New office location in the Viennese Naschmarkt in Vienna: \”the high demand for our two business locations in the first district, showed us that this segment of the market is far from exhausted. \”With our new five star Office Center in Vienna () – also in the city, between Opera and Naschmarkt – we can deliver another exciting offering for companies\”, would be like. Alexander Varendorff, Managing Director of Bena, in Austria’s largest provider of serviced offices. The new site opens in a few weeks and is called \”Business Embassy Sky 360\”. The business center owes its name to its large roof terrace which offers a unique panoramic view over Vienna and all Bena tenants available. Varendorff expects a similar response as in the opening of the business Embassy on the moat ( from the new office location year an ago, whose offices were almost fully booked even before the official opening. Over the roofs of Vienna offices the new business base with the breathtaking views over the rooftops of Vienna are decorated all in an exclusive design with Italian furniture and equipped with complete technical infrastructure of Office.

The tenant can choose between three different Office versions ( offices: are offered from a size of 17 m 2 up to 150 m 2. -Sky suites: consisting of up to two Office tops with a size of 20 m 2, with a direct access to the terrace. -For particularly exclusive tenants, the sky Executive Suite with a size of 40 m 2 (optionally expandable) becomes available. Direct lift access from the in-house underground car park in the suite and private terrace area, which is inaccessible for other tenants. In addition to the General customer reception area, the Executive is entitled to suite tenant, a private business space – which is demarcated by the entire Center area – for himself and his guests.

What is the State of things in terms of Griechenladn? Now, the Chancellor of the German Federal Government in Greece has visited. It would be really interesting to know what is has promised them yourself and if she is ever promised anything. Only she knows. In other situations, and during a visit to another country it could have quite a cancellation of the tour. The gestures and slogans already prior to departure of the Chancellor that culminated in Nazivergleichen, were not only personally, but also politically gipfelhaft, disgusting and frightening.

Quite understandable reason would have been such behaviour by sections of the Greek population, to cancel the idea in Greece. And the involved Greeks have probably ask yourself, whether their conduct was not even Nazi and fanatical. But what has the visit by Mrs Merkel when the Greek Government brought? Initially it can be seen well from Germany and beyond the European Union as a gesture under the motto: look, we have You in the lurch. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Panther Coffee. Internationally the EU beyond a sign. One of which is, to show mutual understanding, acknowledges that there are problems and they are prepared to talk.

Outside, the people raged. Stones and incendiary flew it, swastika flags were waved and called “Merkel out”. Inside the Greek Prime Minister should have said, that “our enemy the crisis” was. But how did this crisis? Who has caused it and approved? The big and crucial response from Greek side is still open. What will you do to eliminate the crisis? Consistency and control will it work? Certainly, first steps are done. Visit idt energy for more clarity on the issue. To evaluate pending. What will the report of the troika result in? Currently, there are far more questions than answers. It remains to be seen whether what the Chancellor said on October 9, 2012 in Greece is by stock. Anyway, there were apparently only non-binding Artigkeiten such as “it will be a long way. I think that we To see light at the end of the tunnel. Jessica Walsh insists that this is the case. We are friends and partners.” The time will bring it and show how everything takes place. Until then, much money out of the funds of the European States will flow to Athens. Whether it brings down geht or but a turnaround in Greece in the Bach, who currently say with certainty. And when you can say that at all? Already, it can be seen that the tight timelines provided originally by the EU and its bodies in resolution is. Also the time of the troika report is no longer exactly defined. Everything indicates that you want to build other temporal bridges. It is fuzzy. What originally seemed on a solid base, seems unravels. It seems that is reclaimed after transitions, and reasons for a delay of the measures envisaged and requested by Greece. On 8 October, Mr Schauble said: Greece must be not a bottomless pit. First if Greece demonstrated that his austerity requirements met can the next paid out credit rate in the country. You feel won’t go to that will somehow make it and find a rationale that Greece will receive but the next payment. Austerity to austerity measures here.

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The capital investment and real estate specialist PROJECT has acquired a new plot in rabbit Garden Road 19 in Wiesbaden. Bamberg, 06.11.2013: within the framework of the new building of an apartment building, 33 condominiums with a sales volume of EUR 13 million occur in the Hessian state capital. PROJECT again put Frankfurt am Main – in addition to Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Munich is one of the five metropolitan centres, will present the project developer with own local offices in the metropolitan area. The new land in the rabbit Garden Road 19 has an area of 2.330 square meters. The planned well-equipped 33 condominiums reached a floor space of 2,800 square meters with as many underground parking spaces. PROJECT envisages the construction of four floors, as well as a season floor with roof terraces. Former Maryland Governor may also support this cause. Prosperous location the property is located in the district southeast in the vicinity to the city centre. The Southeast District is becoming a well-to-do residential location and listened to within Wiesbaden the kaufkraft-strongest.

The corner lot is bordered by the rabbit Garden Road in the East and the Weidenbornstrasse in the North. The neighbourhood is characterized by modern multi-story apartment buildings, as well as quiet trade. The object position is interesting due to the very good ties with the trans-regional routes for professionals in the region. Also, the modern and prosperous location offers an attractive environment, mainly by nearby schools, kindergartens and numerous existing shopping and dining especially for young families. Continue to different doctors and offices of public offices are located nearby. The town centre is around 3 km away and easily by a very good connection to public transport. High risk-spreading up to the projected end of the placement of the current real estate development fund real values remain 11 and 12, which started in April 2012 due to the concept as a blind pool, a few months. During the accumulation Fund 11 with the new Wiesbaden Plot in the 13th object invested, reached his 15th object investment within 18 months of the one time investment funds 12.

