The fact that the employment of multi-channel numbers are losing part of calls, and, even more dangerous, there is no way of knowing how many subscribers lost. It may be that, having multi-channel number, the company accepts only 10-15% of incoming calls on advertising, and other potential clients come to signal "busy". For more information see John Mclaughlin. Sall-center to avoid such a situation. Work with subscribers to the waiting line First of all call-center managers and call-center operators can access information in real time on the set of parameters that indicate how sall center to cope with stress. This is the number of calls in queue, the maximum waiting time, average talk time, and others in the international practice includes such basic indicators as the average waiting time – shows how much time the average caller had to wait in line to the junction with call-center operator, the percentage of calls, callers interrupted while waiting. Normal level is 2-3%. To meet the needs of management level of service is calculated every half hour, and for the client – for each week or month the project. As the foreign statistics, the likelihood that the caller hangs up, rises sharply after two minutes of waiting. Sall-center managers can quickly reallocate between operators groups, to increase the number of operators for the next shift, or to think about connecting additional lines and increasing the number of operators. We also know that subscribers are willing to wait longer in line if they are periodically report how much time is left to wait, or provide the ability to select and listen to the recorded information.

However, the material with a modified fire extinguishing additives (flame retardants) behaves differently. Data on how to behave this material during fire, are members of the Moscow Institute of Fire Prevention. So, first from inside the building structure – melts and then is destrugiruet transformed into a gaseous state. Energy fraction of polystyrene in the combustion process less than 2% of the shares of all combustible materials involved in the burning building project, ie less significant compared to other materials. Therefore, if properly application of the material, with the implementation of all existing operating rules and fire safety requirements, allow extensive use of it in construction. John Mclaughlin gathered all the information. Water for fire extinguishing structural elements of Styrofoam – are not venomous. Operating temperature Styrofoam retains its properties over a wide temperature range 80 to 180 C-.

Within short time withstand polystyrene temperature to 110oS, allowing, for example short-term contact with flammable bitumen. However, the maximum temperature to which the material can be within minutes of 95oS. In cases DC podverzhdeniya high temperatures, recommended not to exceed 80 C, otherwise it will lead to shrinkage and deformation. The lower temperature limit, which stands without any changes polystyrene is 180 C-. Given that the thermal expansion foam is very small it should be noted that in practice it can withstand all temperatures, which occur in a typical building. Environmentally friendly foam Conclusion of the Moscow Institute of Hygiene. FF Erisman 03/PM8 number confirms that the study recommended for the construction of structures with slabs of polystyrene, styrene in air samples have been found.

Even fewer are sites for farming economy. The cheapest on the market – unallocated shares. The relatively low price due to the fact that in the future with such a plot may be difficulties in translating the land. Cost of land – the most important factor in the future draft of the settlement. To reduce the cost of the project and use the scheme: the purchase of land in one of the lowest category (usually selhoz.naznacheniya) and their further transfer to another category. All the more so in recent times "Good" status of land required in the market are few and expensive. Analysts agree that now take an even more active purchase of land farming.

This is advantageous because the cost of transfer of land in a different status, in half (ie $ 300-700 per sq.m.) than buying a similar section of the market value of the price level and growth forecast PRICE TARGETS investment-price peak in the suburban real estate market has not yet been reached. Prices for suburban real estate market to date has not reached its culmination in the development. In general we can say that buying activity has increased. The main factors that affect the value of the land – it distance from the city, the availability of engineering (gas, electricity, water, etc.), infrastructure and water reservoir. It is important location close to railway station and easy road access, proximity of parks, pine forests, groves, etc. Depends price and the condition of neighboring homes, the social status of its neighbors.

"DIY": staircase of your dreams Choosing a ladder depends on the intensity of its operation, ie, the activity of movement on it, and is also associated with comfort and safety ladder. It is one thing, when in an awkward stairs have up and down a few times a day, and quite another if it is to be done very often. It is one thing, if on the second floor of the house located just a bedroom, the other – if there is, for example, are day-care rooms, or rooms for elderly parents, a haunted office. And even more unacceptable inconvenient stairs (as do ladder handy – in our special section), if the toilet in the house is only on the first floor. In such cases, reasonable, or change the functionality of the premises, located on the upper floors, or provide a more convenient and secure a ladder leading to these floors. Location of the staircase when the projected thoughtful approach may be one of the deciding factors when choosing its type. For example, when placing the ladder in large hall or lobby is desirable to avoid poluoborotnyh and spiral staircases (to build a ladder to help our specialists), because visible from the entrance to the house of the lower surface of the opposing parts of such stairways are not marching decorate the interior of the premises. Beveled and inclined surfaces that are open in the direction of greater part of the room, impair spatial perception of interior space, visually reducing its volume.

Domestic manufacturers give 15-year lifespan. On average, gas convector can serve up to 50 years if the planned maintenance. The most vulnerable elements of the automatic holding magnet, thermocouple and thermostat are quite a long time / in the end they learned to do / and replacement is fast. 6. Who can mounted gas convector? Mount and admitted to trained professionals licensed organization. 7 The better to plug the gap between the pipe wall and gas convector? Most of all manufacturers recommended to plug the gap with lime or cement mortar. But as practice shows, sometimes in these gaps is strongly attracted. There is a way to handle the gap with high-temperature polyurethane foam for outer contour and the contour of the Inland from 10 to 14 do not blow the foam due to possible high temperatures in the exhaust and with the possible partial decomposition.

