Experts with new mobile wireless strategy by Apple provider binding sales limits a London/Dusseldorf, April 30, 2008 according to speculation by Ezra Gottheil, analyst at technology business research will, Apple give up its business model for the iPhone and sell the phones without provider binding. Thus also the revenue sharing would have settled, which Apple has agreed with its exclusive partners. God healing closes from Apple’s confidence, to sell ten million iPhones on an unbound phone this year. es. So far, the sales figures were disappointing. The British times\”reported that the European party would make big losses with the Apple phone. The mobile providers have thoroughly miscalculated. John marlow has much experience in this field. So, it is assumed to be able to sell 500,000 to 600,000 iPhones in Europe in the past year.

Just 330,000 copies went to December over the counters. Provider had an error according to experts from the outset. It would not the customer philosophy of Steve Jobs-Kozerns meet and effect is counterproductive for the image. Apple could establish business process outsourcing contracts as a virtual network operator (MVNO) iPhone mobile phone brand. Filed under: john marlow. Instead you make depend on the purchase of the mobile device by changing the operator. Apple could, as MVNO even worldwide on outsourcing models put on the market operate freely\”Omar Khorshed, Chief Executive of the service provider recommends acoreus in Dusseldorf. \”Apple with his iProducts\” the retail markets firmly on the move brought, because they perfect the iCustomer \”address. Apple’s product development is the customer who selects its consumer products then, how they fit into his personal life style, in the crosshairs. If Apple now requires its clients, only with certain infrastructure providers to use its products this is nothing but a slap in the face of the clientele, which elects just Apple, their individual needs \”satisfy\”, criticized Bernhard Steimel speakers of the voice days and co-author of the study of practical guide, mobile marketing \” mobile marketing.