The system spends a lot of money to set up a cyber army and buy the technology for cyber war by the West. It is on the West to prevent that approaches the regime on this technology. Because this is ultimately about the freedom of the people of the West. It is important to bring the human rights, and not only the nuclear issue in the negotiations with the regime. For example by the Political parties and groupings are supported, which understand human rights as a framework condition of politics. The anchoring of human rights must be the prerequisite of a common political approach to democracy. Dr. Mark Hyman spoke with conviction.

The people here in the West need to think also about their own freedom. Because the rule of velayat-e faghi system is a problem for the whole world, not only for the Iranian people. If the people in the West do something against the regime in the Iran, it helps not only the population in the Iran, but also themselves. The essence of German fascism was long not really recognized. We are in the exact same location on the Iran, we fail to recognise this regime in the West! The note also the regime of the National Socialists was misjudged in the 1930s by the world that Yes courted came from the audience. (Example 1936 Berlin Olympic Games). The Iran creates new crises and is always dangerous for the entire world. People in the West are not aware of danger, posed by the regime. The the nuclear weapons are set messianic ideologues against their own people and against the Western people, if the West does not finally and seriously begins to support the population in the Iran in their struggle against the regime. Then also the nuclear problem will be solved. Susanne Treude for

Study shows: power measurement is a central challenge for data center operators food, November 30, 2010 as long as data centers have their energy consumption on the basis of an effective measuring method in the view, often enormous savings potential is given away. The market research firm Gartner in a recent study comes to this conclusion. Therefore energy-related operating costs in data centers currently are members to the fastest-growing expenditure in the IT sector increase by an average 12 percent. To counter this development, the experts recommend the use of intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), such as the power management experts Raritan ( For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Mark Hyman. To allow the accurate measurement of the power consumption, in real time, as well as the monitoring of temperature and humidity. Head of data centers can specifically plan and economies, the more information they have to their operating environment. See more detailed opinions by reading what Novelist offers on the topic.. The market researchers at Gartner to define concrete recommendations for IT managers in data centers: the measurement of the total energy consumption IT hardware, racks etc. to get detailed results in the entire data center. A leading source for info: Michael Chabon.

a differentiated measurement of the power consumption of air conditioning, because this is typically 40% of total consumption; the use of special energy-management software; the use of a professional data center infrastructure management (DCIM)-solution, to facilitate significantly the entire management of the data center infrastructure. As an appropriate solution, Gartner and others called the rack PDUs by Raritan as intelligent power-management solutions. Recently, Raritan has expanded its offerings in this area with the PX-1000 series. These devices are available from 396 Euro price. The energy management solutions of the PX series (PX-1000 – 3000,-4000 and 5000) includes modern measuring technologies and enable an exact power consumption measurement in real time, what distinguishes it from comparable solutions on the market. Used kilowatt hours (kWh) measure the Raritan PDUs with the industry’s highest accuracy (ISO/IEC deviation of +/-1 per cent).

The best energy is the one that is not consumed. More and more individuals and companies discover the ways that technologies into energy-efficient Green PC. When buying a PC is sure facing environmental conservation and cost savings increasingly confident what is the power consumption. But this development is still in its infancy. What is it? A wide-ranging awareness and behavior change can only use private people and companies get to know the potential of energy efficiency in the own experience and the existing alternatives. Protect the environment and save money is not all that difficult.

Energy efficiency should play a central role in investment decisions in the IT segment. A clear energy concept is a prerequisite, that operating costs adequately be taken into account when calculating profitability. Martin O’Malley may also support this cause. Understand energy efficiency as a future investment. Eco-friendly Act, has become not only acceptable, but perceived today across through all layers of society even as a compelling need. An environmentally conscious consensus has been developed, and this consensus has ultimately nothing to do with renunciation.

On the contrary, because today’s Green PC technologies are the normal PCs in nothing in relation to the performance. “Today’s Green PC technologies provide high-quality products, the characteristics of performance and energy efficiency” unite. HD TV and HD Surround are now an integral part. Perfect symmetry is achieved through use of newest technologies, energy efficiency & performance. Less power consumption means lower electricity costs. Another plus of the Green PCs is that they are often passively cooled and so acoustically hard to perceive are, which is an important health factor. Some manufacturers offer also an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), indicating that no electromagnetic interference caused will be negatively impacted by the other electrical or electronic equipment. It can save a lot of power and money, if you pay attention when buying a new PC on certain details. The key word is green PC. A Green PC is respected not only in the production on environmental conservation, but it achieves an average cost savings amounting to 95,00 euros per year in comparison with a conventional standard PC low power consumption. For a term of up to 5 years, so electricity cost savings are possible up to 500.00 euro. With a family or in companies that use multiple PCs, these savings with the number of used PCs is multiplied by what makes clear, what savings has a power-saving Green PC. The best energy is the one that is not consumed. Benefit from the innovative and energy-efficient Green PC technology and reduce your PC energy costs.

