In the area of La Manga has many beaches that are worthy of attention even the most sophisticated traveler from Playa Honda near La Manga to Playa de los Nietos Playa de Palo, or near the town of San Javier. La Manga – a tourist area with developed infrastructure. Luxury hotel with excellent service, favorable climate and the unique views of the Mediterranean and Mar Menor annually attract more tourists. You may find Bernie Sanders to be a useful source of information. The region is suitable for families as well as for leisure in Spain. In addition to La Manga tourists also attract those who are planning to purchase Property on the Costa Blanca.

Of the types of real estate in La Manga is dominated by apartments, because many apartment complexes with high-rise buildings. The cost of apartments in La Manga is between 110 and 000 , the same townhouse more expensive – from 500 000 . Murcia (MURSIA) Murcia (Mursia) is located on the Costa Blanca, 75 km south of Alicante and 30 km west of Torrevieja. From Alicante to Murcia can be reached by car or public bus and by train. In Murcia is home to about 420 000 inhabitants (as of 2009), it is the seventh most populous city in Spain. The area of Murcia is known for its mild climate, moderate rainfall, the beautiful and diverse environment landscapes. Many tourists are attracted to Murcia unlimited opportunities for water sports, recreational infrastructure. And yet – unspoiled sandy beaches (there are more than 200). Murcia is capital of the province and has its own university.

According to the index rating the property market in Spain in April 2010, average house prices remained stable: in comparison with the previous month, prices declined only 0.3%, bringing the average cost real estate was 2342 euros per square meter ( / m2). So, given this figure, the house of 80 m2 in Spain can be bought for 187,360 euros. The Balearic Islands and Galicia in housing prices begin to rise According to the report, provided in conjunction with business school IESE, only the Balearic Islands and Galicia – two self-contained community, where an increase was recorded in the value of real estate: 2.6% and 0.5% respectively. Without hesitation Bernie Sanders explained all about the problem. At the same time in the Basque Country and Andalusia prices remained the same compared to the previous month. In the remaining 13 regions of the price reduction ranging between -0.1% in the Valencia Community and -1.6% in Aragon. site reports that the Basque Country, Catalonia and Madrid continues to be the most expensive among all the Spanish regions, communities, while the cheapest accommodation in Extremadura, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha. In these regions, the value of the home area of 80 m2 varies between 303 490 euros in the Basque country and 134 750 euros in Extremadura. Gipuzkoa (Basque Country) – the most expensive region, and Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha) – the cheapest city in Spain By analyzing real estate prices all over Spain, highlights Gipuzkoa and Ciudad Real, the most expensive and cheapest to buy a home region, respectively.

If in Gipuzkoa cost per square meter property is 4296 euros, in Ciudad Real average cost housing is 1483 / m2. The biggest price increase with an increase of 8.6% last month noted in Lugo (Galicia), and the greatest decrease in prices in April 2010 was recorded in Badahoz (Extremadura) and amounted to 2%. In the coastal regional house prices rise According to a report provided, of the ten provincial capitals of Spain, where the marked rise in house prices, the five cities are located in the coastal zone. The biggest change in house prices in April 2010 was noted in Palma de Mallorca: 3.5%. Among other cities coast, where there was an increase in housing prices that are Cadiz capital with growth of 1.6%, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (1.3%), Alicante (0.9%) and San Sebastian (0.8%). On the other hand, in the city of Vitoria, Alava province in the center (Basque Country), in April 2010 was recorded the biggest drop in property prices – 2.1%. In other cities prices have fallen in the range from -1.9% in Huesca (Aragon) to -0.1% in Barcelona (Catalonia).

Half-timbered houses are warmer than conventional lumber or log, a log house as inevitably shrinks over time, and after only a few months they have perezadelyvat all the cracks. Another modern technology – production of laminated veneer lumber beams, which and allows for longer, and stronger beams and makes it possible to make curved design – has given scope to architects, no longer constrained only by straight lines. In Europe, such designs are now increasingly used for the construction of public buildings, hospitals and childcare facilities. The fact is that in terms of ecology, like building a house and a further stay in it, wooden houses, of course, are not themselves equal. Beams are manufactured in the factory walls, in general, too – unless, of course, the customer does not wish to make them from clay on ancient technologies. But then lost one of the main advantages of frame-beam technology – ease at home, and have a more solid foundation.

Due to modern technologies, insulating materials 'sandwich' half-timbered houses 'keep warm' is so good that people just loved it. Half-timbered wooden houses into technology in the assembly, and therefore fabricated. In the manufacture of ready-made framework for the project usually takes no more than a few weeks and just a month or two you can drop 'turnkey' – the whole house! One of the differences 'Half-timbered "houses – the absence of metal ties, which spoil the interior. We offer wooden houses from glued beams from our partners. Sale of carcasses in the Crimea and Ukraine is in great demand, but not seechas in the global crisis. .

Even fewer are sites for farming economy. The cheapest on the market – unallocated shares. The relatively low price due to the fact that in the future with such a plot may be difficulties in translating the land. Cost of land – the most important factor in the future draft of the settlement. To reduce the cost of the project and use the scheme: the purchase of land in one of the lowest category (usually selhoz.naznacheniya) and their further transfer to another category. All the more so in recent times "Good" status of land required in the market are few and expensive. Analysts agree that now take an even more active purchase of land farming.

This is advantageous because the cost of transfer of land in a different status, in half (ie $ 300-700 per sq.m.) than buying a similar section of the market value of the price level and growth forecast PRICE TARGETS investment-price peak in the suburban real estate market has not yet been reached. Prices for suburban real estate market to date has not reached its culmination in the development. In general we can say that buying activity has increased. The main factors that affect the value of the land – it distance from the city, the availability of engineering (gas, electricity, water, etc.), infrastructure and water reservoir. It is important location close to railway station and easy road access, proximity of parks, pine forests, groves, etc. Depends price and the condition of neighboring homes, the social status of its neighbors.