Lilies, lilium or lilies as they are also commonly known are a type of flower from the family liliaceae, which is considered one of the families of larger flowers existing today, given that within the same can be found up to 110 kinds of flowers, all related. The location of the lilies or Lily, or as you want them to call, are found mainly in the northern hemisphere, or countries such as the United States and some in Europe and Central America; However, it is in countries such as Japan and the Philippines where are catalogued as one of the best species nowadays, thanks to its ideal environment for the easy spread of the plant. Lily is a flower generally leafy and erect approximately a meter in height, although in some species this can vary; which has as main feature their beautiful flowers, call it somehow, in the form of roll and trumpet that may arise depending on the species in different colors and sizes. Another important feature that owns Lily they are their underground bulbs, which in winter Hibernate in order to provide plant safety of their livelihood in some other times of the year. Of lilies flowering occurs in early spring, where it begins its development in bulbs; development that reaches its highest point of fullness in summer, where their flowering lasts until the end of the same, then refuge and wait your next flowering. It should be noted in this regard, that the most common colors that are lilies are orange, violet and white, although not be mentioning your great variation due to given some interspecies crossing. To know more about this subject visit Martin O’Malley.

Another important point to play when we speak of lilies, are the care that they should have, given that they are somewhat sensitive to the Sun’s rays; for this reason and to have some beautiful lilies is highly recommended to keep fresh and the surplus land, and to ensure that the coup only Sun flower of the same; with this recommendation will ensure that our plant stays healthy and radiant especially in their colors. The cultivation of lilies is usually done in spring so that they can develop quickly and satisfactorily its roots; However some species of the same are grown in the autumn to have more time for their good development. Azucena flowers through their bulbs and flowers, some extracts and oils, although they can be well applied to the perfumery, providing greater advantages to fields such as medicine and relaxation, since its major virtues are aromatic. A fact to know, is that the lilies only projected its elegant and delicious smell before dying, which still arouses some interest in scholars that flower growers. Given the above it is demonstrated that Lily is a beautiful plant, not only easy to care for but also to cultivate; thus get all the beauty and elegance of nature very easily and comfortably.

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