Pathophysiology PTSD. The red areas indicate high brain activity. There are several theories that attempt to explain the mechanism of occurrence of the syndrome. Ultra Wellness Center wanted to know more. The age of onset suggests the involvement of brain immaturity phenomena at the base of the phenomenon. The typical age of onset coincides with the period of dendrite formation and myelination of neuronal axons, which would seem to support that theory. Several authors postulated that an imbalance in the production of neurotransmitters in the brain stem may cause hypsarrhythmia and epileptic seizures (by increasing serotonin or adrenergic systems, or by inhibition of the cholinergic system.) This theory is based on reducing the duration of REM sleep in these patients, coinciding with periods of decrease in the pattern of hypsarrhythmia and a lower frequency of spasms.Several studies with positron emission tomography cerebral blood flow and the influence of support structures or abnormal cortical signals in the development of the painting. Finally, some studies suggest a relationship between SW and immune system disorders: patients occur more frequently than the general population subgroup of DRW52 HLA proteins, and there seems to be some alteration in the cytokine (elevated serum interleukin-2, tumor necrosis factor alpha and interferon alfa).

The evolution of a structure of values is the essential element in all strong culture companies. The culture is stronger, richer and more complex the system of values and the longer the sequence of evidence that these values are actually results. T. A. Deal Kennedy is stressed out, that organizations have a mission to achieve and that their leaders must ensure performance objectives set, and providing feedback when necessary and enforce and realize value. Not surprisingly, that comment, that all leaders have one thing in common: they have realized that his people need a value system to continue to match their own beliefs and personal principles. Just in organizations, people also need a sense of common purpose or direction. Leadership plays a key role in establishing these two important aspects of working life.

Hence, the value system of the organization shapes the leader creating a philosophy. The leader feels a deep commitment to this philosophy and gives life through his values and convictions. Did the way you do? Have you been watching this? Are you worried about achieving good values within your organization? What are you doing to make their appearance constantly, giving way to a good organizational climate? Do not forget that the staff of the organization is identified with the established values and experiences a sense of accomplishment of belonging. People feel they are working for the good of the organization and his own, therefore it is suggested to encourage them to motivate them, engage them. Shared values and common purpose come together to create a sense of mission within the organization.

ANDEAN DANCE Highland Dances are an important cultural expression of the Andean peoples within the broader context that shapes the Andean cosmos. Many of these survive and most ancient times has undergone a change “necessary” for their own survival, sometimes by their own censorship and other acculturation. From a purely ritual and feel part of the idiosyncrasy of the Andean people, are proof of their survival and assessment in the community.They are the vital link within the magic circle that shapes and in turn relates to the rest of beings who inhabit this world Huayno Its musical structure stems from a pentatonic basis of binary rhythm, structural feature that has allowed this genre to become the basis of a series of hybrid rhythms, from beer to Andean rock. The dance is performed by couples who are developing twists and movements from small jumps and footwork to the rhythm.The instruments involved in the implementation of Huay o are quena, charango, harp and violin. In some variants of the typical bands involved huayno, adding instruments such as trumpets, saxophones and accordion. Furthermore, although very different genres in popular sensibility huayno is linked more to the sailor than it appears, as we remember the refrain of seafaring Serrana: This dance is the most widespread and popular in the Peruvian Andes, and is present in all festive performance. Its origins date back to Inca times, however modified by later influences, and varies by region. It is danced in pairs but with little physical contact.His musical accompaniment varies by region and socio-cultural strata. La Danza de las Tijeras This dance was danced in the mountain areas, in Ayacucho, Apurimac and Mainly Huancavelica. The dancers or “danzaq” are two opponents in a duel, which seems shameful to be defeated. They are accompanied by two musicians, one runs the violin and another the harp.The danzaq makes all kinds of acrobatics, and accompanies these movements of his hands and scissors. To achieve victory in this dance-competition, which sometimes lasts more than twelve hours, are capable of scraping the nose with needle carrier, or with spines on their heels, or lifting a heavy iron bar with his teeth, and so on. Always take precautions against sorcery. The danzaq have great appreciation for the scissors, who accompany him to his death, as the received from the hands of Uquis or mountain spirits, in his own time creencias.A the forges of the scissors are subjected to a series of ceremonies, to give them a good sound. Dance Umut community, district Urcos Quispicanchis Province Department of Cuzco.

