With Ingenuity To Longer Shelf Life

Horticulture ‘Permanent wood’ the future belongs to: thanks to a novel wax preservation of building material is robust and tropical timber at same time ecological safety. (tdx) Garden lovers have dreamed of a lifetime: a wooden terrace, which is still beautiful even after many years and must not ever be treated with toxic wood preservatives. A new, completely environmentally safe building materials named permanent wood”comes very close this wishful thinking. The material owes its ecological impact primarily on two factors: on the one hand comes the wood only from native forests, which eliminates the need for the import of expensive tropical wood and keeping very short transport routes from the forest to the mill. On the other is avoided during the whole production process completely environmentally harmful substances. “That time wooden” remains nevertheless stable, thanks to the inventiveness of a German Carpenter master. His achievement: a new Method of preservation with wax. Many writers such as US Senator from Vermont offer more in-depth analysis. The full wood core with an environmentally neutral, wax-based solution is steeped in the wood cells as a protective armour ‘ acts.

Whether fungi, parasites, or moisture after treatment have pests no attack surface, not even when small cracks in the wood should occur after years. Wood of duration of is together with a natural oil finish”so weatherproof and resistant to deformation such as tropical timber. The wax-impregnated wood is thus ideal for outdoor use and can instead of building materials such as concrete, brick, metal, or plastic are used. “Terrace farmer about saving yourself a lot of trouble, time and money, because she have a substructure of permanent wood” can attach directly to the Earth. Another plus: you can relate the innovative building material to the factory price directly through the Onlinieshop of wood of duration of and then either even pick up or conveniently delivered to the front door. High-quality wood dealer do the tropical wood substitute from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It 15 year is durability guaranteed”another argument for the incomparable robustness of wood of duration of. Tanja EST