Objectifying to tell the evolutivo and mannering process of the man as well as the importance of the sexuality in the life of the human beings, as a being closely related with the world that the fence. Summary of the workmanship the book is constituted by nine chapters in each one of these is stories facts important in the evolutiva history of the human being. The human being half followed of ancestral the man half monkey, in Africa, where great forest areas had been devastadas by strong earthquakes compelling these homindeos to adaptarem the climatic and geographic variations, a time that, mountains and valleys had appeared creating immense barriers. Throughout time and dom millions of years small transformations had appeared modifying physical characteristics mannering of the seqentes generations. In such a way some species motivated for the food search in more distant regions had initiated an day for the survival and thus they had started to walk on two legs allowing the conquest of new areas. With the environment change, great bushes had left spaces for small envoltos fragmentos for vegetation tripping and when not desert-like arbustiva.

Thus feeding necessity made with that some species were forced to modify its alimentary habits, hunting small beings feeding themselves of roots and not consumed forest species until then. They is esteem that about 3 million years behind it has appeared the first homindeos, after innumerable evolutivas modifications that as well as in other beings, the Homo sapiens suffered natural election. When one is about the different etnias understands that this occurred for the geographic dividers providing modifications in the morphologic structure throughout the time.