8. Who has the right to repair gas convector? Gas convector As any gas appliances, have the right to repair only the representatives of gas facilities, trained, briefed the past. 9. Do a project on gas appliances installed? At any gas equipment necessary to develop the project and all work according to the project. 10. Is there a difference honey iron and steel casing heat exchanger? Virtually none, except for weight, cost / more expensive /.

In the iron harder to remove dust from porous surface of iron and steel is much easier. 11. What temperature is normal? The international standard comfort temperature between 18 + 22 deg. Celsius. 12. How harmful use of gas heating convector? So, how bad a particular person to use the over-dried air. But how to deal with over-dried air every housewife knows. Container with water solves the problem overdried air. Can establish a household hygrometer. 13. What temperature is maintained automatically? Mounted units with automatic thermostats are designed for temperatures from +10 to + 33 degrees C. If the temperature falls below 10 then the automatic ensures that the temperature automatically 14. Does Russia have produced gas convector? Release. Nazyvatsya GOP / gas heater / gas convector

The game quickly come up this particular character and human life takes place there as in real life. Players cooperate on interests, friends, enmity, fall in love and hate each other, or rather their virtual characters, which serve as their chosen characters. Atmosphere sorts of intrigues and the intertwining of human emotions privleket user in such a situation, that person is going through, it would seem, virtual game moments, but all the experiences he feels it is real and the feeling disappointments and successes, and all because his competitors are the same people like himself. You can tell a lot about this stunning phenomenon like virtual worlds mmorpg, but no words can show you the emotions that worried by plunging into an adventure. To really understand and feel the above, you need to own personally feel that you provide current mmorpg. Despite all the rich variety of existing currently mmorpg each with its own nuances and peculiarities, they all share common features. Basically, all the mmorpg toys, generally, are built on technology 'a client-server', but at this point is created more and more games, where role client performs the usual baruzer so-called free brazuernye online games.

Play in browser it laynovaya game you can start only after registration, it does not require any configuration or additional software. All mmorpg of so-called Dungeons & Dragons style games, even such as computer card games like Berserk which includes the quests in the game, likvidaiya any game robots, creatures, etc., from the bodies of the player receives a variety of resources, artifacts, useful things, or something else like that. Ditto for mmorpg characterized by the presence of the growth of character, which usually represents the character development of a smaller gaming level for more, through the recruitment of different ways of experience points. experience may be produced by winding up game bots for fights with other users for completing various tasks, or any sophisticated weapons, clothing, types of strokes, etc., for all role-playing inherent existence of different professions and skills, which selects the user for his character. Economy in mmorpg is based, generally, in manufacturing and the sales of various game items of weapons, armor, supplies, medicines and other things, the installed game currency. The social side of mmorpg is often represented by multiple social units such as clans, guilds, faction and another, which is essentially a close-knit coalition of gamers the same goals, ideas, views and so on.

Frequently, these coalitions are essential to the political part of the toy. Many mmorpg games like World of Warcraft, are commercial in which users must pay for any gaming software or Abona fee, and sometimes both. But there is a shareware browser online game, where you need not pay any fees or Caller buy software. The creators of these projects earn by selling game items or currency for real money, such as the Russian project Carnage. Not surprisingly, that the creators of the projects are asked to pay the players for their services as well as the maintenance costs of such games require a huge number of different resources. The most successful representatives of the games of its kind in Today is Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Lineage II, Anarchy Online, Asheron's call, Everquest II, Guild Wars, Ragnarok Online, Silkroad Online, The Matrix Online, City of Heroes, MU Online from Russian online game arena.

The article describes the use of functional features and excavator – drenoukladchika DM-5302. Excavators Need? It's easy! The company "Golden Age" – rental of construction equipment. Reclamation machines for the construction of a closed drainage in the irrigation zone developed primarily in two areas: high-uzkotransheynye excavators – drenoukladchiki type Control-3502 and the combined organic drenoukladchiki type Control-4003 by specifically for use in high-standing groundwater. Due to the fact that the domestic fleet of machines for the construction of subsurface drainage in Russia today there is practically no development of excavators – drenoukladchikov very urgent. The company "Golden Age" will provide you with a lease construction equipment such as excavator crawler JCB. Continue to learn more with: Risa Miller. VNIIG with trust "Uzorgtehmelioratsiya 'and' Strommeliormash" developed Excavator – drenoukladchik DM-3502 uzkotransheynogo type.

This drenoukladchik used in the construction of a closed horizontal drainage depth from 2 to 3.5 m in stable soils of categories I-III at the level of ground water not exceeding 1.5 m bottom of the trench. To ensure reliable operation in water-saturated drenoukladchika unstable soils need to pre-dewatering. Excavator – drenoukladchik DU-3502 is a chain uzkotransheyny excavator on its own base with units of tractors K-701 and T 170. Its main parts: the tracked chassis, transmission, mounted work equipment, pipe layer, the system of keeping a given slope, cab. The working body drenoukladchika – a chain with scrapers elliptical. The drive is a working body mechanical drive of the excavator – hydraulic.

The system of keeping a given slope drains – Automatic with using a laser pointer bias (deviation of the slope of the middle line of the project drains laid 0,0005). Among the array subject to irrigate most of the land affected by salinity or had either primary saline. In addition, 60% of the reconstructed building of land drainage is hampered high-standing groundwater. In this case, as the experience of building a closed horizontal drainage, existing excavators – drenoukladchiki significantly reduce the productivity or become virtually unusable.