Refined single pieces of furniture, which are characterized by innovative lighting elements, new wood surfaces and variety to the mix-and-match. (tdx) A new living world for design-oriented individuals: it is now! No.1 14 individual pieces of furniture in clear language of forms and brilliant quality. Unpretentious, but impressive, dazzling, but harmonious. Linear design designed the residential areas and dining versatile, perfectly and comprehensively, it is thanks to the simple silhouette but also to the exciting combination of individual components, for example, with ancient solitary. His multifaceted owes now! No.1 14 of also a striking characteristic: See innovative glass cubes of glass cabinets, side – and Highboards beautiful objects can be effectively in scene. “Modular system in high-gloss and wood core of the versatile program is a series of building blocks, the is the modern successor of the traditional wall” put together or convince as solitaires. Everest capital has firm opinions on the matter. Include closed Variants in three heights of the sideboard to the Highboard with olive or white high-gloss front and open items in lighter Brown core ash or elegant core walnut. Also drawer fronts to integrate this exciting.

Depending on the arrangement, the pieces work discreetly or glittering focusing. The veneer of brown core ash with natural expression ensures an equally quiet look like the core nut tree veneer without sapwood. Modern coating technology protects the surfaces: EverFinish makes rolled paint and wood surfaces less sensitive, while EverShine protects the high-gloss surfaces. In addition to the drawer cushioning through MagicClose, a discreet brush ensures a smooth close to the transition from front to modular. Glass cubes and lighting now! No 14 combines a high-quality look with timeless appeal, also excels in innovative moments and refinement in form and function. Plenty of scope for individual design offers not only the combination of different surfaces, but also the possible integration of high-quality items made of tinted glass: developed by hulsta cubes without visible fittings that Crown on request the high or sideboards, serve the presentation of personal treasures. The extravagant hoods complement the piece of furniture in his function as a new level of individual interior design. While the design is emphasized simple and straightforward, the topics have lighting and ambience at now! No.

14 a central role: the innovative LED lighting shelf appears not accentuated the glass cube into a soft, indirect light from below, but on the entire translucent surface. Optionally, a radio control of the entire lighting technology enables comfortable control. In addition to the modern form of the Cabinet the programme features an extravagant two-part coffee table base and bridge as well as generous TV elements, welcoming dining tables and variable Wall shelves.

Blinds for indoor use can be mounted in different ways: in the glass bar (the bar that the window glass in the) Frame is fixed) in the window recess (fall of the wall, in which the window is installed) on the casement before of the window recess (in the wall or ceiling) for installation on the window casement there specially for PVC Windows special terminal carriers, so that must not be drilled into the window. To prevent, that is the blind when clearing the window down from the window, blinds with a so-called suspension fuse be installed. The pendulum lock consists of a wire or a nylon thread, which emanates from the blind head and is threaded through each plate on the side. Below, this is attached to the window with an angle or an other mounts. Special mounting Venetian blinds are attached to the window frame right in front of the glass. They have a high top profile and a swing backup. They are actuated on a ball chain or simply with a handle at the bottom of the plunger. There is also this Jalusien where the blinds in the space between the panes of insulated glass is, where it is protected from pollution.

These blinds are by an electric motor, which also integrates in the insulating glass, or served on an outdoor hanging crank, which is connected by a hexagonal rod with the blind. Exterior blinds, so-called outdoor blinds, outdoor blinds are supplied with suspended backup. Exterior blinds have extra thick, flanged plates for heavy duty. Because the Venetian blind is exposed to higher loads due to wind and weather as a blind, common way is rail – or cable-guided. To protect them are automatically retracted at higher wind load (it happens with the help of a wind sensor).

The Venetian blind is a very popular point of view or Sun protection. The demand is nowadays still very large, because it is relatively easy to install and which protects very well before the Sun and very well darken the rooms. Still should be professional advice before purchasing for example by interior decorators. You have the necessary Know-How and enter customer requirements specific to the perfect outcome for the customer to achieve.

