The project was designed January 5, 2008 The first version of the searcher at the time was still quite primitive, to say the least, inconvenient. But as time goes on, and with it comes change. A few months after the release of search engine results was impressive in its volume of users and webmasters speed of getting into the issue of their sites! At the time of release were engaged in a search engine 2, the Administrator (in a network known as) 1. strel – Artem Strelnikov 2. Albert 14 – Albert Everyone had his duties strel (edistvenny now the owner and administrator) paid for the domain, hosting, developing new services, is promoting the projects 'in the light'. On the shoulders of Alberta were optimized of the search engine tweaks, design and much more By the way at the expense of design Design which is now our users have created an opportunity to contemplate the Albert Albert has created precisely the source of our design From this source and was born 2 design for our project ( for the Albert Project. Many interested in the question – 'Why should I create two search engine with one base, and similar design? " and 'Is there competition between you? " To which I (strel) answer – 'Each of us is full of ideas for the advancement and improvement of its search engines, creation of new services to them, and so on.

And we decided not to interfere with each other to implement their ideas and plans. As a result, we decided to split, and Now everyone is on their own search engine. But we do not split up for good, we only work in different ways. We continue to work together and to think about how to improve our search engines! And later, almost all that you will see our projects will be the result of our collaboration!

Precisely, until the Alba Summit in Havana should be held, took place the X meeting of the binational Mixed Commission (Cuba-Venezuela) with promises of new capital injections to the dictatorship of the Castro brothers (in oil or $ no Sucres surely) $3000 million. Without such aid, fueled by the checkbook of petrodollars from Hugo Chavez that squanders the money of the Venezuelan people, only to achieve their appetites personal driving imperialism Bolivariano, the Cuban economy would have already collapsed completely. Not in vain, the enthusiasm of the Cuban Communist regime by dawn and what actually represents. An entity so distorted in their visions and goals, and often so outdated of contemporary realities, hardly can thrive. The decision to Honduran leaving Alba, has been a major blow. At the moment, moreover, there appears to be any possibility of another country to join the organization.

Expectations, fueled by some sectors of the ruling Frente Farabundo Marti National Liberation (FMLN), that El Salvador give step, were denied by its President, Mauricio Funes totalemnte. I.e., the Bolivarian Alliance has lost momentum and base. Unfortunately, however, kept as a distorting in Latin American relations factor, and delusions of the President of Venezuela, Tte drive belt. CNEL Hugo Chavez the members of the organization.

Phone does not stop ringing in direct sales Carlin, S.A.. And it is that this chain, leader in the field of stationery in Spain, in addition to serving the latest technologies, has not abandoned the telemarketing as a way to sell your products and your brand. We are convinced that serve us phone to market our products and services has excellent results. It is a technique that has always served us very well and now, in combination with the web page, it is very positive for our company, explains Jose Luis Hernandez, head of the Ensign. So things, telephone sales are the perfect tool in your marketing strategy for CARLIN. To read more click here: novelist. It is a good vehicle for the network of franchisees that we count, adds both the end customer. With telephone contact they achieve as varied as complementary objectives. We carry out since the launch of a product promotion, to direct contact with the customer or franchisee. Many writers such as novelist offer more in-depth analysis.

We also make direct sales, polls, satisfaction surveys. And already is that the motto of CARLIN is the living near you, what better way than to do so through telemarketing. With him we get a lot of information that then allows us to offer both to the market as the nearly 500 stores and stores that we have products innovative and useful, added Hernandez. Author has similar goals. In fact in the chain estimated that 10% of its turnover obtained it with her. But what kind of actions or late achieved this leading chain with telemarketing?. Jose Luis Hernandez summarizes them as follows: u value added to the franchisees. Thanks to our telemarketing channel we provide them with a base purified and purged of customers who can go and sell products. u saving costs to stores. If a franchisee had to devote part of their time to make phone calls to create a new database from clients or update you have, could not attend the store or would have to hire one or more persons to do this job, so that its benefits would be reduced.

\”about the divided Germany for students of in 7th and 8th grades the theatrical exhibition\” is the third and final module of the theatre-pedagogical project of finds by GRIPS Werke e.V. in cooperation with the GRIPS theater. Finds are objects from the former East and West Germany, which were brought and donated to the project by young people in the first module of the project, meetings. With the findings, the young people brought also stories from their families or their friends from the time of the divided Germany. From Philipp Harpain and George Piller conceived an interactive theatrical exhibition\”for young people aged 13 and over.

