crisis: the ghost of fascism. The ghost of the totalitarian temptation, embodied by the demons of racism, xenophobia, nationalism and populism. Disabuse us, fascism is not dead. The Party of death of black savagery, signed by the judges of the International Tribunal of Nurnberg, was limited to put outside the law to the German nazis and their accomplices and direct and indirect collaborators of Adolfo Hitler. Although we will not fit doubt that today not the conditions for the resurgence of a Hitlerian cutting regime, we must not rule out the possibility of confrontations and conflicts of another kind, able to lead to new forms of intolerance.

The historian Ian Kershaw, author of the book Hitler, the Germans and the final solution, recently claimed that the instability that has been taking over the modern world clearly reflects the malaise that prevails in several countries, unable to close the wounds of the conflicts of the 20th century. In an article published in the International Herald Tribune, Kershaw recalls that Hitler came to power following the rules of the democratic system. To conquer the Germans, background played the trump card of the frustration and resentment caused by the military defeat of 1918 and the accentuated situation of helplessness that affected the countries of the old continent in the 20s and 30s of the last century years. Kershaw detects new symptoms of intolerance in Russia, Germany, Serbia and Venezuela, citing the populism of Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez, racist nationalism of Slobodan Milosevic and aggressions perpetrated by German nazis neo factions against the Turkish community in Germany. On the other hand, should remember that prolific and radical movements anti-establishment, generators of new forms of intolerance, knew how to take advantage of the disturbing symptoms of structural weakness of the Western democracies.