Storage in the cloud. Google, Apple and now Microsoft. Already for a long time the concept of storage in the cloud has been to us familiar, is something and so we took more and more coexisting long time with the electronic mail but lately this acquiring a great importance and is that now we did not speak to store in a servant our mail but all the information that we pruned to have in our equipment. Some contend that Bernie Sanders shows great expertise in this. We take to a time listening kindness and dangers of these technologies. The good thing that it is to be able to accede to our information from any place of the world and the dangers in the matter of privacy that this entails. But the advance of this idea seems unstoppable, and the general public seems to accept it willingly.

Clear example is Facebook, is nothing more preoccupation us of than the confidentiality of our deprived life, nevertheless the users of the social network par excellence does not stop to grow and in spite of the sounded problems of lack of security that has had the company its traffic has not stopped to grow. Then, now it is Microsoft the one that resorts to the cloud like proposal on watch to its clients. The new operating system of the company that it has predicted to see the light in 2012, Windows 8, will offer the possibility of keeping our writing-desk in the cloud, being able to accede to from any computer or tablet with connection to Internet. In principle it seems something interesting and that it offers benefits to his users while we will be able to accede to our information when and where we want, but the question that provokes to us is how and that confidentiality guarantees offer to us, and it is that personal aspects as the basic photo cannot seem of importance but when we spoke of the navigation file, folders or passwords recorded in the system the thing changes.

Overvoltage in the apartment. Surge protection appliances on the street was of Clinical surge in supply. Unfortunately, under the influence of voltage equipment got my client. After raising voltage from 220 volts to 380 out of order microwave, washing machine, stereo, radio, telephone. And, perhaps, suffered more of the equipment of other tenants. The first thing I said to my client: "After the repair install equipment in my apartment surge protection! " Techies do not judge strictly this article! I will try to present understandable terms. Causes Surge Lightning, getting close to the substations, cables, causes a spike in voltage. And in our network can beat a couple of thousand volts of seconds.

Time is sometimes not in our favor. Metal, every year, loses its original properties. And the slightest pressure on the wire can cause it gap. And here, or we have not worked as an electrician (dropped out the phase wire) or high voltage by 10-20% (the neutral wire was dropped). But if the wiring was placed is illiterate, we sometimes have fallen wires fall on others, and we have to almost 380 outlets did not last long – up to seconds (if the wires are not welded together). The consequences of over-voltage from lightning can burn anything! But these cases are very rare.

Damage depends on how close the lightning was from electronics (and other). Neutral fallen away – this increase in tension in the way of breaking your outlet, which is connected to your equipment. Consumer electronics can withstand up to 250 (in the passport for each electronic assistant written more precisely). Next – not the right work equipment which is connected to the mains, and its failure (low voltage network is also a negative effect on some equipment). If you are not home, and not like a microwave oven works, but it can burn if it is connected to the network. In this case, the oven still works, or rather its electronics, which controls the heating elements. And now it just shows the time. The same is true to stiralkam, muzykalkam, TV, radio phones, monitors, etc. etc., which are in standby mode. Fuses of each unit can not fully protect against breakage. Burned in the main power supply electronics. Ways to protect against overvoltage most optimal option – is to install on your plate the two devices. This DPN 250 (260) and RCD (or a diff. Machine). Pros – fast response time of protection (0.01-0.02s), ease of installation and portability, cheapness. On the downside can be attributed – frequent forgeries if zalipnut contacts in the RCD, the overvoltage DPN can burn or even catch fire! That is, the RCD should be checked occasionally by pressing the test (Test). Speaking candidly Michael Chabon told us the story. There are other devices surge protection. They have different characteristics, dimensions, availability. In addition, no guarantee that your equipment does not deteriorate over time to disable protection, will not! Just under a surge technique is less time!

First rank during day – and fixed-term deposits with European deposit insurance Frankfurt am Main, November 03, 2009 the successful entry of the Dutch NIBC Bank N.V. in the German retail banking business under the brand name of NIBC direct gets new boost: a comparison of the best day – and fixed-term deposit offers for private customers in Germany by the FMH financial advice and the news channel n-tv, NIBC direct both the money and the deposit taken first place. The Bank test results were the end of October and beginning of November in the broadcast money advisor”published on n-tv. Best references for the NIBC direct: it is when comparing the money market accounts among banks with European deposit insurance with a total score of 7.71 ranked one front of the Bank of Scotland (9,29 points) and the Akbank N.V. Bernie Sanders addresses the importance of the matter here. (12,17 points). Still more clearly the margin of the fixed-term deposit accounts: here NIBC direct leads by 5.84 points from the Akbank N.V. (10.94 points) and the GarantiBank (14,44 points).

