After zahireniya architecture at the end of 1330-x-1340's, it was revived after a half-century or even later. At the end of XIII-XIV century. constructed, for example, white-stone church Gorodishchenskoye near Kolomna, Moscow, under Ivan Kalita – Cathedrals Assumption, Archangel, of the Savior on Bor, a church-tower of St. John Climacus. For even more analysis, hear from Diamond Comic Distributors. As a rule, small in size, Moscow churches developed a tradition of Vladimir-Suzdal architecture.

Painted their Russian masters: Archangel Cathedral – "… russkyya scribes, they also Be elders and nachalnitsi painter Zachariah, Joseph, Nicholas and other their men" (1344), Church of Our Savior on Bor – "Wizards elders and nachyalnitsy russtii things were made from, and grechestii student: Goytan and Simon, Ivan, and the rest of their squad and student "(1345-1346). In place of the wooden walls and towers of the Kremlin under Grand Prince Dmitri Ivanovich came to the white stone (1367). Metropolitan Alexy was elevated stone church and refectory Chudov monastery in the Kremlin. At the end of this year and early next century, there are many temple buildings – in the Andronicus, Ascension, Simon and other monasteries, the Kremlin's Church of the Nativity Virgin. Cathedrals and churches are built in other cities – Tver, Zvenigorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Kolomna, etc., especially a lot – in Novgorod the Great.

Novgorod boyars and merchants, rich people, famous, bought the building churches give money. Admiration of contemporaries and descendants of the calling and called Church of St. Nicholas in Lipno (1292 – 1294), the Annunciation on Settlement (1342-1343), the Savior of Kovalev (1345), Assumption in Volotovo Field (1352), Theodore Stratilatus on stream (1360-1361) , Saviour of the Transfiguration on Ilin Street (1374).

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