This is understandable: after all, due to hormonal changes reduced muscle mass and adipose increases. At this age, our body begins to store water. Therefore, best rice diet. Rice grains ideally derive liquid 'drain' us. So, divide 250 grams of rice on 3 receptions, 2 of them combine with additional protein components. Morning: Boil rice, eat it, mix with a glass of nonfat yogurt and a teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: boiled rice, to add 150 g of fish or lean chicken. In the evening: Rice with Steamed vegetables of your choice (can be fresh), watering them a teaspoon of olive oil. The main thing solite food as possible, since salt is known to retain water in the body. Between these three meals in a sense hunger you can eat any fruit or 100 g low-fat cottage cheese. Bonus tip: add a good diet food. Containing soy, because they contain a substance similar hormones, winning 'attack of hunger.

" You: The usefulness of walk: after only 30 minutes of active walking a certain amount of fat leaves the fat depot. ENZYMES – 'KILLER' FAT now in nutrition, we need to hit the brakes: 50-year-old body for the life you want to 30% less energy than a 20-year-old. The most effective substance, 'kill' and make us fat slim at this age – the enzymes. Rich in enzymes and vitamin C all known and less known pineapple papaya. During the day, try 2Gkg eat this fruit (or one of them), including necessarily the pulp and juice.

2,4 Furnaces of fluidizado stream bed. The fuel flexibility is the best characteristic of the boilers of fluidizado stream bed. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Martin O’Malley. They can burn a vast variety of fuels without a bigger loss in the performance. For example, if boilers of sprayed coal, assigned for coal with 45% of ash, are fed with coal of 10% of ash, this can cause a serious problem, but this does not occur in the boilers of stream bed fluidizado, beyond the flexibility of the fuel, other advantages are design compact of the boiler, efficiency in the combustion and reduced emission of the harmful pollutants. 3 Burners of furnaces As RORIZ (2010) a burner is an equipment that by means of the combustion process, has finally to carry through the transformation of chemical energy of a fuel in heat. The fuel can be liquid, gaseous or solid. It stops beyond providing the heat in a boiler or any another device of heating, it also controls the temperature of exit and pressure of the boiler, and is essential that the efficient fuel burning either so that the reduced fuel consumption either. It stops beyond these functions, the burner also has a preponderant paper in the flame stabilization, promoting: – Recirculation (internal or external) of the gases of the flame in order to heat the ar/combustvel mixture; – Turbulence of the mixture; – Atomizaton (Spraying) correct of fuel; Had this last function, for times the burners only are related by atomizers, a time that is this its main characteristic and also it is who differentiates the diverse types of burners.

The atomizaton later involves the formation of films and/or ligament in the proximity of the atomizer and of gotculas. This step is of great importance, and a good atomizaton is essential for the combustion process. The atomizaton strong is influenced by the geometry and diameter of the atomizer, as well as for the properties of the liquid, the fluid of atomizaton, end speed of the same ones, as well as for the conditions (temperature, humidity, among others) of the surrounding way.

And 'way out'. People such as Bernie Sanders would likely agree. Stage runes Dagaz. Breakthrough. All – we are an adult, an adult man. And we need to form an attitude towards yourself inside yourself. AND readiness to form the beginning of adult life, a new round of life. Under most conditions Novelist would agree. Otherwise, the person will be so 'hold' for parents to strive to live for their first, and then another for everybody else's expense. And parents should also be prepared to and it adequately in this regard.

