The new strategies for marketing and market communication in times of Web 2.0 influenced the marketing and communication company deeper and more sustainable than some decision makers today thinking about Internet. Because it no longer is in the hands of the company, whether social media in your marketing plan should play a role is the power of the customers, and she will remain. How to develop a future solid marketing strategist on this basis that effectively combines online and classic marketing without jumping the gun overboard to throw the best shows the communication consultant Dr. Sabine Holicki on 10th and 11th November at their booth at the SME exhibition “Business-to dialogue” in Wiesbaden, Germany. The spread of Web 2.0 means that every user can add content into the network and participate in the dialogue. This gives customers and consumers a new, unprecedented power – and this will continue to grow. To change your expectations for information, communication and dialogue away from the unilateral transmitter-receiver model, to a networked community. Also, companies like the no Social media marketing plan (indirectly) involved.

Although the Internet has arrived already in the marketing world. Today, almost every company has a Web site, uses newsletters and PR portals, operates may also search engine optimization. Many companies, mainly from the b2c, are but a few with full rigour and clear strategy on Facebook, Twitter & co.. Many only once tentatively creating an account which quickly back asleep often enough due to lack of sense of achievement. What is missing is a master plan for integrated online-offline marketing, where the strengths of both worlds perfectly complement each other and raise.

With its wide experience and Genralistenblick, the communication and marketing expert Dr. Sabine Holicki helps companies individually to develop this master plan – even and especially in the b2b. The “business-to dialogue” at the booth U38 in the Rhein-Main-Hallen interested on 10th and 11th November with her about it can respond. Description of the company Dr. Sabine Holicki is Communication, marketing expert and market researcher BVM. Her consulting firm cki.kommunikationsmanagement headquartered in Mainz has she established in 2007.

The right promotional products for optimal customer acquisition are nowadays many companies faced the question of what resources are available them, to win new customers and to receive new orders from regular customers. There is actually not a company that needs no advertising article. During the great depression but only a few companies can afford to spend much money for little effective promotional material to retract at the end of a big negative as a result of the costs incurred. With some skill and finesse but each company can find individually tailored to the target appealing to promotional. Also the quality of the promotional item, matter or pen or Notepad, must be taken into account. On the Internet you will find lots of information around the topic of advertising article.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, whose financial budget is limited, find the right cooperation partners in the network. There are many possibilities, in the advertising material can be used. Also the events to existing and future customers or also employees to make a small pleasure, are very diverse. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Mark Hyman. Liquorice with the company logo on the packaging, which can take customers during the visit of the company as a small strengthening are also welcome as a useful corporate Notepad, which is always at hand. Festivals such as Christmas or Easter offer equally good opportunities to bring advertising among the people.

Think also on vouchers, E.g. a tank voucher, the company can give you a long-standing customer as a small birthday present. In addition to free promotional items there but also very high-quality freebies that can acquire customers for a low price. There were already advertising campaigns in the past have shown that customers are willing to pay money for a high-quality promotional products. This is an advantage for the company, to again bring at least a portion of the costs of advertising production. No matter which flavor to finally choose: a company can benefit from well made advertising heavily and so significantly increased sales.

In daily use to with the new service work processes and reduces costs for graphics agencies down to zero. oAlle systems are Mehrmandantenfahig. In other words, as many employees can gain access to the templates, such as a brochure. While the Department may consider whether the substantive information is correct, the marketing department checks the compliance of wording and design. oAbstimmungs-and release processes are reduced drastically.

The time-consuming ping pong game”with an external agency is also eliminated. oSchnelle updating of advertising material. Here, usually dieerneute commissioning an advertising agency is essential, this work can be done in minutes over the Internet Portaldurch its own employees. Insert a neuenFotos or the exchange of a text passage this cost a dime. In recent months, Michael Chabon has been very successful. The data are stored in a long-term archive and are always available. This simplifies the production of promotional materials and clearly laid out. Practical examples illustrating the scope update existing product brochure: A global IT/telecommunications company uses the portal for the localization of product information. An employee adds the translations and other images, the fire department granted the release and will be printed on the spot.