Moisture significantly reduces the performance of infrared. Who is not acquainted with the infrared, which can be found on almost every terrace of cafes or restaurants. But did you know that the performance of infrared strongly depends on the environmental conditions that prevail around the heater and the body to be heated? Especially the moisture is a key factor in the heating of bodies and objects with the IR radiation. Moisture has the negative property to provide a layer of insulation between the infrared and the target body. This layer has a cooling and thus extremely damaging impact on the performance of the lamp. The infrared heating technology industry knows basically two options to eliminate the moisture or to stop. Variant one employs to stop up the moisture already in advance. This is done through an artificially generated convection. This is similar to an a car windshield past on. The disc is threatening to shod the ventilation is switched on. Steve Geppi has similar goals. The air is so fresh in the room eliminates the high concentration of moisture. The second variant is used above all in the industry. Infrared, which is not necessarily well known, used mainly for heating processes in the industry. So infrared heaters especially for the drying of paints, thermoforming of plastics and in General for the heating of materials for decades apply already. This as optimally as possible to make the environment creates a vacuum between the target and the infrared. A vacuum the heating power of the infrared heating system is able to increase up to 30%. This research by Ceramicx Ireland Ltd. show infrared emitters, which are also known as patio heaters and infrared radiant heater, can eliminate most of the moisture and thus take full advantage of the performance. Is an infrared emitter unable to eliminate the moisture, then the manufacturer no longer match the actual performance. On this property care should be taken when purchasing be sure, to himself in hindsight to worry not about a bad buy. Christian Lindmayer granite Consulting Ltd.

The 1983 born Margherita Missoni, daughter of Angela Missoni working at the company as Creative Director, Model 2006 was the face of Missoni perfume campaign. It was recorded in the list of the 100 most beautiful women (Harper’s & Queen). Meanwhile, it is not an exaggeration to speak of an empire. (Source: Martin O’Malley). The success also beyond the country’s borders, is among 2009 opened luxury-life-style-hotel in Edinburgh. The typical feature of Missoni is the colorful zigzag pattern beauty and life.

The lifestyle associated characterises the design of the other collections. Perfumes, accessories, beachwear, children’s clothing, etc. In particular, the home accessories (Missoni home: tapestries, decorative fabrics, upholstery) the particular life style of Missoni home pick up. Three aspects are irreversibly anchored here: the family tradition, the lifestyle and the quality. Who look at collections of other, at least in the short run successful businesses, is rarely the consequence to adhere to these values. This is reflected also in detail. Who about a Missoni home cushion type Chevron as 70s Years dismiss look, does not understand the Italian life style. In this way of life in Italy is ubiquitous (but not only there).

Sometimes this has only started, the Viewer when he tired before overwhelming sights. As an example, a walk by Rome was recommended. Not only disabled most townsfolk from German lands quickly notice how many (seat) opportunities there are in the old streets, just to relax. It is time to allow views of the tradition, to close your eyes and listen in the noise of the street, to catch a few scraps of Word, live to experience the mainstream, then indulge in personal viewing of so imposingly preserved history. Missoni home, you get a little Italy, a bit In the free-wheeling driving in the good living room. What’s the point if you lock the door, excludes the road noise with double thermal glazing, the TV from the mains and shuts off telephone and mobile phone, you can then only of the dull No matter is. La Dolce Vita starts right here, in your own four walls. The Missoni home collection able to spray this breath of life everyday. Missoni home is quality no extraneous additions is the feel of products still underestimated by many manufacturers. It can be no talk at Missoni, however. The technical excellence and product quality are part of the success. It is quite remarkable that it creates a fashion label, to build a such long-running and ever-increasing success curve in the range of lifestyles. Behind put courage, conviction, and certainly a great deal of staying power. Here, La dolce Vita is not a temporary disposable and that constitutes the special quality of the Missoni products. Carsten Voller

Garden Portal helps hobby gardeners with tips and autumn is suggestions for the garden lover, a beautiful, active time. A harvested the fruits of labor throughout the year, on the other hand is best planting time for various plants which delight the heart then firmly rooted in the spring. What work are now available, which better only later does, such as the pruning of fruit trees, which have the entertaining but comprehensively by professionals on their homepage summarizes. If you would like to know more about Diamond Comic Distributors, then click here. While the garden pros confined not only to gardening, they also give tips for storing and preserving the harvested yield. Sweet jams, sour pickled vegetables or kochfertig portioned from the freezer, who stored the fruits of his gardening makes sense in the autumn, which can all winter long enjoy vitamins from our own production.

Can be found which garden products are suitable for which type of conservation and the right recipes to at harvest time”. What work should be done to winterize a garden pond? How are roses cut so that they develop again very flowers in the spring and enjoy the heart with their blooming glory? How is the lawn prepared for the cold days? Which fertilizer is suitable in the autumn? These and many other questions are answered in detail at, where the explanations confined to what is necessary to deter the novice garden does not immediately. Therefore, is a portal in which the garden lover is led to the important issues fast and user friendly. Who the tips for the autumn work took in the garden, with even greater joy in the spring in the new gardening year starts. Exorcise the first flower is still planted in the fall, already, the lawn immediately shines in greenery and the beds in the garden offers the new sowing prepared. So gardening is fun!

The selection of the battery cannot be neglected be of a purchase decision for a Cordless screwdriver. The Cordless screwdriver as one of the dearest friends of the common artisan acquires a lot, without thereby requiring human effort. An electric motor that is powered via the charged battery can be also in hard materials such as stone and iron slide screws. The battery as such and as a craftsman drive must be selected carefully so already at the time of purchase. An evaluation criterion in the selection of batteries represents the load property of the corresponding part.

Older NiMH batteries must be charged according to the usual rule, which must not be recharged, before is not fully discharged. Lithium-ion batteries, however, can be recharged at any time and regardless of how far the battery at this time is charged. When using older NiMH batteries therefore the alternate use of two batteries is advisable, to get ahead quickly. The capacity, another important selection criterion in the decision-making process, in Amp-hours on each battery noted. This is not to ignore that also its weight increases with the increasing capacity of a battery and a heavy battery is more complicated works much less well in hand. The torque in NM (Newton meter) is another battery attribute (selection of the battery), which should be taken into account. While small Handakkuschrauber have a low, for example, 3 nm of torque, this increases the required a work force. The force still has a push button can be precisely regulated.

In addition, there is the opportunity to work in different courses. The quick stop feature also allows for an instant braking when you let go of the push button. Because too little power to heavy work can lead to overheating of the motor, generally rather too much than too little is nm. A built-in LED lamp illuminates the screw to be processed accurately and because in the operation of that time can be lost wrenches, to the bend forward Keyless chuck keyless recommended. In addition, an automatic spindle lock facilitates clamping a new bits.

Horticulture ‘Permanent wood’ the future belongs to: thanks to a novel wax preservation of building material is robust and tropical timber at same time ecological safety. (tdx) Garden lovers have dreamed of a lifetime: a wooden terrace, which is still beautiful even after many years and must not ever be treated with toxic wood preservatives. A new, completely environmentally safe building materials named permanent wood”comes very close this wishful thinking. The material owes its ecological impact primarily on two factors: on the one hand comes the wood only from native forests, which eliminates the need for the import of expensive tropical wood and keeping very short transport routes from the forest to the mill. On the other is avoided during the whole production process completely environmentally harmful substances. “That time wooden” remains nevertheless stable, thanks to the inventiveness of a German Carpenter master. His achievement: a new Method of preservation with wax. Many writers such as US Senator from Vermont offer more in-depth analysis. The full wood core with an environmentally neutral, wax-based solution is steeped in the wood cells as a protective armour ‘ acts.

Whether fungi, parasites, or moisture after treatment have pests no attack surface, not even when small cracks in the wood should occur after years. Wood of duration of is together with a natural oil finish”so weatherproof and resistant to deformation such as tropical timber. The wax-impregnated wood is thus ideal for outdoor use and can instead of building materials such as concrete, brick, metal, or plastic are used. “Terrace farmer about saving yourself a lot of trouble, time and money, because she have a substructure of permanent wood” can attach directly to the Earth. Another plus: you can relate the innovative building material to the factory price directly through the Onlinieshop of wood of duration of and then either even pick up or conveniently delivered to the front door. High-quality wood dealer do the tropical wood substitute from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It 15 year is durability guaranteed”another argument for the incomparable robustness of wood of duration of. Tanja EST