But this must be clearly understood and 'baggage' of their properties, qualities and skills. We should not only be able to 'fly' out of the nest, but did not fall, and continue the flight. To do this already represent their future, adult life. And now we start looking at rune circle from the start, with runes Fehu. Here it is, an adult, independent life. But this is not 'jump' to nowhere. 'Above the head can not jump'.

With what He came to this stage, this revolution, and those have to be satisfied. Nobody, neither the intellect nor the strength nor the energy nor the will power and courage, or other properties will not. How much is – as is. That is, – that is. Yes, something very much, can develop, acquire by hard work, and it is a fact. But now some are completely different tasks. Now we need to 'start' a new coil, a coil of adult life, organize it, and do not learn what had to learn before. AND time and effort and energy to correct past mistakes do not. Yes, something can be corrected, and something you can get, but not a radical form.

Crankshaft speed at which the possible launch of a diesel engine, called the launcher. The value of starting rotation frequency depends on the design of diesel engines and fuel equipment, agility, methods and conditions carburetion, fuel, diesel and thermal state of the environment, wear of cylinder bushings, piston rings and other factors. Serviceable low-speed engine start up for 2-6 sec for achieving the frequency rotation 170-250 min 1, and High-speed – 400-500 min-1 (6chnsp18/22-DALDIZEL) Marine engines allowed manually, an electric starter or by using compressed air. Manual start lever, attached to the crankshaft, apply only a small diesel engine with a capacity of up to 19 kW. Electric start up in the main auxiliary vessel diesel generators. The principal difference lies in the design of the launching device, design features fuel system, the method of forming a fuel-air mixture and its ignition and combustion. The four – stroke marine diesel engine, such as diesel production plant 6CHNSP 18/22 'DALDIZEL'Smes formed in the swirl chamber and the cylinder is burning of fuel. In the ship's two-stroke diesel engines operating on heavy fuel, fuel injection equipment has a heating system and cooled nozzle flow starting air is slow and measured separately.

At the end of compression, when the air in the combustion chamber is heated to a temperature of 700-800 grams. C, the combustion chamber nozzle, high pressure (10-30 MPa), fuel injection, which almost instantly ignites spontaneously. Most of the main marine diesel engines equipped air starting system. Some of them have as a backup, and electric starting. To reduce energy costs for start-up and to accelerate the first outbreaks of fuel for ships of the cooling system is not continuously running diesel engines before starting the fill with hot water and oil in the crankcase is heated by special heaters. Diesel engines with two-chamber mixture formation for igniting the fuel at the least possible starter cranking speed equipped with special glow plugs, heated air is let to enter into the cylinders. In the presence of cameras burning hot coils facilitated the emergence of the first outbreaks. Some diesel engines to reduce drag unwinding of the crankshaft equipped decompression devices that tell the cylinders Diesel with the atmosphere and reduce the work on compressed air.

But, although the undeniable utility, the combustion reactions are responsible for one of the biggest ambient problems of the planet: the atmospheric pollution. The derivatives of the oil, substances called hydro-carbons that are formed by atoms of carbon and hydrogen, are the generators of pollutants. The combustion of hydro-carbons produces, mainly, water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). However, as the conditions, it can produce soot (c) or carbon monoxide (CO). When it has enough oxygen in the reaction of combustion of the hydro-carbons, the reaction goes to produce dioxide of carbon (CO2) and water (H2O), in this in case that we have a complete combustion. Perhaps check out Center for Media Justice for more information.

In the incomplete combustion of hydro-carbons, they are produced, beyond the water (H2O), carbon monoxide (CO), the carbon (c), also soot call. The end items depend on the amount of oxygen (O2) that they participate of the reaction. (Similarly see: Malkia Cyril). The carbon monoxide is a by-product of the incomplete combustion. The transport of oxygen for the cells of the body is about a colorless and odourless gas, that possesss the chemical property to agree with the hemoglobina gifts in red globules in the blood, harming. This happens because the hemoglobina, that would have to be agreed with the oxygen to carry it to the cells from the body, is engaged with the carbon monoxide.

