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– What she happened to it? We find it unconscious in the field – My car ruined in the road. It had much fog and when I left to look at the engine, an car passed very next in high speed. Some thing beat in my head, was idiot and falls for an abrupt declivity. Later, still idiot I tried to come back toward the road, but I did not obtain to find the way in return. I was walking at random and I finished fainting. – You were very far from the road.

Luana said. – It obtains to walk? Laura asked. – It must be with hunger, already it passes of the half day. It comes, we go to lunch. Miguel did not have as to deny, therefore he was hungry. In the lunch rice was served, beans, meat of hen, saladas and orange juice. – For where it was going? Laura asked.

– It intended to buy one I besiege. I live in the capital and I decided to look a sossegado place to live. I do not have family, my woman died has two years. Luana and the son had changed a look. – Well, Vicente works with us and is needing an assistant. He very has work here in the ranch. If to want to work house and food in exchange for, can be with us. I cannot only pay to it why we do not have money. We can firm a contract for the time that you to want. Responsibility in exchange for benefits. What it finds? It can leave to look at the place to see if pleases to it. – I Have much time already I was thinking about living in the field. But, Mrs. this offering work and nor knows who to me is really. if I will be a bad element? Laura smiled.

It discovers How To become thin Eating Being Flexible and Intuitive You know what is the best way to get fat? " To be to Diet is the best way To fatten ". The scientific studies guarantee every day more what actually clinical it is evident: more 90% of the people who " someten" to Diets (traditional methods of control of weight based on controlling what it eats) they are not able to learn to control the weight and, the worse thing of everything, only are that great part of them totally reclaims partial express or the lowered weight; and all this without entering the details of the risks for the physical and emotional health that in many cases imply. Then, why to continue insisting on " recetar" something that knows of hand of so high percentage of failure. If we compared a diet to an investment system, what little yield we would obtain, truth? . If you are really interested in making a good investment of your time, money and health, you do not stop reading what comes next. It will surprise and you to you it will take at another higher level in your process of to become thin eating of everything Benefits To become thin Eating without prohibirte foods. To prohibirte nothing you will not obtain very important secondary benefits such as 1 – you will not pass hunger, 2you will not put in risk your nutritional balance and emotional, 3 you will avoid the feared effect I-I, 4 you will be able to design a so pleasant and rewarding nutritional plan as it is possible to you, 5 – you will learn nourishing strategies in the long term fomenting you rule nourishing healthful, 6 you will deposit realistic expectations in the feeding, 7 you will stop thinking about the food like first resource to fill your other personal emptinesses, 8 will diminish your " anxieties by comer" How to reclaim the thin person who is within you 1 Step: To be Intuitive at the time of alimentarte.

The Feirinha of fourth. It was hot and sultry, the sky empalidecera, threatened a storm. One more time it had much people in the market, especially in feirinha. Joo launched only one to it to look at fast, later he lowered the eyes and he read the poster of the price. – God helps me! he said, and he started to leave.

A pretty young woman of hair great chestnuts and hands, that the card passed, was until it and inquired amiably on what she could serve to it. – Obliged? Joo in voice said low, seriously looked at it in the eyes, showing great ruga in the forehead. He is not with you that I want to speak, but with the manager of the store, Mr. Patinhas. It was motionless in the way of the store, seeing to move away itself it, hesitated came back its occupation. Everything was in promotion in feirinha: pineapple, cucumber, orange, banana, vegetables; pilings up in sets of ten, all nutritional one and of good taste. Joo looked at to devagar for all the sides, later gave one adjusted firm in the parts, as to a rooster to full the chest, he straightened the folds of the pants and suspirou firm. He had many people in the store.

People of all type, agitated, running not to lose the promotion of the day, as if the same it was to finish in that instant, sacoleiras, stands trombando one with another one, sixth over the fruits, one baguna, but all there with the same objective. A young with malnourished aspect of who only feeds itself of vegetables, ' ' face of alface' ' , it took care of in the scale, it weighed everything: orange, tomatoe, pineapple and lived in ways the cucumber. Ahead of ' ' face of alface' ' , a sarcastic gentleman, had pushed its potatoes, as if the same ones were hot, of aggressive form, empunha in its gestures, certain authority, perhaps wanting to intimidate. But the malnourished Young was there stops for order, if not, ' ' furduno' ' he was really armed. We go to respect the line and the work of the wage-earner, my people! Joo of far observed been silent, its eyes ran the store in search of Mr. Of Rings, unites, Mr. Patinhas. Minutes if had passed and in that agglomeration of people, affections and sixth, he was the majestical one, all astonished with the scene there thought: ' ' much money entrar&#039 would go; '. Joo if approached and was soon speaking: – Since when they vendem stuffed lettuce of lizard? Mr. Of Rings one in such a way surpreso with the question, without hesitating, answered fast. You took lettuce with lizard? Then you must me money! It paid only for the lettuce, what it was of filling was not charged. Joo did not believe the nonsense, perplexo, heard without questioning, therefore he was incredible. It felt that it did not advance to argue with that face of ' ' ona' ' , it was better to withdraw, it would look a new dialogue at another moment. It left for the tangent, it caught the pineapple and its cucumber, weighed, placed them under of the arm and was even so. It concluded that, the river always will run of meeting to the ocean.

