Known Avicenna And His Lazy Student

Night, to explain everything He wanted to somehow sequence physician Avicenna inquire from him about something: "My greatest teacher! All the scientists I know do not catch up with you in mind and wisdom, which seems to be granted you over. You even something more than a scientist, because to have knowledge in several sciences such as medicine, astrology, psychology, and poetry is not at the level of narrow-minded – it's just perfection. On what then I do not see you have aspirations to become a prophet? I am convinced that people will not just be responsible to you, he – surely follow you wherever you go. You should definitely remember the story of Muhammad, who led for a Millions of people entered into their souls and thoughts, and was so knowledgeable and well versed in the sciences and . A related site: Michael Chabon mentions similar findings. "Do not hurry, do not rush time – spoke Avicenna, – I will explain to you everything, everything about this, but not now – not yet time." (Full of wise and interesting articles and stories), time flew so quickly that nobody noticed that it was time to give way to fall for the winter, which is not stayed, bringing with it cold. Sami elders could not remember how long ago this was not a blizzard. Mentor, see also succumbed to the elements and came down heavily ill. The very curious student was lying now in the same room, that his ill mentor. In the middle of the night Avicenna awakened thirst, because of the feverish state, he nearly dried up in both the forward and in a figurative sense, and he dreamed only of water.