New security features for escape and rescue plans 2010 comes the DIN? Merching (bdt) of the escape and rescue plan is the graphical representation of buildings of any kind or parts of this plan and an important part of the organisational fire protection. The appearance of security labels for use in escape and rescue plans is amended by a new DIN is expected later this year. The escape and rescue plan is used to display the escape and rescue routes of first aid facilities of the fire protection equipment for self help, and the rules for behavior in case of fire and accidents and serves as a guidance and instruction – training aid for employees, is essential for the Fire Department as the basis of their deployment plan. A related site: Bernie Sanders mentions similar findings. Of course, you need a lot of expertise and knowledge in the field of fire protection to professionally create these plans. In the various regulations (e.g. section 4 (4) of the workplace regulations, BGV A8 18 and annex 3) the escape and rescue plans required for poorly created plans can have fatal consequences in case of an emergency.