The Costs of not-Planning Marcelo Gonalves Pear tree Engineer of Production email: To produce is very important, but to produce without planning is to give one & ldquo; shot in p& rdquo;. The factors that take a company or one definitive sector are several not to plan its production. The principle, we break of the culture of the not-analysis of the situation or cause and leave directly for the action, generating continuously what we call & ldquo; it erases incndio& rdquo;. To if even though coming across with an extra demand or known demands already, instead of if planning the production more good to take care of it, immediately, the adopted position is of if to carry through a force task to be able to deliver the product in the stated period waked up with the customer, leaving stops all backwards a planning concept that if applied well, would save the teams of work overloads and discomforts with other areas of the company. Author understood the implications. On the basis of the described one above, I enumerate below what I understand as being the main ones costs generated for the not-planning of the actions.

They are: 1 & ndash; For not being planned of adjusted form, the work if becomes extensive in surplus, generating of this form unnecessary hours for its execution; 2 & ndash; For if becoming extensive, the work also becomes onerous, tiring, with low productivity and considerable idleness. The team does not feel itself motivated in carrying through it, generating loss of time and loss of time is loss of money; 3 & ndash; The cost of the calculated risk is not another factor to consider. Very short stated periods, unavailable tools of work and bad sizing of the team for the execution of the work, provoke the delay, deliver of the product or service with me the quality or even though the delivery of the product, not being able to generate of this form, discredit on the part of the customer in relation to the image of the company.

A good way to do this is by means of the consumption every 2 or 3 hours. The body understands that you are not hungry and, is as well going to burn fat quickly. The best thing of everything than arrived at the areas where the fat is stored to obtain energy. To consume a great amount of proteins is a good idea also. Since it is needed body to digest proteins in fact this can increase the metabolism. There is a pile of options like: lentils, tempeh, kidney beans, chick-peas, nuts, seeds, tofu, butter of peanut, eggs, yogurt, and thin meats.

Another way to burn fast fat is the force training. Also, it promotes the loss of fat, because the muscles need more calories to stay. So in the end, if you have more muscles will increase your metabolism. Then, by all means, you must have a hydration adapted for a life heals " to burn fat rpido". He is always recommendable that you drink at least 8 glasses of H2O every day. You have heard this before, but it is necessary because all the complex systems in your body are much more going to be smooth. Tomato the time to fit your style of life around a diet of the fat burning fire is something to also consider.

Or walking, in bicycle, to trotar or to run, instead of to even use a car to walk it will be crucial if you want to burn fast fat. Also you must have more physical likings like the dance, the senderismo, the sports, touch the drum, or the gardening. While all this is beneficial, the unique way that your you are going to burn fat quickly is balancing your body. Your diet of the fat burning fire does not have to be something in which you restrict yourself excessively. If you understand the body and its necessity of energy, you would always feed yourself with integral and natural foods. Ah, and you also do not forget the moderate exercise. It does not lose its time and money. If you want to burn fat quickly, they have reviewed several diet rich in the fat burning fire. Also it can read more here: Secrets to burn fast fat.

Although my will was committed to write a small daily article the past (except the week ends due to the familiar obligations) Friday I failed. Est will miss humanum. But today it is Monday and here I am and do not need of what speaking I. For example, of the rice. It seems a trivial matter, that says triviality of idiot, stupid, stupid idiot babeante. It is not it.

Demonstration. If you would like to know more then you should visit Former Maryland Governor. I yesterday left to eat in family, like the seoritos in Sunday. Cooking request: rice with stroke. Reflection: what thief is the rice. By itself he is an insipid one. We joined if it with flavorful condiment, one takes control of his flavors like ladronzuelo. He remembers me to those shoplifters of white glove (economic crimes, call to them) that know to join themselves with the money to snatch their flavor and to finish to them turned into phenomena of the economy and the company. To make a resemblance: I have action, I lift artificially its value and them selvage at its better moment.

Years later denounce to me, process to me, condemn to me, but to Justice falls the bandage to him and they acquit to me by prescription of the crime. Like the rice. To see who dares to put in the jail to the hundreds of granite that know like God.

