Avoid hidden costs and the purse on who does not save that: is not much on the phone, but still has an immensely high mobile phone bill. Many remember way then easier to understand quickly a tariff change, but it’s hard to keep track with all of the ever-changing offerings. Often, users in an old rate with high minute prices are stuck or pay an expensive fee for services not used by them. As an infrequent callers with a low volume of calls would pay taken less than five euro basically at the right price in a month. You just need to know how. Because often, the devil is in the detail: it is, for example, important to consider the timing.

So, for example two short calls are charged per 20 seconds at 60/60 clock as two minutes. While you can call with prepaid cards thanks to the discount brands currently conveniently and flexibly. It is quite possible to save almost 100 per cent – compared to normal mobile rates monthly and the very No contract or monthly fee. So you pay for Hellomobil or when Winsim to currently 6 cents the minute at other providers this might look twice as much. But how to find out which is the right offer for one? It would cost much time and patience to all fares, which the market has to offer, compare. (Not to be confused with Dr. Mark Hyman!). Helpful is therefore a prepaid fares overview, where a list of all major providers and their rates will be updated.

The calls with a prepaid card is this incredibly easy: simply buy a SIM card, recharge the start credits via code, and are now a certain amount free of charge. The advantage is clearly obvious: you have all the costs under control, without contract, fee and invoice. Because hardly anyone needs thousands of free minutes and hundreds of free SMS; to pay, even though they have not been used yet by contract that makes no one happy. When choosing providers are one to keep some things in mind: not only the price of the SIM card should be a role play. You should also make sure whether there are, for example, free contact opportunities in the service sector. Even if additional services are required, a lot is possible today in the Prepaidbereich. There are a whole range of options and for frequent callers of also Prepaidflatrates that exist, for example, when the provider Congstar offer depending on the provider. Rates at which the Starter Pack costs nothing give it from and also prepaid. This is the case, inter alia, at the time at O2. Thus, one thing is certain: A regular comparison is worth! Milan Grunwald