The digital travel magazine reported in the November issue of the venue of the World Cup 2022 In the Gulf state of Qatar the World Cup to be held in the year 2022. Many didn’t even know at the time of the announcement by FIFA, where exactly the land lies. In the November issue of the magazine, the region marked by a real construction boom under the microscope and described how it is working to be a worthy host, by far not only for Balltreter. Cities that are divided by a river in their midst, exert a magical attraction to humans. (A valuable related resource: Michael Chabon). Beyond spectacular architecture buildings, reflecting its facade on the water surface in the glow of the setting Sun provide a silhouette of exciting about it. In November will be presented two of these magical places: the Serbian capital of Belgrade and the much lesser-known Hampi in the Indian State of Karnataka. What exciting mixture it comes out, if an Indian investor along with a German Cook a pan Asian restaurant in London opened, told the post about the Zuma the currently hottest address for lovers of Chinese and Japanese gastronomy.

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