And it is quite clear, entering the market, the trader worrying about several points that all of you well know – is it true guessed the direction, not too close / far the stop, whether the price comes up to the intended target, and so on … These experiences are basically are purely psihologicheky aspect, which, incidentally, works in a normal life – value judgments – that is the question (bad / good). The trader assesses the situation from the perspective of good or bad, with the focus increasingly shifted in the direction of a pancake, like all bad … Click Risa Miller to learn more. again …. Next comes the period of struggle with them, the trader tries to invest in the scheme of management manipulations (another illusion imposed, should be strictly money management and you will be a good trade – I agree, but not exactly razbagateesh – so none of this and does not promise to J) of their system, again in order to justify their actions and reduce stress. In fact, the process differs little from that – imagine that to you tied to the rubber band a hot griddle and cast it from you to the side..

This is particularly prevalent among college students, as students – it’s always the poor people. I decided to test this method. Because I’m at master’s (sixth year studying the subtleties of the economy), then I have a lot of friends at the university. I began to offer friends and acquaintances to update your account on your mobile phone. The result was not long in coming. First “Deal” I made on the eve of the university. And then went went.

By evening I had a “real” money. I brought them up to 5.15 hryvnia for one dollar. Briefly summarize: 1 – Cashing in by mobile phone – 5.00 hryvnia for one dollar, 2 – Thanks for the “transfer” – 0.25 hryvnia, 3 – Cost of service to transfer money from one account to another – 0.10 hryvnia, 4 – Official withdrawal from course Rupe – 4.80 hryvnia. (5.00 + 0.25 – 0.10) – 4.80 0.35 Total I saved 35 cents, or 7 cents a dollar. Through a couple of days I was again filled up by a mobile phone, and again the electronic money with the Rupa were converted to the Ukrainian hryvnia for just two days. And with the fat.

Total of $ 20 that I brought with Rupa, I made the “extra” $ 1 40 cents. This is just for beer and peanuts:) Could someone find me petty, but it is purely your personal opinion. I was not used, and will not squander the money, whether $ 1 or 40 cents per $ 100. And what other way I will bring money to Rupe to 5.15 hryvnia for one dollar in one day without any extra effort? If you know the best way to contact me. I am happy with it familiarized. At the moment – it’s the fastest way to convert money from Rupe in Ukrainian hryvnia. I will continue to use this method to print money. I have not had a chance, so I do not “convert” at least $ 5 a day. Of course, when the amount of my earnings increase (and what you want), I’ll have to look for another way to withdraw money. On the other Ukrainian and Russian mobile operators can not say anything because they do not know them. But now you have a fertile ground for experimentation. It is only by experimenting, you can get ideal.

* Then I will give you some practical and simple tips to get referrals, affiliates and / or partners, for what you need. Since this is the real secret to great and really make money online, more quickly, bone in a shorter time to reach the necessary minimum payment or payments and in greater quantity. * In simple words … + Referrals = + money. Introduction: Before you with the tips, we are the first to refer to it and why … … Bone Kapteyn in this large network, we offer wonders to make money fast, easy and without leaving home, etc, the truth is that apart from conducting certain tasks ourselves, or telecommuting, not only do we pay for our own work, but for the efforts of people we recruit and they also won at the same time, we gain a percentage of the hard work of them, our referrals, then they get their own referrals and we also gain another percentage more for the effort and work of direct referrals from our referrals and so on … Almost without limits! This online, has various names, such as leverage, etc, as a grand millionaire said: Quote “I prefer the 1% gain the efforts of all, that 100% gain in a single …” That is the grace to make money online, you actually win, but by the effort of other people that if we work and normally only for our own work..

Understand the benefits of electronic money: They do not falsify them you can create, as you’d like it all depends on your means =) The Mystery of deposits (Nobody knows how many you have there) What, Where, Who move the money to you can change them as to other types of electronic money, or real money. And that’s not all the benefits of e-money! On the Internet a huge number of shops, services that take money. You can order your products, you can buy a house, car, condo, you can book at any point on Earth, you can transfer them to a friend or girlfriend, even my grandmother in another town immediately, the distinguishing feature of the electronic money – instantly. Personally, I pay the lot of them. Apartment and a telephone. I order the various goods. Recently booked a room and ordered the foreign steam. Very comfortable and practical.

Do not stand the queue. Just a couple of minutes and all. The remaining time can be spent on himself. Another advantage that you can in any time to receive money, wherever you are, no matter how much time was the main access to the computer to the Internet. You say get a currency mobility, receive and transfer money anywhere and anywhere and in indefinitely. In future articles, I make out more detail the most popular payment systems vymeschu video tutorials on how to use them and how to register. I just list them: Web Money RBK Money Yandex-money Z-Payment their wallets in these systems can be replenished as ATMs and POS terminals through which, by the way, almost at every turn, just through banks, post office, and much more.

In today’s world, the most valuable thing you can not get it back is the time, it is not has a price, and electronic money to help you in this time-saving. Save power, and nerves. You can buy a sofa on the internet and with it we should not pursue the whole family, so as not robbed, the time when you make a purchase depends on you, though at night the main thing that was convenient for you. You have doubts? Do you need an electronic wallet? You need it. Create a free account and it is very important. All that is required from you is to overcome “shovels” and get back on stereotypes road comfort, enough power to spend your time and nerves. Finally I want to say – do not be afraid of Internet and computer, we were all beginners, but with my help you become an experienced user. To do this, and a blog – all the best resources Internet.

The most popular methods to achieve revenue through Internet: Google AdSense? This is the most popular right now. It's fast and simple. Additional information is available at O’Malley for President. Request an account with Google and give you a number of options for ad sizes and formats. You simply choose the colors and sizes you want, paste a code into your page where you want to have ads, and Google does the rest. Are also beginning to put Google ads in the feeds.

But watch out, Google's ads will pay more if you make a number of things. There are also other systems such as Google AdSense for testing. We'll talk more about that later. Affiliate Programs This is to put advertising affiliate products and services related to the content of your website in exchange for commissions. This is a bit more work and rolled but with the managers and Netfilia TradeDoubler and you put things a bit easier. Selling goods on Ebay Well E-bay is madness and is sold all around. If you already have a retail store do not expect to sell your E-bay products.

As E-bay is a super page already has the highest popularity and I recommend it much more than set up your own online store. Your products reach more people, the small commission are worth it. To sell products online, we also advise you to look at Froogle. Through Froogle can make known your products much faster but the bands on your own site. Sale of products or services using Google AdWords Now there are many companies struggling to emerge first in Google (and Yahoo and others) through paid advertising to sell their services and products.