The game quickly come up this particular character and human life takes place there as in real life. Players cooperate on interests, friends, enmity, fall in love and hate each other, or rather their virtual characters, which serve as their chosen characters. Atmosphere sorts of intrigues and the intertwining of human emotions privleket user in such a situation, that person is going through, it would seem, virtual game moments, but all the experiences he feels it is real and the feeling disappointments and successes, and all because his competitors are the same people like himself. You can tell a lot about this stunning phenomenon like virtual worlds mmorpg, but no words can show you the emotions that worried by plunging into an adventure. To really understand and feel the above, you need to own personally feel that you provide current mmorpg. Despite all the rich variety of existing currently mmorpg each with its own nuances and peculiarities, they all share common features. Basically, all the mmorpg toys, generally, are built on technology 'a client-server', but at this point is created more and more games, where role client performs the usual baruzer so-called free brazuernye online games.

Play in browser it laynovaya game you can start only after registration, it does not require any configuration or additional software. All mmorpg of so-called Dungeons & Dragons style games, even such as computer card games like Berserk which includes the quests in the game, likvidaiya any game robots, creatures, etc., from the bodies of the player receives a variety of resources, artifacts, useful things, or something else like that. Ditto for mmorpg characterized by the presence of the growth of character, which usually represents the character development of a smaller gaming level for more, through the recruitment of different ways of experience points. experience may be produced by winding up game bots for fights with other users for completing various tasks, or any sophisticated weapons, clothing, types of strokes, etc., for all role-playing inherent existence of different professions and skills, which selects the user for his character. Economy in mmorpg is based, generally, in manufacturing and the sales of various game items of weapons, armor, supplies, medicines and other things, the installed game currency. The social side of mmorpg is often represented by multiple social units such as clans, guilds, faction and another, which is essentially a close-knit coalition of gamers the same goals, ideas, views and so on.

Frequently, these coalitions are essential to the political part of the toy. Many mmorpg games like World of Warcraft, are commercial in which users must pay for any gaming software or Abona fee, and sometimes both. But there is a shareware browser online game, where you need not pay any fees or Caller buy software. The creators of these projects earn by selling game items or currency for real money, such as the Russian project Carnage. Not surprisingly, that the creators of the projects are asked to pay the players for their services as well as the maintenance costs of such games require a huge number of different resources. The most successful representatives of the games of its kind in Today is Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Lineage II, Anarchy Online, Asheron's call, Everquest II, Guild Wars, Ragnarok Online, Silkroad Online, The Matrix Online, City of Heroes, MU Online from Russian online game arena.