The History Of Mobile Communications

A small trip through the history of mobile communications are everyday from imagine they haven’t, almost everyone has one, and today they are also all-rounders. The speech is called colloquially mobile from your mobile phone. Gone are the days where you had to run into the nearest phone booth on the road home to describe the beautiful countryside in the summer holiday the love family. With just a few clicks you can in our modern society via Smartphone high-resolution photos shoot and ruck – hypothetically via MMS, email or Messenger mail. Also sharing in social networks like Facebook and Twitter is already integrated in your Smartphone. Early history of mobile telephony until it could come to the technical standards of today, many years went by. The deutsche Reichsbahn 1926 conducted the first mobile radio experiments in their trains. More than 30 years later the A network was set up in 1958.

Thus was to make calls from the car. The prices weren’t yet for everyone. A car phone could cost then half of a new car. The breakthrough Mobile telephony 1985 came up with the C-Netz really rolling. Through a lower transmitting power, it was possible, the devices less to produce. In comparison with modern mobile phones was still bricks to make phone calls to in the 80s. In its heyday, up to 850,000 people used C-Netz. With the D-NET, the first digital network at the start went in 1992.

It was used extensively and thus the technology of mobile phones could be reduced again. The Golden nineties in the 90s the mobile market experienced a mega-boom. “Everywhere people with mobile phones were, in the school was during the snake break” gedaddelt on Nokia phones to the bet. Gradually, more and more transmission standards have been developed. The frequencies for UMTS went then for several billions over the table. Modern smartphones are used not only to make calls, they are already a kind of Office for on the go. The all-rounder will be not only smaller, their functions are increasing constantly. That providing the functionality even more and more problems occur can, Apple with its popular iPhone painfully noted. An antenna error in the fourth generation iPhone so much diminished the reception performance, customers plenty of complained. For many, an iPhone mobile repair was the only solution. The Smartphone boom the iPhone, once a synonym for Smartphone, must themselves with more and more competitive deal. The market is now full of many Smartphone vendors. Mobile phones with computing power of smaller computers are no longer a rarity. Catchment in everyday Mobile has held one, two or even four processor cores, which were known only by computer technology. Telephony is already almost secondary. Play music and games are announced today. A new transfer standard is already at the start. LTE will revolutionize the technology again. Also paying with the mobile shopping is already tested in several cities. Thus, the world of mobile telephony in the future will be more important and forward the consumer on many spectacular developments in the Smartphone area.