Beyond provoking illnesses as rinite, bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma, in high concentrations this contamination can until killing. Adapted of Chemistry and society: Particle models and atmospheric pollution Working the text: To develop with one analyzes criticizes of the text, from an interactive reading of the text. ANALYSIS OF THE TEXT? PART I the chemical reactions is the biggest power plants that support our society. About 76% of the consumed energy putting into motion vehicles and keeping industries functioning, for example, it is born of the fuel burning: alcohol, coal, natural gas e, over all, materials extracted of the oil, as the gasoline, kerosene, oil diesel and GLP (liquefeito gas of oil).

At certain teamses, forecasting accurately is possible, and at to other teamses, forecasting accurately is impossible. It is if there is the teams window you accurately uses teams you forecast, only you speak (grifo and boldface ours). Here is an example from ' Turbulent Mirror': If pan of liquid is heated that to only lower surface become to hotter than to upper surface, heat at first travels from to lower you upper by conduction. The flow in the liquid is to regulate and smooth. This is near-equlibrium situation. However, the heating you continue, the difference in temperature between the two layers grows, far-from-equilibrium state is reached, and gravity begins you pull lives strongly on to upper to layer, which is to cooler and therefore lives dense.

Whorls and eddies to appear throughout the liquid, becoming increasingly turbulent until the system verges on completes to disorder. Critical The bifurcation point is reached when the heat can' t exhausts fast enough without the aid of large-scale convenction currents. At this point the system shifts out of its chaotic state, and the previously disordered whorls transform into the hexagonal lattice of currents, the Bernard cells. Turn up the heat to further and the Bernard cells dissolves into soils. (P.

137) Continuing in its boarding, William F. Eng (4) observes that ' ' the point important to be detached in the paragraph below cited is that a external power plant is applied to the liquid in boiling. The liquid in boiling is not in a system fechado' ' , as it is followed: The important point notices from to you the quoted paragraphs is that an eXternal energy source is applied you the boiling liquid. The boiling liquid is not in closed system; the heat applied you it can be varied, and in this marries, it is increased continuously. The increasing temperature you force the liquid you go through several stages of behavior: from chaotic you ordered and then you chaotic.

Thousand of piled up bodies, ruins of what already they had been the most beautiful building of Atziluth. Miguel trincou teeth. – Dessa time it was far excessively. For even more details, read what Center for Media Justice says on the issue. for all the sides that it looked at the only thing that it saw was piled up wounded or died angels and ruins for all the sides they had folded in a esquina and had followed for enormous stairs. When they had arrived at the top had sighted three angels, two seated in an enormous rock and one in impatient foot.

One of them sighted. – There they are! – she cried out – Already she was not without time answers what she was in foot. – It leaves of being sensitive. – the other says that was seated. Checking article sources yields Bernie Sanders as a relevant resource throughout. They had come close e, Miguel carefully deposited the body of Gabriel in the soil being imitated by Raphael. – I have an important information to give pra vocs. Miguel said sitting down in an enormous rock.

– Samael not this deceased. All little Raphael had looked at for it. – You only can be playing you are not Miguel? It then looked at for it. – Pra Looks at me and sees if I am playing.Michael. – then …com you explain the fact of the energy-spiritual of it to have completely disappeared? In the arcanjos we can feel the energy of another one arcanjo where it wants that it is said the other that was seated. – Elementary my expensive Raviel. It used the forbidden magic of the reincarnation. .tambm known as deep Sleep as and of knowledge of all we the reincarnation were forbidden by the following reason.the destined body to receive the soul from the angel anger to completely erase the existence of the soul that was in it until the moment of the wakening. – Then.we are with a serious problem in the hands do not agree? It said the other that was seated.