The trajectory of the beam propagation was also much difficult to predict. It was necessary to study the physical causes of these phenomena. But Einstein's abstraction is a purely mathematical abstraction, where there is, in principle, there can be no physics. Just an empty space. Simply bends near a gravitating body. A beam of light is bent, simply because the empty space of the curve. Search this physics would be like to look for the possibility of a real plane projected into the real desert point.

Modern physics is in its terminological toolbox is not just an abstract process sp annihilation of an electron and a positron, modern physics describes the disappearance of matter, as the conversion of matter into energy in the form of not having a rest mass of photons. It is amazing! With the phenomenal amount made by mankind over the past century of discoveries and inventions – (from timid flight above Earth's surface – to routine flights other planets, from primitive radios – to lasers, cell phones and computers from Michurin crosses – to genetic engineering and cloning) – at the same time, in matters of interpretation of the concepts of 'time', 'space' and 'Energy' we remain at the level Mitrofanushka, which, as we know, the concept of 'door' is not considered a noun, adjective and, therefore, that the door is 'attached' to the jamb. It is time to realize that the time, space and energy 'Attached' to the matter in the form of INALIENABLE its properties, and therefore by themselves, without their material carriers in the objective reality does not exist.