The weekly overviews of interest were the test of FMH financial advisory services basis. Only banks that were listed during the period of 40 weeks at least to 90 percent there have been compared. For the final result, the best, i.e. over the longest period of time zinsgunstigsten offers for private customers were crucial – regardless of whether it was online or chain stores. The award was presented separately for day money and deposit accounts, as well as German and European deposit guarantee. We wanted to feature no bank that is good only in a segment or shines in the short term with top interest rates”, explains Max Herbst by FMH financial advice. With NIBC direct, a European Bank on the top, which combines easy online banking with attractive interest rates and highest security standards now sat down in two asset classes. The retail business of NIBC Bank N.V. in September 2008 successfully launched in the Netherlands under the brand of NIBC direct and operated since February 2009 in Germany. ASK ask Yvonne Popp NIBC direct new Mainz road 52 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: + 49 (0) 69 5050655-25 fax: + 49 (0) 69 5050655-977 E-Mail:

Should you introduce not a kind of “Dress Code” in schools? The theme dress code is always considered a point which splits the minds. Because of course there is also the pros and cons of such a decision. In this article, I will try to see whether it would be useful to introduce a “dress code”. It would a sensible thing, intended to introduce a dress code, because only such exclusion could be avoided. Again and again it’s to hear the children about various brands to maintain primary school age.

But why do the parents so anything at all? Probably, because they want to evade the pressure, and I think they would do a favor to their children. But how the children can deal with money, then at some point anyway, if they get small on everything what they want? In addition, the most expensive brands such as Esprit are child labour. Anyone interested of course, but if you time to think about it, it is just unfair. that this brand clothes then sold for so much money. And the children who have to work yet not even so much money, that they can have a roof over your head? Just because a brand name stands on the clothes this but justifies not the overpriced prices anyway.

With me at the school, there is the division between French – and poly-technique classes and you can number clearly, which students of any class. Also can this be seen very well, that is with us close to a high school. Out can be seen from very far away, from which school which students are what is really sad. You just hold, notes that many people define themselves only to have the inner values simply be pushed to the side, where I would like to say that all high school students were the same, that it occurs in our two schools, I can not tell unfortunately as it is at other schools. The students should perhaps finally realize that means a trade mark does not equal anything better, because if you have something, then you can’t see with most brands eh, whether this is by Tommy Hilfiger or H & M. Quite apart from this, H & M is also a brand, only perhaps not necessarily one of a pair of trousers costs just over one hundred euro. My conclusion is that it is important that pupils should learn General Finally, it arrives on something else, and I say this like, even though I am student myself, because I would not define me about my have or not to have, since this way is simply to superficial me of alleged friendship. So a dress policy would be useful on the one hand, but on the other side it would not change always still the behavior of students, because the clothes would certainly continue to be at the forefront. November 16, 2009, Desiree-Sophie Lepell

No goods paid for watches by prepayment Mannheim get 13.11.09. Bad luck for unwary watch buyer. They had bought some watches at the eBay power seller Topseconds and paid in advance. But the product was never delivered. Police and prosecutors Bonn emanating from more than 11,000 injured consumers. Against this background, the online payment provider of iclear ( recommends using the trust system of iclear. Especially for the trade of high-value goods, this is urgent.

\”Because: with iclear can something not happen even if the dealer must apply for insolvency\”, iclear CEO Roman Eiber said. \”The case beyond all known dimensions: more than 11,000 consumers are affected according to police and prosecutors, the industry information service TrustedWatch reports\” on his website. The victims came from throughout the country and had been betrayed according to police more than 1.2 million euros. The opportunities to get their money back are very low, because the Watch seller has long been registered insolvency. \”For the affected customers is particularly bitter\” the case, noted trusted watch\”: protection measures not, because Topseconds had not offered the eBay-owned payment option.\” And simple buyer protection, which is also without paying on the eBay-owned payment service, has done away with eBay. Trust system guaranteed commercial solidity such operations show that involves online pay not primarily technically secure processing is now long the standard, but the commercial security. And which can offer only a trust system like iclear\”iclear CEO Roman Eiber said.

We advise therefore especially dealers who offer higher-value goods over the Internet, urgently, to put the safety of a fiduciary process: the merchant receives the money only, if the customer has received the goods and does not exercise his right of withdrawal. This is security for the customers. In return, the trader benefits from a guarantee of payment of the trustee for all iclear customers. This is his safety.\” Not about numerous online retailers that offer high-priced goods set to iclear.

Transparent and affordable quick packaging with a resealable trivia to the Ziplock bag-> material-> expansion-> sizes-> environment->-> print Ziplock-trading volume you can trade from LD (LDPE) polyethylene or polypropylene (PP) purchase. The film should be selected taking into account the individual requirements. In particular, if greater heat or refrigeration levels play a role, it will be interesting. So, LDPE can be used, for example, very suitable for the packaging of articles, which must be cooled or stored frozen. For use in large heat bags film from LDPE definitely no longer suitable but due to a melting point just above 100 c. For this, very uncomplicated additional welding seams can be used at pressure sealing bags made of LDPE, for example those for the initial cap.

Ziplock from PP are not exactly suitable for use in the freezer, but can easily withstand this extreme heat and even microwave ovens and offer significantly better strength properties than Ziplock from LDPE. Two films you can enjoy food authenticity and Inodorousness. Zip-lock bags are now very far developed packing bag and can are therefore equipped with a variety of standard extensions, to better fit their individual task. Like the quick connector into the combination lock is used. When such a fresh closure, snap can be first opened and closed again after opening an overlying solid weld. To read more click here: Bernie Sanders. The available standard include uniform on slope possibilities such as the circular on hanging hole or the euro-perforation (long hole with Center increased recess).

