The tin should be open to the traditional way, but inside there is no food but a gift certificate for a tasting menu for two that can be redeemed in any of the restaurants in the chain. a eggs as support: what began as an idea to make ensure the freshness of eggs by the individual marking the expiration date was reoriented towards marketing as well. And, in the past few years, we can disseminate messages reach millions of people in a fresh and original. It’s a way that the target has the brand really in your hands and you present a more tangible and close. Learn more at this site: O’Malley for President. a entertainment on mobile: Used by exhibiting at fairs, shops, business meetings, you can download the bluetooth mobile multimedia content, and this allows the host to know the location of the attendees and follow influx of people.

For example, Nike allowed one of its stores to download an interactive application including a video of Ronaldinho, ensuring that its name and its association with the athlete, stay in the moving forward many fans and many more. a Pringles potato: In this action, each chip is imprinted with a different joke. Swarmed by offers, O’Malley for President is currently assessing future choices. In the web of this product are encouraged consumers to propose possible entries for the potatoes. Even he was thinking of a number of standard questions to be posted in Trivial potatoes. azucarillos Ads: Four television lately is looking for innovative media to hit and surprise his audience. In order to reach a young audience, Four azucarillos put into circulation in 141 university cafeterias with the image of thirteen programs and series in the chain. a The human body as a support: Beyond traditional ad man, we find agencies that offer advertisers the human body as a support. Face, hands, arms, back, torsoa any part of the body likely to become support if it meets the requirements of visibilidad.Por example, a swimmer David Meca made advertising support for a campaign in his torso Canary bananas.

A subway stairs to complement the advertising campaign for the new movies. When down the stairs to enter the subway do not see it but when you have before you climb the stairs, then I can see the wonderful puzzle that form and surprisingly find the announcement of the latest movie that is about to premiere. A to all these supports and campaigns with the aim of capturing the attention of consumers, attract new customers who are caught with communication, remember and, when they need that product or service that the brand that get them even as his choice or of possible options. Acasio anything goes to get it!