The measures of protection to the child and to adolescent is generic and specific. In accordance with Melo (2000) the generic ones say respect the action or omission of the society or the State, of the lack, omission or abuse of the parents or responsible, and the behavior of the minor, with the purpose to protect it, while the specific ones are foreseen in art. 101, interpolated propositions I the VIII, and will be determined by the competent authority. The first case foreseen in article 98 says respect to all child or adolescent who had had its right threatened or violated for action or omission of the society and the State. In this direction, these responsible ones will be able for concretion of such behaviors are committing an act of violence for not giving the due importance to the problems of its children, exactly a segment of the responsible population for the future of the nation. The implementation of serious social politics is necessary and that, beyond effect short-term, also they can reflect in the formation of these adult futures. As the foreseen case in article 98 it says respect the children or adolescents victims of the responsible parents or, either for lack, omission or abuse.

She fits to detach in this article the importance of the paper of the family in the formation of its children and adolescents, either in the education, leisure, health etc. However, this family, many times, passed for a socialization that is unaware of what it is education, social protection, leisure etc. Being thus the proper parents or responsible also they are victims of an absence of the State in what it says respect to a system of social protection of quality, fact that results, for consequence, in new generation of victims. Michael Chabon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Finally, the cited article specifies the cases of children and adolescents who commit infracionais acts placing its life or of third at risk.

Workshop of the Creator – offers a person the full range of assistance, support and practice. It includes psychology, which helps people organize their life, before ascending to the top the human spirit. From benign hiking for seniors and feeble people, to the peaks of the Himalayas, which are able to overcome a truly strong spirit of devotees. In the words of Sri Aurobindo on the tops of the spirit that is ” Only those who have the calling, the ability and readiness to meet any and run any risk, even at the risk of failure, has a will to progress to the complete lack of selfishness and the desire to surrender.” Man of the western world face only about the arrangement of his life. And because the main part of the exercise, systems, methods which are popular in western civilization focused on one thing: to make human life more beautiful, convenient, comfortable, so he waited for death in most favorable conditions, and most importantly to think less about what actually he has a higher meaning than caring for the family, child-rearing. Man tries to himself and others convinced that his mission – to care for family, his children, grandchildren, it is the primary meaning of his life. However, animals care for their families, their offspring, and sometimes much more tender, self-sacrificing than men.

This is a natural biological mission and it can not be principal for the person as a spiritual being, otherwise it will be possible to say that our sense of life the same as in animals. If a person declares that he is good that he cares about family and his children, so what is the merit? – If he had not doing so, he would be below the level of consciousness of animals. Man a spiritual being and he needs to spiritual fulfillment. However, one of western civilization does not know how to get it and seeks to normal, human emotions, entertainment, hobbies, pleasures to fill the spiritual thirst. There is a beautiful saying: “Of the thousands of rabbits does not work out a horse.” So here is a man of the western world is becoming more rabbits, and horses he has not. Rabbits – a normal human enjoyment. Rabbits in its own beautiful, amazing, but they were not allowed to feel the inspiration of the movement, the wind, the flight of the soul.

It can only give a horse. So that the rabbits as they would not be a man, even a thousand – not give the person the state of inspiration. If we compare this with the sex lives, then the west is of great excitation, but the orgasm is not obtained. Orgasm of the Soul and therefore, consciously or not, but such a person suffers a heart: a spiritual hunger, the thirst for spiritual and emotional experiences, states of torturing him. And by the way, the more a person becomes the rabbits – pleasures – the stronger and sharper than a spiritual thirst. and pacify her bunnies do not succeed, but will jump though a thousand, but the rabbits.

Submersible pumps are pumps hydro plan, it is almost always combined with an electric motor in the body resulting in such a constructive manner. Poet: the source for more info. This pumps provides, first of all, the possibility of pumping liquids from tanks, ponds or wells. A common practice is that the loading pumps can not provide the pumping fluid, which contains fiber or solids. Well defined indication of the level of impurities, for liquids, which can operate this pumping equipment. If the level of impurities exceeds the mechanical nature of 50 g/m3 Work submersible pump becomes unnecessary, because not achieved the expected result, as well as some possible damage to equipment. The main application of pumping equipment are cases where the use of pumps, which require installation on the surface, it becomes impossible. It should also be noted that the pumping equipment is represented by a number of features.

In particular, it can decent work only with depth, which should be more than a meter. Otherwise, the possible failure of this technique, as there is entrainment of silt or sand. Also widespread use of specialized manhole pumps submersible type effect on solid particles which are becoming less important. Completed a similar pumping equipment in most cases, fence hole, allowing him to to work even when immersed in liquid. Quite often, specialized submersible pumps equipped with the device Pit stop, which operates in automatic mode. In the absence of water is terminated work, so do not be instances of the work on the principle of dry. Also of note is a separate species – drainage pumps that allow you to pump out the liquid, which contains minor levels of impurities mechanical nature of the cellars, wells, reservoirs. Among the main advantages of such implementation should be noted a significant period of work is no need of maintenance, as well as the relative ease of their handling. All this allows the data model becomes much more economical in operation and maintenance.

It can seem insignificant, but he is very precious! The time! The time that is dedicated to the descent as much euphoria to have them and later is what it is seen does not have time for giving the due attention to them! It repairs in this scene: a child arrives at the foot of its mother, washed in tears, grasping its ursinho preferred with a hand and other insurance one bracinho of its bear, that if ripped. Perhaps the will of the mother is to laugh, devaluating that situation, saying to the son that it purchase another one. However it would not be case for laughs. That situation, to the eyes of the child was very serious. Therefore it was right to the mother in who trusts, waiting some solution on the part of it. A mother who takes in consideration the feelings of a son goes to give equal or superior attention what it she is to afflict. In this in case that even though simple estragos in the child toys, saying to it that it will go to decide its problem. In this in case that specific, sewing bracinho of the bear. ATTENTION! If not it will be able to decide the problem in that instant, guarantees that it will go to decide it as soon as to it will be able, fulfilling with what it promised! Acting always in such a way, its son will go growing trusting itself!