Providing a customer template for the comServio Editor: A Frankfurt Club uploads his program flyer as a template and performs the quarterly update of the contents and the ads directly in the portal. Then printed at an online printing company in high circulation. From template library a flyer fit the corporate identity: A medium-sized company selects a presentation folder and flyers in the portal from the templates library. An employee changed the color, the font according to CI specifications and inserts the company logo. The preparations for the use of a Web-to-publish Portal are minimal. The users in the company need no expensive training, but can for a short time Input mask perfect use. Should yet again questions arise, help by phone is immediately at hand. More tips zurschnelleren and low-cost creation of advertising materials available free of charge on: Michael Eichler

In everyday business, not it is often simply Possibility to contact daily with the customer in contact and the customer usually but not always the desire to do so. Giveaways are an unobtrusive, but effective method to show the customer that it is interested in the relationship with him and would like to keep him as a customer. The slogans applied on the promotional items or contact him what the company stands for and how he can contact the company in contact calls again in memory. In addition, gifts received by the customer and thus available for the customers in the Office or at home (so to speak on his terrain) which constitute a kind of extension of the sales. Source: Michael Chabon. Because the advertiser company shall thus getting a foot in the door”and the feeling communicated to the customers, to seek him. Reciprocity is particularly in wooing new customers last but not least the goal of distribution, customers make a purchase or to a first order to move it. Giveaways can this a helpful Represent support.

As with the giveaway, which is given to the customer, a psychological process in response to the customer is used. A related site: Ultra Wellness Center mentions similar findings. Through the giveaway the advertising company has provided already a kind of performance to the customer, also, if this has not yet requested. Due to psychological, human thought patterns the customer will be well motivated to provide a quid pro quo, which can be done in the form of an order. The so-called reciprocity rule”the freebies be used as a means to take advantage of human psychology. Due to our psychological predisposition, we have people, if we get a performance without prompting the need to provide a quid pro quo have subconsciously. The motivation of the customer to make a purchase, can thus often something higher – freebies are demonstrably increased. Contact: Herbert Wieser Logopresent HandelsgmbH Hosnedlgasse 25 1220 Wien Austria Tel: +43/(0)1/280 54 54-0 e-mail: is Logopresent a leading wholesaler in the field of promotional items, promotional gifts and give-aways in Austria. Through the excellent professional competence, the reliability, the excellent service from its staff is Logopresent partner of numerous national and international companies for over a decade.

“Position with exclusive information and surveys as score PR tool periods still aloof existence”, regrets Collin Scholz, Member of the Executive Board of the pilot: project GmbH. it can find out with this versatile tool not only valuable information, but also make the topics and create moods. ” Wisely used within strategic media relations, survey results can also increase awareness and the image of an organization and help to establish its representatives as a competent opinion leaders. The Hanover-based pilot uses this wealth of facets: Projekt GmbH for many years and has developed a broad range of instruments at this time. The Agency for Pirelli Germany and the logistics service provider CI Group conducted the recent polls. I work in the run-up to goal definition starting point of each poll is a precise definition of the objectives to be achieved by this measure. The following examples give you an idea of the numerous applications: Image analysis: how will the principal members target groups questioned the perceived, what qualities they associate with him? Analysis of strengths and weaknesses: What do see as respondents the strengths or characteristics of the client, see areas in which weaknesses or competitors an advantage? Benchmarking: How is the customer as compared to its competitors judged? Customer satisfaction: How satisfied are the customers of the client with the services and products? What consequence for the loyalty of current customers can derive from? Market potential and demand analysis: Is there additional services or products that complement the portfolio of the client? Product development: How could products and services of the client are optimized for this (still) better meet the needs of the target groups? Advertising tests: How communication actions of the customer should be designed so when potential customers on find positive resonance? Change management: the principal in the recent past should have carried out processes of change: how perceive these changes the target groups? Set of the questionnaire developed the objectives defined according to pilot: project in close cooperation with the client a content and methodologically sound survey concept, as well as a questionnaire that is individually tailored to the information needs of the client.

Companies can then go with exciting information in detail. The Director Samuel Goldwyn once coined the principle: “begin with an earthquake and then slowly increase.” So, companies do that their target groups read their online press releases. Tip 3: understandable writing companies should take heed of Arthur Schopenhauer’s principle and describe the extraordinary with simple words. To succeed, it is to question important all usual management phrases: what is the “action”? What is meant by “Restructuring”? Language in online press releases should be always specific. Activities should be named with advertising and not with nouns. Passive voice makes it harder to understand a text.