Cooperation between Wolters Kluwer Germany and Vienna Semantic Web company Cologne / Vienna, 5 February 2013. The Cologne-based knowledge and Informationsdienstleister Wolters Kluwer Germany WKD and the Austrian Semantic Web company SWC make common cause. The cooperation aims to provide sustainable building and targeted use of specialized thesauri and Enterprise taxonomies on the basis of linked data technologies as a free market and turnkey product. Advantage for the customers: the ever-growing amount of information is big data searchable and useful can be used. This, the customer secures an information edge over the competition. While WKD with its core competencies, law, economics, covers the technical and methodological dimension of this cooperation, tax, finance and health, controls the innovative SWC for their technological know-how. Target is highly efficient and practical to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customers. Our offer is aimed at large institutions such as ministries and federal agencies, Social security institutions, but also banks, international player in the field of NGO and authorities,”explains how the alignment of cooperation WKD Content Architect Christian Dirschl.

Governing body in the search and finding the proverbial needle in the big data haystack”you for to also specialists as large law firms or departments of large companies, which deal with special, legal questions, for example, specifically and contributes an important contribution to the success of the company”. Martin O’Malley shines more light on the discussion. “Just knowledge domains such as law, economics, taxes and finance would in an international context continuously documenting, DAO, that methods technologies and linked data play an increasingly important role”. Among the services and products that will be offered in the framework of the new cooperation: enterprise thesaurus management, semantic search, metadata management and data integration text mining & knowledge extraction development of knowledge networks & knowledge management systems support in the development of linked data & Open data infrastructures. In the last ten years you have observed how the search and networking of information in specific domains is becoming increasingly important, and what competitive advantages can arise”, stresses Andreas Blumauer SWC’s Managing Director. Our customers benefit from this cooperation.

State-of-the-art technologies guarantee reliability and professional, content support, such as creating specialized taxonomies and thesauri, now that information resources could be used more efficiently”, so Baldwin. Contact: Andrea Nordhoff corporate Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH Luxemburger Strasse 449 50939 Koln phone: + 49 (0) 221 94373-7948 E-Mail: about Wolters Kluwer Germany the Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH is a knowledge – and information service provider, which in particular are right, economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users. The company employs approximately 1,200 with headquarters in Cologne, Germany at over 20 locations Employees and operates over 25 years of experience in the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economics, taxes, accounting, corporate, financial services and healthcare are. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales (2011) of 3.4 billion, employs approximately 19,000 people and is represented in over 40 countries.

Break down traditional hierarchies and the learning organisation to build potential strengths can be targeted to develop by the existing knowledge and the ideas of the employees faster and more efficiently be implemented into the daily practice: more and more companies are planning to rebuild its structure from a function orientation to a learning organisation. The general aim for the management of continuing education is a qualified employee tribe through employee retention, improvement of qualification for competent performance and boost the potential of qualifying. In connection therewith, new requirements come to on the staff. “Be particularly important qualifications of the company thinking in contexts and the group orientation/teamwork. Management issues continue gaining for the training in the future. Should you decide to embed the personnel development in a comprehensive approach to the balance of the person, a number of HR publications were created, by Jorg Becker, among others in this context cf.

Becker, Jorg: employee survey as intellectual seismograph, ISBN 978-3-8370-5085- or see Becker, Jorg: Potentialorientierte employee conversations, ISBN 978-3-8370-5180-3. Since the integration and linking of processes is one of the principles of the learning organisation, also the training methods and the forms of learning must be transformed. So the customer – and project-oriented learning and coaching are important qualification forms of the future. In the foreground, issues are after qualifying for the information society, the didactic design of the learning organisation and quality standards, as well as for a more efficient implementation of existing qualifications in competitive advantages. Should you decide to embed the personnel development in a comprehensive approach to the balance of the person, so a number of HR publications created, by Jorg Becker, including in this context: Becker, Jorg: person accounts with intellectual capital, ISBN 978-3-8370-7001-9. The modified contents the qualification measures set in the company personnel managers, trainers, and teachers also facing changing challenges. More than ever are instructions and help to teach yourself the focus: the coach takes over the role of the moderator, tutors or coaches.