Under the direction of Philipp Harpain, supported by the assistance of Anne Herrmann, the three actresses enabling young people in the theatrical exhibition\”the interactive engagement with the German-German history. The Museum staff is in role Ms. Pfeiffer (Jessica Tietsche) the Museum’s curator Mr wild garlic (Pano Karas) and the technician Mr Arndt (Jules Armana) represents. Spellbound and amused the young people pursue the exhibition played chaotic beginning of the theatrical\”. The Museum Guide, Mr.

Bahr leeks, who thinks as to be been a museum guard, after the greeting speech of the curator, Ms. Pfeiffer, is left alone with young people to take over the leadership.Initially irritated and appalled by the new responsibility Mr tells wild garlic young people directly and something harsh that he not prepared and immediately becomes the sympathetic of young people. Mr wild garlic starts eventually but the leaders (he would not risk the loss of his job) and with the help of the engineer, Mr. Arndt, is more or less to the performance script of the exhibition held. Curious is how Mr garlic and Mr Arndt a wall escape story to life can be observed and willingly and without hesitation wild garlic in the next showroom is finally followed Mr.

The mother of a teenage pirate captured by U.S. calls on Obama to release – was arrested a couple of 28 years for abusing his partner in Burgos – Silence is brutal – Iberia and its Oneworld partners breached competition rules – Demonstration in Madrid for Earth Day – in school CERVANTES the language is catalan, disregarding the article 2 de la Constitucion – First addiction and violence of a lifetime – What really needs to change Facebook – A lawyer of the families of the Yak calls for investigation to the “intellectual authors” – Beauties of the World – Quien cree are the accounts of the banks’ International Airport or Mashhad Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport (code IATA: MHD, ICAO code: OIMM) is located in Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran.
Have frequent flights to cities in Iran and also international flights, mainly to central Asia and the Middle East. The airport is currently in an expansion project. In March 2008 was 20,000 square meters in the passenger terminal, 19 aircraft parking, 3 blocks and tread over 40,000 square feet of additional parking..

The catalan Minister of Interior appear before the Parlament. He said that the objective was not evicted, but remove dangerous objects. Says that they used the violence because the campers went from passive resistance to the obstruction and hostility. Police charge of the Mossos left more than 120 wounded. It must be clear that intervention at any time was raised as an eviction of the encamped in Plaza Catalunya, has ensured this Wednesday the catalan Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, who has appeared before the Commission the Parlament inside to talk about the performance of the Mossos d police of last May 27.

A police charge 120 people were wounded. Although the conseller has lamented the wounded and victims of the Mossos load, it has justified because it considers it necessary to meet objectives. Recalling the decision of the Central Electoral Board regarding the day of reflection, Puig has said that the operation of the Mossos was anticipated to last about 2.5 hours and that they were armed with five cleaning trucks. The operation did not start too well Puig has admitted that the operation, which was only aimed at removing dangerous objects in the face to the celebration of the Champions at Canaletes, did not very well because it not calibrated the aggressiveness and violence that would react the campers. They pincharon and they deflated the wheels of trucks, between insults and assaults, he says. The Counsellor has ensured that they had legal justification to act, tried to establish dialogue with the campers without success at all times and always complied with the legal precepts, and that if used violence was because the campers went from passive resistance to the obstruction and hostility. It has also highlighted that the police never sought confrontation.

Lies, things that are not certain Puig has listed a number of untruths, in its sole discretion. Between what has crossed out of lies, things that are not true is the picture in which a Mosso lifted the baton against a disabled. The Counsellor ensures that the agent does not hit, but that dndia, despite the fact that this outraged, Sebastian Ledesma, said in an interview that the Minister is lying. It has also defined false that he assaulted journalists, photo of a beaten indigent, that one protester had been operated in the Hospital Clinic and the pictures that looks to the outraged sitting peacefully and not throwing stones or uploaded to cars patrol, such as Puig ensures what happened. It’s a lie, in his opinion, the anonymous letter from a mosso who is ashamed of his performance, the insulting comments on Twitter attributed to his person and profile of a mosso on facebook who gloried in the violence exercised. An individual who is not mosso, but an urban guard which the Barcelona City Council has already opened an information package. Restitutir the good image of the conseller Moss has assumed full political responsibility for what has happened, pledging to restore the good image of MOSS, which according to him has been damaged, and to study preventive mechanisms against violent men. Source of the news: Felip Puig: ‘I regret the wounded of this police intervention, but I think that it was necessary’