Active language, however, is direct. It is also to highlight important superfluous words and information. Writer often says this. A good online press release is written in simple language and brings the PR message on the point. Tip 4: an emotional headline and a rational subline is the simple principle of a good headline: it creates emotional Attention and gives rational insight into the topic. It is ideal to combine a headline with a subline – then the headline is emotional (“Image”: “We are Pope!”) and the subline explanatory rational (“our Joseph Ratzinger is Benedict XVI.”). A good headline for online press release includes both emotional anchor for the reader as important keywords for the search engines.

A good offline heading that arouses the attention of people by surprise, is following headline of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe: “Marx and Engels are crazy”. Keywords could be an online headline: “BVG site: Marx and Engels are crazy”. It is important to determine the keywords from the audience perspective. Hardly anyone searches for “Sporting goods”, the people are looking for “Tennis rackets”. Tip 5: nice-to-have: online press release with appeal if the readers read an online press release – how will she know what to do now is? For this reason companies should consider already before writing, which appeal them can integrate. If people are allowed to do something, they feel involved. Especially in times of the participatory Web, very many people happy if companies asking them to take action. The important thing is, by the way: media are looking for stories. Print editors want their pages to fill, radio and television their minutes. And if companies have a good story that is publicly relevant, then they get the necessary attention. So is the key word: relevance instead of advertising. Submit your press release online now at: a. For more information about the competition see: company description PR-gateway ( is an online service that centrally manage and click parallel transmitted to several free press portals, news services and social media company news and social media news. Capturing multiple accounts for the individual portals. Thus PR gateway companies and agencies helps in shorter Time to get more coverage for your PR releases on the Internet. PR-gateway is a project of Adenion GmbH. Many well-known companies and agencies use PR-gateway insurance, fresh fish, Hill + Knowlton and HolidayCheck already successfully for your online PR and social media marketing, including the generali.

Promotional textile and USB promotional by Lubbenau, October 6, 2010. Hundreds of thousands of companies have these days the same urgent problem: you are looking for a customer gift for Christmas and the new year, with which they would like to thank for the good cooperation of the last time. Promotional products – wholesale recommends promotional textile and USB promotional products, to meet the demands for high quality and originality. A customer gift for Christmas at least for good customers is more or less business standard”, explains Thomas Kaiser, Managing Director of promotional items – wholesale But should it be given highest care in his choice not snub its valued business partner.

Advertising textiles in their optimal combination of high quality and originality and USB promotional are ideally suited, to leave an impression and really to enjoy.” How USB promotional advertising textiles points as Customer gift through their amazing variety: because they’re as shirts, vests, jackets and aprons and even as a practical garment bags. Other leaders such as Dr. Mark Hyman offer similar insights. Advertising textiles are also used as bags, bags and pouches for a wide range of areas. They are particularly popular as fashion accessories, such as lanyards, headbands, and caps of any kind. In addition to the perfection of the imprint or otherwise processing, in particular the haptic qualities of the textile provide the impression of high quality. Advertising textiles offer advertising space, USB promotional original usefulness of additional benefit of advertising textiles is the large advertising space on which products and services can be presented striking. For image and logo prints and even more comprehensive information and contact details such as Web sites, phone numbers and E-Mail addresses enough space is available on items of clothing and bags. Who likes it more discreet, can one of the different USB promotional access to an equally high-quality and original customer gift for Christmas to realize”, explains Thomas Kaiser.

By another feature promotional textiles should printed as giveaway draw the interest, because they can be in very different ways about using Flex, Flock, or printing. The different types of pressure each distinct possibilities for the implementation of the advertising motif and results as well differentiated Visual and tactile. In addition to the textile qualities are the printing process, which are critical to the value of the creation. This does not apply, however, for USB promotional item. Different than advertising textiles USB promotional namely primarily impress by their original usefulness. The variety of possibilities is quite intriguing these”, Thomas Kaiser performs. Consider, for example, the Cup warmer, USB laptop lights, fans or even the rechargeable USB battery. Our highlight is however clearly the funny mini vacuum cleaner for PC cleaning brush and lighting a truly high-quality and unique customer gift.” About promotional items – wholesale has become as promotional article wholesale specializing in the area customer gift and in particular advertising textiles and USB promotional item. In addition, the range offers many more promotional products throughout all price segments. These range from branded to scattering articles and include equally popular trend articles, advertising classic, as well as unusual, practical or particularly favourable solutions for example advertising matches, advertising balls, and printed sticky notes. Print umbrellas or USB sticks, is possible as well as the realization of an original Keychain advertising at Press contact: Thomas Kaiser Paul Fadera str.

