The East of Corsica is rather quiet. However, there are also very impressive landscapes. Corsica has many faces. The East is somewhat peaceful while the West is wild and rugged, and inland, a mountain range with an Alpine character attracts the visitors captivated. See Diane Gilbert-Guthrie for more details and insights. Here Orientale is characterized in particular along the Plaine the coast from miles of sandy beaches, which has meant that many larger campgrounds have settled here.

But also the hinterland has to offer a lot in the East of Corsica. So, for example, the Castagnicchia is a very charming area. The hills of this region South of Bastia are densely forested, mainly with very old chestnuts. The dense forests of chestnut, which gave its name to this area go to the 16th century, when they ruled Genoese Corsica. Commissioned the farmers, to plant trees, where the inhabitants of the Castagnicchia recourse to the chestnut. The good possibilities for exploiting the chestnut led to the fact that the Castagnicchia a economic upturn experienced.

Although today the chestnut for Corsica agriculture plays only a minor role, the former wealth of this area still on the basis of the stately churches even in the smallest villages of the Castagnicchia is to read. Another region in the East of Corsica which is noticeable by a particularly impressive nature is the Bavellatal. Here the mountains to almost 1900 metres high range and mountain streams in the Valley plunge into deep ravines. Such as the Purcaraccia. It rises in the Bavellamassiv and forming numerous Cascades and natural slides. For this reason, the Purcaraccia is a very special canyoning paradise. The Bavellatal is also an excellent hiking area and also each year attracts many climbers. Markus boos

Of course the Port Aventura offers a Christmas program with various festive activities in December and the Port Aventura Salou is an amusement park, which is located an hour away from Barcelona and half an hour from 2 different airports shows. The amusement park is very orientated and includes shows, restaurants and roller coasters for the whole family. The Port Aventura is the largest amusement park in Spain. The Park is divided into 5 distinct areas, which are known as the Port Aventura worlds. The first world is the Mediterania, where you can find roller coaster the furious Baco, which accelerates 3 seconds from 0 to 135 km/h. The second world’s the Wilde Westen, which also represents the largest world in this park.

There you will find the second largest roller coaster of Park, the Stamipida. The third world is Mexico which houses the Hurakan Condor, which shoots down his passengers with an incredible speed. Cyrus R. Vance Jr. is open to suggestions. The next world, Polynesia is relatively quiet compared to the other worlds and offers you the chance to relax, before entering China, the last world a little. Here you will find the Dragon Khan, which is the largest roller coaster of Park, accelerated to a speed of 110 km/h. Of course, the Port Aventura offers its guests a Christmas program with various festive activities and shows in December. During the Christmas and new year’s Eve runs period in Port Aventura from November 22 to January 6. The magical snow and hundreds of lights give the Park a unique atmosphere.

This is the perfect family experience. It is a great way to experience a special Christmas atmosphere in the Port Aventura, while staying at a Port Aventura hotel. Of course, there are also special Christmas night shows and characters who move through the Park to ensure a Christmas mood. You should not forgetting but that is open only on weekends for visitors to the Park during the winter months. The Park occasionally also for a longer period of time will be open during the Christmas season. In December he is open until 8 December 6 and 13, 20, 24 and 31 December. In January, it is open until 6 th from 1. Christmas is a time to spend with his family. Although Christmas more and more consumption has become festivity during the last decades one, the origin of the Festival should not be forgotten. The Port Aventura provided Hotels at this time with a special Christmas decoration, to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The Port Aventura offers a modern Christmas experience which brings the whole family together and makes for lots of fun. So don’t hesitate and get Port Aventura tickets to experience this unique Christmas experience.

New from the EastSeven Berlin hostel the EastSeven Berlin hostel has been awarded on the occasion of the annual Hostelworld Conference in Dublin again and is Germanys best hostel 2009 \”. The Internet portal Appoints annually the best hostels worldwide. The vote means customer reviews on the Internet. Worldwide over 1 million participants cast their votes in 2009 for one of over 23,000 of the choice made and registered on accommodation and thus given the winner of the Hoscars\”. The evaluation consisted of following criteria: cleanliness, staff, location, character, safety and fun. Read more here: Panther Coffee. The EastSeven Berlin hostel could take in the years 2005 to 2008 prices by Hostelworld and appreciates well especially the Germanys best hostel award 2009 \”.