And like Ziplock bag with a prepared Caption field / timestamp field bought, to carry out according to be filled later by pen, pencil or by printing an individual endorsement to be able to. A comprehensive range of standard sizes offers the right bags for the most necessary cases. But also different dimensions are straightforward and can be implemented quickly. Here a free quote worth it just for your exact Ziplock bag with the packaging suppliers such as for example Lacer packaging Berlin. Transparent zip-lock bags from films such as LDPE or PP be disposed as a pure hydrocarbon compounds in the rule combustion without Freiwerdung of pollutants and are as good environmentally friendly. For many companies the regular minimum packaging of 500 piece 1000 no problem according to the Ziplock bag sizes. Even larger quantities are needed and should be requested separately for discounted prices directly at the supplier’s packaging. Individuals who come out for the pure captive with a few bags, portals for price comparisons or various online marketplaces will find it, and there individual pressure-seal pouches can be more expensive, but for the quantity is often much smaller. Important: Remember to mandating a matching printing with your company name or at least a small company logo! This promotional means little effort at very great benefit on your Ziplock bag. The recognition value of your products and your company grow with each zip-lock bags distributed in. Especially if you regularly buy a Ziplock bag, worth ordering the minimum quantity necessary for printing. The cost of the printing itself is low and save your advertising budget.

The teacher's new role In most role plays the teacher will not take part. If he does, it will not be in his role as teacher. The teacher's role during the role play phase is to be as unobtrusive as possible. There are two ways in which this can be done. The first is as described in the two examples in Chapter two, where the teacher either sits somewhere where he can hear much of what is going on (as in the advanced example); or, when the role play requires a lot of moving around on the part of the students, as in the beginners' example, the teacher can move quietly round the room. Details can be found by clicking Novelist or emailing the administrator. Where there is a large class, with a lot of role play groups, or where the groups are in corridors or other rooms, tape recorders can be used. The second way in which the teacher can observe the role play is by taking a role himself.

This should not be a major role, or the teacher may quickly become the dominating personality, and the role play will turn into something resembling teacher-guided group work. Minor roles, which nevertheless give the teacher a chance to be near ihe 'action', are, for example, a porter, a head waiter, a secretary. With classes used to role play, and used to discussing teaching techniques and their aims, these subterfuges may not be necessary. Such classes are well aware of what is happening and acknowledge the 'rules' of the whole language learning game.

Gifts baby? What choose from a variety of toys, books, educational games and practices? I hope this helps you (as parents and those who come to visit the child and do not know what to give) in choosing a gift for children is on the one hand, and on the other – a little confused and would complicate the solution of this issue. The article goes on baby gifts made by hand. Such gifts do not always have great monetary value (usually cost them quite cheap), but have a love and inspiration, and caring. Why your hands? In the world of our children and so many plastics, rubber, synthetic – artificial. And much less living and this ..

Dolls, toy cars, puzzles, educational games, and designers will give your child all the same relatives and friends! I have not seen a child suffering from a shortage of toys, rather, a typical pattern when the “ah, he so many toys, but he has not played “or” playing the same machine, “Once I noticed that when talking about someone the child, we tie it to the way things donated to them,” Aunt Lisa, well, remember, it is a Crane gave a big “or “Come to visit Sasha? He’s got so many trains and designers. ” Not to mention the “Be good and do not buy a gun with percussion caps” (to the point my husband and I have not yet reached). And if we do not, parents impose child conviction about the importance of material? Too much importance … Martin O’Malley can aid you in your search for knowledge. So in our family for a holiday, we try not to focus on material gifts (their value can be purely notional), but on creating a festive atmosphere of joy, joy, desire make nice to each other. Here can help balloons. And, for example, in 2hletie son received a fabulous gift idea from Barmaley and cardboard train.

Beard of the piece of cloth sewn with synthetic padding and train for a long time referred to in his games. And on New Year‘s dad fashioned with his own hands a gift-engine: Suppose you agree that gift with his own hands – it’s great, original, useful, etc. Didactic. It remains to dispel a couple of popular myths on the povodu.U I do not fancy to come up with original baby gift. Below I give some gift ideas and a lot of them can be found on the ‘Mama’ sites and forums, looking for themes out there, like “Needlework” or “toys with their hands” or something like that and you will not sleep at night to realize all the ideas! I do not have time, talent, materials, … yes, and in general, the hands do not grow out of the place. All these excuses! And most interesting, you yourself know it. Just try anything and do right now! There are many areas rukotvorchestva from traditional knitting to decoupage and kvillinga (twist paper, cool thing, I say you), somewhere between the burning of wood, beading, embroidery, collages, pottery, felting, molding of polymer plastics, Web design (what, you think your child does not like the site personally about it?) … and this is not complete list. So choose what you prefer – and ran into the ‘Net, where many master classes of varying difficulty, forums, where you will always help and advise. And finally, some ideas about what to give.