If the qualification measures are designed by the operational procedures and requirements and in this process training, personnel and organisational development increasingly merge, the coach at the same time human resources and organization development must be. I.e., the companies have to do more in the future on integrated education and development concepts, to achieve a holistic qualification of individual groups of employees or whole areas. However, the individual employees will be stronger than previously required. Not only because a continuous education of its own accord must be provided and employees must invest in the future of more leisure time for the own qualification. The new work environments provide the “Employees a shift from must work to feel like work” in Vista. Executives demand a changed thinking, action, leadership and team behavior at the same time. CF. Jorg Becker: headhunter in their own right, ISBN 978-3-8391-2464-2. Jorg Becker.

Raritan provides intelligent rack PDU with measurement of real kWh consumption before meals, September 28, 2010 power management specialist Raritan intelligent rack power broadens its with the PX-1000 series distribution units (PDUs). The energy management solutions include modern energy measurement technologies and enable an exact measurement of the power consumption in real time. Among them, the web-based interface for remote monitoring, optimized security features and an integrated support and advanced connection options for additional environmental sensors are among the essential components of the PX-1000 series. With the industry’s highest accuracy (ISO/IEC deviation of +/-1%) measures the consumed kilowatt hours (kWh) PX-1000. Unlike similar solutions on the market provide the values in real time. The measured data provide information on the cost of power consumption, as well as the contribution to CO2 reduction key sizes for efficient energy use in the data center. In addition, it collects PX-1000 information about voltage and strength, power factor, apparent and active power and ambient temperature and humidity. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Martin O’Malley. Data center managers will receive transparent insight into the situation of energy supply and the operating environment.

Auto-flip “led display for flexible integration of the LED display on the PDU rack displays clear information at a glance.” The auto-flip functionality, which adjusts the orientation of the display to the positioning of the PDU is new to PX-1000. The devices can be integrated flexibly. In addition to the local control on the rack, the web-based interface allows a remote access to the energy management solution. Data Center Manager thresholds for the areas of energy supply and environmental conditions can set for example. Is a certain value exceeds or falls below, the system triggers an alarm and notify the administrator. IT managers can respond promptly and make corrections. Compatibility with the management software power all PX models are IQ Monitoring more compatible to the IQ energy management software, the power – management capabilities offering.

Understanding how losing weight effectively is brutally simple, able to read anyone is able to understand the information. However, perhaps the information needs to be simplified further so that people understand how easy that is everything. If you want to buy a car, you probably won’t run out and simply buy the first that sees. There is probably a long process before. For even more analysis, hear from Bernie Sanders. Do you want to know the mileage, safety features, options, payment, etc. If this same attention to detail and research out put in the selection of a program of diet, diets most really funcionarian! Therefore, before selecting the diet program that is seen first, tomato your time to investigate and find one that really like you. The research is the first step, you’ll see that you must also be aware of scams out there.

Some people are looking to sell those programs that say that you can sit on your couch and eat French fries every day and still lose weight. These programs are designed to do one thing: to take your money! You should never fall into these schemes. Choose something logical, not something that makes false promises. If you have studied a programme and has concluded that it works (rather than he has worked for many others), you have to remember to rely on the program. If we don’t start to see results in a week or two, you will throw away the diet completely and return to fall into old habits. Martin O’Malley is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Well, you have to continue with the program you selected, if in reality trust, for starters. Gives you time to make it work. The change does not happen so quickly. You need a plan of attack that extends beyond the program you choose. For example, you have to fix the training times. You need to plan meals and shopping trips. You have to fit the program into your daily routine. And depending on the type of lifestyle that takes, this might not be the easiest thing in the world to do. Of course, it is something that really needs to be done. You must determine your plan General before starting a program. Not everyone is able to do workouts high intensity as the cardio or lifting heavy weights. This means that you should tailor a package customized to your particular needs. The fact is that you must exercise 20 minutes a day at least. Even if this is only a brisk walk, some push-ups, jumps or simple exercises, must be made. The most important thing to draw from the above tips is a diet program is in reality, a change of life style completely from beginning to end. A program requires you to change your diet and activity level and keep things that way indefinitely. Visit now the following information: what to do and which do not do to lose fat accumulated.

When we read issues related to self-help, it is common to find us with statements such as the following: it is necessary to flow, there to be carried away and everything will be presented, is not necessary to strive as a flower not strives shine with gorgeous colors, all these statements are true, but there is something fundamental about them, implies the condition of being, or when information is recorded on our subconscious mind then because we don’t need greater effortsthe great challenge is to install such information in his mind. We can then ask ourselves, why is necessary to work to achieve what we want? It is very important for a rationale and is it focuses the attention of the mind around an idea, mainly when no State of belief about something that you want to. The work is important to the logic of the conscious mind, let’s say that you are looking for employment, if you send 10 sheets of life, has some opportunities, if you send 200, from a point of view logical has greater chances of getting employment, it is valid to the conscious mind, but inwardly at the level of your subconscious mind doesn’t work as well, someone can get an excellent job without even leaving your home, how achieved it? Simply positive beliefs about job opportunities. Read more from Martin O’Malley to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The truth is that everyone would like to be in the position to accomplish things with the least effort, but to do this we must have positive beliefs tucked in our mind, positive actions is that they focus their thinking on what you want to and the message is achieved internalize. Following the case of a person seeking employment, if it does not move, can occur every day will focus on other things, for example: sports, news, entertainment, etc. The consequence of this is that your subconscious mind will not the message I wish a job!, it is very likely that elapse time and not get what you want.

