Someone is lying with regard to photo removed in Extremadura. And in this interview the actress Blanca Portillo assures that she is not. For the first time, after the announcement of his resignation, he has spoken with clarity subject taking advantage of an essay of the work Antigone (which debuts in Merida on August 11) next to Chusa Martin, Co-Director of the Festival de Teatro Clasico de Merida. Both disseminated yesterday a note in which they accuse the Extremadura Government and the Ayuntamiento de Merida, in the hands of the PP since the last election in may, you have them pressed to remove a photo of actor Asier Etxeandia, naked and with a religious image on the genitals, in the dressing rooms of Sergio Parra exhibition, organized by the Festival. Something that the Minister of culture, Trinity Nogales, has refused. Numerous requests from both City Hall and the Ministry of culture and education were so photography was removed from exposure, even though these requests were always made through third parties, except by the own counselor’s Culture, through telephone call to Blanca Portillo, said in the note. Shortly afterwards they chatted with this newspaper. Source of the news:: “do not lie; If you are not true to your heart you are lost”

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Ability to work offline: MindMeister offline mode allows users to work on your mind maps, even when you’re not connected to the Internet.All changes are saved locally and are synchronized back into your MindMeister account the next time you connect. MindMeister offline mode leverages Google Gears Seguimiento and audit complete: the complete history of changes of a mental map is stored as separate updates or revisions. You can return to any previous revision in particular and see all the changes in your mental map through the history view. If you want to try it they have a free version where you can make up to three mind maps. The Premium version will cost you 39 to the business and the year 6 /mes/usuario with probability of using it for free during 30 days. A tool that can not miss in your study smart Web 2.0 original author and source of the article