Creation, which is almost not ignorant, entitled “Thoughts”, was intended as protection of the Christian religion. But not as an exercise in sophisticated theological subtleties of the mind; evidence the existence of God and the superiority of Christianity over other faiths in this place had a clear practical, is allowed to say, worldly target: the time and forever, as well as visual arguments irrefutable, to open their eyes to the atheist reckless destructiveness of his views and send it to the only saving way, ukazuemy Church. The writing is not only not been completed, and only his project was not finally been chosen. So what now reached until the reader – is, in fact, scattered fragments of a draft, picking up over and decipher exactly who is still struggling scientist, a man, there is little versed in theology, likely that most of the arguments here unoriginal, but others are doubtful. On his contemporaries are, in any case, the expected impact can not have. However, over the years and centuries, however, it became clear that there is now nothing at all the books, the ability to hurt and burn the very depths of the soul are comparable with these inconsistent records. And in our century, there were people who read the “Thoughts” in no way not the other way as if kneeling.

The usual explanation of this indifference as well as peers like the appeal to posterity in what is now a writer (or his work, “my own way ahead of time,” “broke down of his time “and so on” thoughts “as against, soldered to the personal time firmly (for this reason, be likely, as well as perceived at that time seemed to many common place), but their creator obviously from those in com “embodied Century “. But the turning century in the spiritual history of Europe, as a writer – a person, talent, intellectual, psychological and even physical warehouse to their almost-almost certainly not unique, questions asked in this century, and attempts to answer them, coming from a sort. personality, in the archives of culture not stale. That there is an individual? What is its nature? What is he prepared for the lot? In fact, only those issues in a manner or a different set and that way, or otherwise solve their culture and community and always everywhere, on any kind of private problems or was the word. XVII century, which is counted from the Modern Times, released in Europe, France first of all, what is now particularly concerned to address these issues directly, directly, deliberately putting the approach to everyone else in reliance on this ground. But the answer is in turn inseparable from what are thought of as man’s relationship with God, as well as opinions on this site along with an unknown hitherto latitude range from orthodox to the most radical way.