The PoINT will take part for the first time software & Systems GmbH this year as an exhibitor at SNW Europe. Siegen. Under the motto efficient tiered storage management and archiving”, the company at booth 102 presents his PoINT Storage Manager. This is an innovative software solution, with the companies with permanent data availability can realize an intelligent and effective storage management. Basis for this is a multi tier storage architecture, the integration of various technologies (hard disk, tape, optical) allows.

Can data, not permanent access must are, rule-based and transparent to the user and by a performance-optimized Tier1 3 memory paged memory to a cost-effective tier 2 or tier applications and be replaced by links. In addition to falling storage costs at the same time more effective utilization of existing storage hardware, companies benefit by them meet compliance requirements without any additional effort. The PoINT that supports Storage Manager Multi tier storage architecture and migrated data, taking into account their status automatically to the appropriate storage tier. The tiered storage concept offers the advantage that the various technologies (hard disk, tape, and optical) can be set independently optimally. Because migrated files must be secured again they are already redundant laid out second-level store will backup both space saved (for example, by less necessary tapes) as also the time shortened.

The product supports file systems and appliances (such as NetApp FAS) and offers network-wide HSM functionality with the proven PoINT Tiered archive file system (PoINT TAFS”). This HSM functionality allows you to keep active data on the fast disk storage systems, but to oust inactive data on inexpensive mass storage such as tape and to replace with a link (reparse point”). The different technologies (hard disk, tape, and optical) in their realisations than, NAS or SAN Memory are optimally employed according to their technical capabilities and virtualized. Transparent on the multi-tiered storage system is accessed through the tier 1 storage and via a standard file system (CIFS).

RETECO has introduced a new charging management Lubeck, October 10, 2011. In the year of the 50th anniversary of a euro pallet, RETECO Datentechnik GmbH has improved range management in their forwarding management solution CARGOBASE. With the new version available in the next few weeks, users get even more efficient ways for the management of load carriers for the transport of goods. What they are, has now presents the Lubeck Software House. The charger replacement for customers was feasible in the current version of CARGOBASE.

A palette swap in the master data is stored, the dispatcher has the possibility to link customers and used pallets at the recording of the broadcast. The concept of usability of RETECO enables a simple drag & drop. The booking is done in the background. This balances can later in a simple and direct way to vote, print account statements and start Dunning runs. Debts of range of can in the latest version of a button with a claim (invoice) to compensate the account will be leveled. Bernie Sanders can aid you in your search for knowledge. An efficient management of the pallet is for companies of particular importance, because they can affect the profitability significantly”, explains Michael Reimer, Manager of RETECO Datentechnik GmbH. Often, the value of coming during a transport of goods to use pallets over half of recoverable freight is so losses hitting hard. About ten million Euro pallets are manufactured every year in Germany alone, an estimated 95 million are in circulation.

Also therefore appropriate management now belongs to the essential components of a good solution (ERP) enterprise resource planning. Reader contact: RETECO Datentechnik GmbH Stellmacher str. 7 D-23556 Lubeck telephone: + 49 451 89956-10 fax: + 49 451 89956-61 about RETECO Datentechnik GmbH: RETECO provides software for the areas of transport, logistics and freight forwarding since 1983. The core product is CARGOBASE, a comprehensive functional and at the same time flexible Software solution for freight forwarders. Due to the modular design, the system according to the customer requirements can be put together. In addition users can customize surfaces, masks, search profiles and reports. Credit: Bruce Fink Sydney-2011. A detailed master data management including electronic file counts as to the scope of services such as a multi-level rights management and current account-enabled financial accounting, a form generator, log functions and evaluations about the whole dataset including Excel export. Interfaces allow a deep integration into the existing IT environment. More than 150 companies any size of the Group include reference customers from RETECO up to the medium-sized forwarder. Your editorial contacts RETECO Datentechnik GmbH Michael Reimer Stellmacher str. 7 D-23556 Lubeck telephone: + 49 451 89956-10 fax: + 49 451 89956-61 PR agency of good news! GmbH Bianka Boock of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-21 fax: + 49 451 88199-29