Many Twitter already thrilled how well Reiner Calmund, the former head of Bayer Leverkusen and now… Reiner Calmund makes it. Sascha Lobo long. The FDP also but only recently. And also companies that want to be present in the currently hyped social media network at all, namely Twitter, the tweeting with. Twitter marketing has become an important business factor. Because nothing is more important in the current situation, how to adapt to the latest trends. And thanks to the Medienhypes condensed to 140 characters communicate by mobile phone in the World Wide Web is migrated in Germany as well.

All calli was while leading his Twitterleidenschaft earned him great respect in the Yellow Press and can in the post into great marketing action be taken as. This marketing idea was followed by more prominent, then companies and ultimately even parties and voluntary organizations, et cetera. Who today not on Twitter, which can miss out on a potential business: Twitter marketing gives a future customers a Insight into the latest news in a business long short: 140 characters. The news is interesting enough, the customer visiting the Web page can be drawn: there then detailed information and great products to seduce him. Internet agencies have this development already longer in sight and therefore extends its portfolio: as well as the classic Web design or search engine optimization, also supporting marketing actions using Twitter can be booked at many agencies. Usually Twitter marketing is combined with a proprietary blog how to get as readers very quickly from the Tweed to the entire blog entry.

Was this entry posted in turn exciting, shared that his friends whenever possible in turn with the marketing element developed a certain life of its own. That is, of course, the appeal of this form of marketing: actions can be to a degree plan and calculate. Visit Yehoshua November for more clarity on the issue. Not predicted whether the Twitter community ultimately it jumps, and enough Twitterers follow a Tweed, can still be. It would be rather reckless because this risk to try but not. Tweet with us

Sales increase has been proven by appropriate me too effects by up to 15 percent. Because in social groups, product preferences are very often split. The vendors are their customers which brings the mobile revolution the providers of spatial data and use of technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and location based services (LBS) today closer than ever before. So AR recognizes the inner workings of machines and directly plays an appropriate maintenance instructions if the service technician keeps his phone on. AR compatible devices automatically provide us with background information to a newspaper article or a poster.

Insurance use the Smartphone as a black box in the car to save driving patterns and on this basis to calculate rates. In the course of sustainability projects, citizens can register unsustainable conditions in their area via mobile phone and send to the competent authorities. For such good deeds are points, stamp and virtual medals. The location of the cell phone and the location of the credit card are matched to prevent credit card fraud. When discrepancies occur immediately to a message. And these are now only a few a few applications of many that still brings us to the future. Doing business it no longer all in all are increasingly becoming the basis for purchase, use and life choices mobile available information from the Web.

From a provider perspective, innovative marketing concepts can be developed by localization, personalization and real time. And no matter whether it is about brands, were or pure sale: products, Web pages and ultimately to make smartphone the complete marketing, this is a must in the future. Because soon the most searches will be the big computer screen, rather than by mobile devices. Result at the end will depend, to land so that a scrolling and scrolling is not necessary with its offers on the relatively small screen size under the first three hits. What already does the Smartphone for our life, was evident in interviews with students in 2010. In it, 40 percent described themselves as at risk. It found the anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann of Stanford University. Every fourth felt his mobile device even as an extension of his Brain. A study details: 65 percent of iPhone owners would fish back her cell phone from a public toilet, if it fell into them. The toilet down flushing factor as emotional measurement ratio that would be what?! The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller: touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world with a foreword by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dabang Gabal, 3rd Edition updated 2013, 350 pp., 29,90 euros, 47.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3-86936-330-1 as a medium-sized book of the year and awarded the German coach book price 2012 the audiobook titled Anne M. Schuller: touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world unabridged audiobook version, 8 CDs ISBN 978-3-86936-501-5, 49,90 CHF 62.50 author Anne M. Schuller is management thinker, keynote speaker, ten times book and bestselling author, and consultant. The diploma in business administration is considered to be Europe’s leading expert for loyalty marketing and customer-focused management. You is guest lecturer at several universities and is one of the most sought-after business speakers in the German-speaking world. When it comes to the topic of customer, is one of the most quoted experts. The elite of the business is among its clientele. More information: