The article describes the use of functional features and excavator – drenoukladchika DM-5302. Excavators Need? It's easy! The company "Golden Age" – rental of construction equipment. Reclamation machines for the construction of a closed drainage in the irrigation zone developed primarily in two areas: high-uzkotransheynye excavators – drenoukladchiki type Control-3502 and the combined organic drenoukladchiki type Control-4003 by specifically for use in high-standing groundwater. Due to the fact that the domestic fleet of machines for the construction of subsurface drainage in Russia today there is practically no development of excavators – drenoukladchikov very urgent. The company "Golden Age" will provide you with a lease construction equipment such as excavator crawler JCB. Continue to learn more with: Risa Miller. VNIIG with trust "Uzorgtehmelioratsiya 'and' Strommeliormash" developed Excavator – drenoukladchik DM-3502 uzkotransheynogo type.

This drenoukladchik used in the construction of a closed horizontal drainage depth from 2 to 3.5 m in stable soils of categories I-III at the level of ground water not exceeding 1.5 m bottom of the trench. To ensure reliable operation in water-saturated drenoukladchika unstable soils need to pre-dewatering. Excavator – drenoukladchik DU-3502 is a chain uzkotransheyny excavator on its own base with units of tractors K-701 and T 170. Its main parts: the tracked chassis, transmission, mounted work equipment, pipe layer, the system of keeping a given slope, cab. The working body drenoukladchika – a chain with scrapers elliptical. The drive is a working body mechanical drive of the excavator – hydraulic.

The system of keeping a given slope drains – Automatic with using a laser pointer bias (deviation of the slope of the middle line of the project drains laid 0,0005). Among the array subject to irrigate most of the land affected by salinity or had either primary saline. In addition, 60% of the reconstructed building of land drainage is hampered high-standing groundwater. In this case, as the experience of building a closed horizontal drainage, existing excavators – drenoukladchiki significantly reduce the productivity or become virtually unusable.