The language is the biggest resource that the human being possesss to reach everything what more it desires in the life. The man depends on the language to live in society, it is the base of our culture and hardly he would have civilization, it was not the job of the language and the power of the words. For more specific information, check out Michael Chabon. It is through them that we influence and we provoke the changes, almost always, necessary to construct a better life. Many we think that what move the world is the money, same the corporeal properties that as much attracts in them or the search for prestige and power. Everything this is very important and moves of truth with the human behavior, however what more it is capable to provoke changes, to transceder theories and to transform the world is, in fact, the language. The words are very powerful, when they leave our mouth has the potential to create or to waste estresses, to captivate or to move away people, to conquer or to destroy dreams, to provoke passion or to open wounded that they last for an entire life.

Everything go to depend on our ability to deal with them in the time, dose, form and temper adequate. It is through the use adept of the words that, for example, the leader conquest following, gets resulted positive of the team, increases the productivity of the company, the moral of the led ones, the effectiveness of the projects and the organizacional success. The admired leaders are those that they know that the words create our reality, therefore give its better to provide memorable moments. The writer Joseph Jaworski, says that ‘ ‘ He is through the language that we create the world, because it is not nothing we describe until it. when describe we it, we create distinctions that govern our actions.

Said of another form, the language does not describe the world that we see, but sees the world that descrevemos.’ ‘ Therefore, we make something to happen the measure that we pronounce the words, phrases or expressions. We use when them without empatia and as half to take the people to make something for, to buy our services, or any another action of our exclusive interest, the possibilities of the results to be disastrous will be enormous. However, when we appeal they stop helping the people to be happy, to get success and to carry through dreams, the results will be concrete, magical, exuberant from there we will obtain everything what more we desire in the life, and this is what more it matters. The conclusion is that when we record our words in the heart of the people, is capable to intervine and to change the world where we live. Then, if we know of this we can strengtheing in them to interact better with our familiar, friends, friends, fellow workers, customers and suppliers, thus remodelling the environment where we are inserted and contributing so that the results of our actions are capitalized to reach the conquests that as much we long for. After all of accounts, it is as in it teaches traditional said the popular one to them: ‘ ‘ Our words if transform into action. Our actions if transform into habits.

To construct good blog, is not to enter blogger and creating one. The majority of the failures is in not knowing exactly which is the final mission that is persecuted. Many think that with creating blog with Google and placing it in the finders already it is all the work done, and forget all type details, among others that blog must be focused to the reading and to obtain that reader is faithful and returns. Therefore to create blog is a work more complicated than all that and entails a series of norms that never we must forget like the certainty and the dedication. US Senator from Vermont addresses the importance of the matter here. To define the objectives of ours clearly blog, would have of being the first work to raise to us and before to even create nothing, we could take to a notebook and a ball-point pen and write all those things that happen through our head. This way we will be able better to focus as they are the ideas that we have and to be organizing them little by little. On the case of this blog, the idea bases was to construct something related to making money with blog, as its own name indicates, basically dedicated to make money with programs of affiliates, marketing, platforms and everything what it had relation with these subjects. When I began to create the idea, the truth is that he was not nothing clear among others things because the subjects that treat here are diverse and although they have relation with others, are very extensive and arrived at a certain point it went away complicando in such a way that there was to identify by categories all the subjects that it deals with. On the other hand, I have a very great fan of possibilities of creating diverse subjects and when I do not write of one I write of another one, so for me he is funnier of that way. First that I did it was to define the subject as already I said previously, to make money with blog, the second step it was to write the idea in a paper and to define the possible categories that could include, as they were I went many it limiting a few generals and later little by little I include diverse subjects in each of them. Aid for your blog first steps Original author and source of the article.

Of the many different ways to make money through Internet, one of simplest it is to answer remunerated surveys. Some companies are interested in finding out the tastes of their possible clients through surveys that make arrive at the electronic mail of survey his. The data that gather with these surveys are very important, since they allow to increase his gains them, when designing products that know beforehand that they will be successful in the market. It is therefore that these companies are prepared to pay to the suitable people so that they answer his surveys. th these questions. If you want to take this opportunity and to answer remunerated surveys to complement your habitual income, which you must do first is to secure a list of the companies that realise remunerated surveys.

You will see that there is many sites in Internet that offer listings, but care, because some lists are too short or are desactualizadas. In addition, in some pages they receive by the listing, and in others the information is offered of gratuitous way. In order to know what site offers better information, is good idea to investigate in the forums, where many people who already have begun to answer remunerated surveys and to make money for this reason, share generously the directions of the sites where they obtained his list. When you already have yours, following that you must do is registrarte in a each company, filling profile with your data. Regstrate in the greater amount of companies than you can, to receive many surveys.

Each company will analyze your profile, and if they consider that you are the type of person that wishes survey, will send its form to you to your electronic mail. If it has luck, several surveys will arrive to you daily. You must complete them and only begin to receive. After the month it is possible to gain 300 dollars more or less.