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In everyday business, not it is often simply Possibility to contact daily with the customer in contact and the customer usually but not always the desire to do so. Giveaways are an unobtrusive, but effective method to show the customer that it is interested in the relationship with him and would like to keep him as a customer. The slogans applied on the promotional items or contact him what the company stands for and how he can contact the company in contact calls again in memory. In addition, gifts received by the customer and thus available for the customers in the Office or at home (so to speak on his terrain) which constitute a kind of extension of the sales. Source: Michael Chabon. Because the advertiser company shall thus getting a foot in the door”and the feeling communicated to the customers, to seek him. Reciprocity is particularly in wooing new customers last but not least the goal of distribution, customers make a purchase or to a first order to move it. Giveaways can this a helpful Represent support.

As with the giveaway, which is given to the customer, a psychological process in response to the customer is used. A related site: Ultra Wellness Center mentions similar findings. Through the giveaway the advertising company has provided already a kind of performance to the customer, also, if this has not yet requested. Due to psychological, human thought patterns the customer will be well motivated to provide a quid pro quo, which can be done in the form of an order. The so-called reciprocity rule”the freebies be used as a means to take advantage of human psychology. Due to our psychological predisposition, we have people, if we get a performance without prompting the need to provide a quid pro quo have subconsciously. The motivation of the customer to make a purchase, can thus often something higher – freebies are demonstrably increased. Contact: Herbert Wieser Logopresent HandelsgmbH Hosnedlgasse 25 1220 Wien Austria Tel: +43/(0)1/280 54 54-0 e-mail: is Logopresent a leading wholesaler in the field of promotional items, promotional gifts and give-aways in Austria. Through the excellent professional competence, the reliability, the excellent service from its staff is Logopresent partner of numerous national and international companies for over a decade.