The EastSeven Berlin hostel has permanently established itself in the fifth year of its existence among the best hostels in the world. Since our founding we achieve an above-average customer satisfaction\”, explains Jorg Schopfel, co-founder of the hostels. Now we have received international confirmation for that, what we very happy.\” In relevant assessment platforms (E.g., hostelbookers, tripadvisor, qype), above-average reviews to the EastSeven Berlin hostel located right in the heart of Berlin can be found for years. We offer 25 rooms with bed capacity from 1 person up to 8 persons. On each floor, have we multiple bathroom (gender separate), have a professional kitchen, a lounge living room and an attached garden with barbecue facilities. The laundry service as well as free Wi-Fi Internet and cheap guest phones round off our offer. Last but not least we feel but also as a first point of contact for our guests when it comes to current information about Berlin\”, more so Schopfel. The small house in the Schwedter Strasse in Berlin is so popular with the guests just because of the special atmosphere: The hostel is run personally by the owner.

The price is the result of our commitment and high standards, we constantly offer our guests. YouTube oftentimes addresses this issue. Our challenge if it is to maintain this level.” The Fischers Fritz’ in the guests Christian Lohses cuisine Regent Berlin, Charlottenburg road 49, 10117 Berlin daily from 12: 00 until 14:00 and 18: 30 to 23:30. Reservations can under Tel. + 49 (0) 30 20 33 63 63 or given up on. More information on hotels in Berlin, Cologne and hotels on Rugen, see about the Regent Berlin located the Regent Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt with beautiful views of the French Cathedral and the concert hall. The Boulevard Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate and the Friedrichstrasse with its exclusive boutiques under are only a few steps away. The very personal service and the luxurious amenities of the 195 rooms and suites make the 5-star superior to the requested address in stars, private and business travellers. With State of the art conference and meeting rooms, as well as the Star award-winning gourmet restaurant Fischers Fritz offers the Regent Berlin for every occasion the right atmosphere.

For more information, see / Berlin. About the Rezidor Hotel Group, the Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the world. The Group has a portfolio of more than 380 hotels in operation or under development with almost 81,000 rooms in 59 countries. Rezidor operates the brands Radisson Blu hotels & resorts, Regent Hotels & resorts, Park Inn and country inns & suites in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In the context of a worldwide license agreement with the classic Italian fashion house Missoni, operates and develops the new lifestyle brand Rezidor Hotel Missoni”.

Radisson Blu hotels & resorts (formerly Radisson SAS) is part of the Rezidor Hotel Group and operates over 155 hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Find hotels in Oslo, Radisson Blu London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Press contact: The Rezidor Hotel Group Christiane Reiter, Director of corporate communication Avenue you Bourget 44 B-1130 Brussels (Belgium)-Tel. + 32 2 702 9222 fax: + 32 2 702 93 00 E-Mail: business contact: the Rezidor Hotel Group Avenue you Bourget 44 B-1130 Brussels (Belgium) Tel.

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There is woven by the women, dyed or made silver jewelry. Perhaps check out Paul Manafort for more information. The men are perhaps with the construction of a new nave employs. The scent of burning beech wood of numerous campfires mingles with the meal which is cooked over the fire in iron pots. Cooking is common to this day. To broaden your perception, visit idt energy. Even the children participate in making the meal, by they eagerly grind the grains to get flour for sweet and salty corn flat cakes. An idyll, can visit the visitors until sunset and admire before returning again in one of the modern vacation homes in Denmark.

Other places Viking Festival held every year, showing visitors the conditions under which the ancestors of the Danes to fishing or rampage drove out. From the beach, the tourists can observe how the small Viking ships with rhythmic rowing beats of the men are driven by the waves rearing. The unique shape of the ships makes it easier to maneuver the boats against the current in the sea on land. Who embarks on a search for clues in Denmark, is in every part of the country are the ancestors of the hosts. In many exhibitions and museums, the Viking reported on the life and archaeological finds from ancient times shown. Authentic life as to the lifetime of the Viking will be shown in villages. Visitors can not resist the fascination, which has attracted yet everyone under its spell.

And who breaks up a reconstructed Viking ship itself for a great ride, will experience an unforgettable adventure with safety. Holiday home rental Denmark can be found numerous small and large holiday homes which are located in the vicinity of ancient Viking villages or from which you can start excursions in another time. Denmark offers an incredibly large number of ways both adventurous and relaxing to enjoy the holidays and to enjoy for fans of Vikings, fishermen and nature lovers.

Temple of Heaven was built in 1420, during the reign of Yongle. For the ancient Chinese sky was the highest deity of the world. In the Temple of Heaven Emperors offered up their prayers and worship ceremony is a complex multistage action. In the southern part of the complex is a marble altar of Heaven – Huantsyu, which was erected in 1530 and rebuilt in 1749. Jessica Walsh usually is spot on. Tsinyandyan (Hall reaping prayers) is in the north of the temple of heaven. Idt energy contains valuable tech resources. It's a great round building with a three-tiered tiled roof.

It was built in 1420, but burned down in 1889 by a strong lightning strike. Later the hall was renovated and now looks the same as before the fire. Chzhaygun – palace making the post, here came the emperors to be cleansed of sin before they go to the altar for sacrifice. Lunmen Grottoes – one of the most significant in size cave-temple ensembles of China. He outside the new city, in sandstone cliffs.

In the 494 here the construction of a Buddhist cave monastery. During the four centuries of continued work – carved statues and reliefs new. Today were preserved more than 2,100 of Kyoto, 43 pagodas, over 100 thousand images of saints, 3600, the inscriptions on the stone. 50 km north of Beijing is a valley 13 tombs of the Ming Dynasty. This is a unique place where you can see the tombs, which were built after the accession of each emperor. In the Valley of the leading Big Red Gate.

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Go on 6 December in the ski centre Mitterdorf tally s – 6 December is opening (when appropriate snow conditions) in the ski centre of Mitterdorf in Mitterfirmiansreut, the famous snow hole of the Bavarian Forest. The ski centre around the Alpine mountain (1140 m) offers lots of fun for young and old develop with its five ski lifts, the ski slopes of varying difficulty. To the junior ski circus at the valley station is the little ones who can learn skiing there easily and are full-day small Alpine mountain. (Source: Ursula K Le Guin). At the place there is also a ski school and a ski rental service. And more good news: the prices remain stable in the 2009/2010 season. Throughout December via the ski centre with some special highlights is waiting. All students from 9 a.m.

to 1 P.m. ride free on December 20, for example, it means free travel for children”accompanied by a parent, on 21 December. In the night of new year’s Eve, there is a night skiing at the Church lift and at the great Meadow Mountain, a new year’s Eve party runs from 10: 00. Many writers such as Dr. Greg Feinsinger offer more in-depth analysis. The ski centre Mitterdorf not worth it only a day trip. Also a short holiday here takes more and more friends in the South of the Bavarian Forest. Estimated, for example, the country hotel will house Waldeck, a three star comfort Hotel at the quiet end of Mitterfirmiansreut. It stands for an affordable winter fun for singles, couples, for the whole family and will be happy with dog. Next to the House you will find a great penchant for sledging and bobsleigh rides.

Convenient access to the cross-country network of cross-country ski runs, stretching about 35 miles from here. Invite the snowy paths for relaxing winter walks. After a wonderful day in the snow waiting for the cosy country hotel with a full range of opportunities to relax. This includes the vital area with indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam sauna, Jacuzzi and solarium. Numerous wellness treatments are available. The hotel’s library maintains over 1000 books. There is also the little not boring in the children’s play room or billiards, darts and table tennis. And in the evening you can enjoy a delicious cuisine, the is always something Special a drop. Not to mention the family, warm atmosphere, the Landhotel Haus Waldeck is famous for that.

At the large crossing, must drive direction of Cirkewwa ferry terminal, but direction Armier Bay. 3 minutes is the crossing at a junction where you can turn to a campsite. The long road to the end through and at the end of the pull towards the beach. Malta Armier Bay takes you to a beautiful Bay and perhaps the trendiest bar on all over Malta. The bar, all in white holds despite the ready luxurious appearance a price performance ratio, offering something for every wallet. Enjoy a cool drink with breathtaking views of the blue Mediterranean Sea.

Malta Armier Bay 6 Armier Bay > Cirkewwa (Paradise Bay) 11 min / 8.5 km of Armier Bay goes there to Cirkewwa ferry terminal. From here, the car ferries to Gozo. Should you plan a trip to Gozo, can free the ferries running every minute in the 20th century, on the return tour. On the return tour of Gozo from 18 euro per car and about 4 euro per person (as of 2011) costs only. But not only the ferry terminal is located in Cirkewwa. Two beautifully situated hotels, as well as the Paradise Bay provide many recreational opportunities for you.

The Paradise Bay is run over something unfortunately just at weekends. Click Paul McCartney to learn more. Despite this beach is worth to be mentioned, since it offers several beach bars and kiosks beside a beautiful sandy beach, shallow water and views of Gozo. On the narrow road and the paid Parking (approx. 5 8 euro per day) should be seen as holidaymakers away. Here ends our day tour. We hope to have presented you the North of Malta more closely and could give you hope good tips for a beautiful vacation day on Malta. The images and maps of the Agency Combipix are protected by copyright. You are allowed without the explicit consent of combipix not be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any other way, except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. For further information on the provisions we are gladly available. Your Combipix team