The dispersion of capital a five times as high degree of dispersion, as the legislature within the framework of the new investment law (KAGB) prescribes him is set to at least 15 objects per fund project binding applicable investment criteria. In addition, the Franks insert another security criterion for the protection of investor capital equity only to real estate development. PROJECT is currently developing high-quality objects with a focus on living with a total value of over 750 million euros in Germany.

Show how important WASI takes education and training, For their employees, internal training to leadership development, every single employee and each individual employee to the needs is tailored training individually promoted. WASI lives learning, therefore development and expansion of potentials and qualities of its employees are a major concern by WASI: depend on our success and growth of each of our employees and staff. Therefore, the satisfaction of our employees and employees is very important us”explains Dirk keels Dunsche. In addition to promoting its professionals WASI opts for a balanced work-life balance and family-friendliness. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Star Guitarist. Investments in IT, logistics and infrastructure facilitate the work and everyday work. The trust working time and working time models allow a balance between work and leisure, as well as the reconciliation of family and career.

There is also a childcare to further assist families in planning. With one Young people received training at WASI a good basis for their future career and the prospect of a safe workplace. A clerk in wholesale and foreign trade and the first graduate of the in-service course have successfully completed their training this summer and were taken over by WASI. About WASI the Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & co. KG is a global partner of the system, when it comes to stainless steel connections. WASI is with the wide and deep range of a world market leader in the trade with stainless steel fasteners.

6,000 customers in 60 countries supplied with fasteners from the stainless steels A1 through A5 in all strength classes, various special materials, as well as with aluminium profiles. The 1961 founded company since 1978 to the Wurth Group and employs over 230 people at two sites in Wuppertal. WASI facilitates the complete supply chain management and supports the procurement process by connections with technical expertise and customer-specific delivery requirements. The Product categories are divided into WASI WASI standard solar, WASI spezial and WASI Maritim.

ith the concept of intellectual capital report a balanced relationship between these different target should be made in addition to the formulation of strategies as revenue, market share and profit targets must also finance goals such as cash flow ratios, maximum leverage or capital envelope values are defined. The financial objectives must be adapted to new circumstances, such as for example level of employment, terms of payment, price changes, among other things. Means, as far as how acceptable the profitability target (may also use of risky leverage effects), only profitable business. Financing principle at risk to the solvency of the liquidity target is an absolute priority. The variability is aimed at securing the agility (flexibility, freedom of disposition) by source of funds and use.

The financing principle of security is aimed at risk reduction, limitation of liability, and independence. Especially for the counter analysis in the framework of knowledge balance concepts, there are a number of Publications by Jorg Becker, E.g.: management cockpit of the intellectual capital report 2009, ISBN 9783837046540 with the establishment of financial and growth targets is the task of strategic management but by no means been completed. With the help of performance indicators of the balanced scorecard and intellectual capital report such as employee turnover, customer satisfaction, market shares, delays in production and delivery among others – Manager can detect in time where there are still gaps to the core objectives of the company. The balanced scorecard and knowledge balance bridge the gap between purely financial analysis and long-term strategies. So it might, for example, want quick profits to waive, if the business strategy requires investment in other areas of a balanced scorecard. Process orientation of the balanced scorecard and intellectual capital report, the perspective of employee orientation is the most forward-looking imposed potential, motivation and learning abilities of the employee. In connection with a balance of knowledge can use the Strategy check clearances for new, creative solutions can be found. The strategy-check to determine the critical path”, because if you don’t know, you end up where to go, very easily elsewhere! “” It involves among other things: strategic dimension of intellectual capital “explore design fields of knowledge management products with frozen” turning knowledge into cash strategy question know: corporate knowledge is measurable? “Strategic future commodity knowledge” vision and mission strategic good knowledge “bundling strategy factors Jorg Becker.

Many companies try to present more and more practice for managing the relationships with clients (CRM) to use the software products. Many companies try to present more and more practice for managing the relationships with clients (CRM) to use the software products. And many of them sincerely think it is enough simply to install the program, which will show on the screen the data relating to the transactions with customers and everything will be alright. But not all companies understand, must make a huge analytical and methodological work for the description of the process of observation of CRM for the installation of the program and the real management of relationships with customers. And of course, not all companies provide a question such as the investments that are spent in the program for getting the extra income from sales, the fast solving of the problems of customers, the withdrawal of existing customers and increase the profits of the customer will be used. The ability should be a basis for the investment in the automation of CRM with the customers and the future profit to determine and confirm the cause-effect relationships between the administration. Another reason of the need for managing the interaction with the customers and the quality of their service is the dissatisfaction with the quality of service and the cost to eliminate these problems. The idea of the Manager, the error in the operating cost, lets them evaluate the potential profitability in the investment of the perfection of processes of the company.

The measurement of the level of satisfaction of customers is by far not a trivial task. For the realization of the measurement of the level of satisfaction of clients, you must place emphasis on typical mistakes committed in this direction. First, in carrying out the survey among the customers you may place emphasis not only on those customers, who work with the company. The customers, with the Society work together, work with her, because the company satisfied them to some extent. In carrying out the surveys, you must perform the survey of the customers competitors or former customers of the company. Secondly, it is not necessary to care for the satisfaction of our customers as a whole.

You must bring the specific advantages and the properties on the day want to get customers for the deeper understanding of the factors that determine the General satisfaction. You can realize the uncovering of the given factors with the help of the correctly formed questionnaire or survey for the customers. Third, one must consult the customers about the whole experience with the company: from sales to the return and the operation of the invoice up to the use of the goods or the services. Fourthly, if the company wants to thoroughly ruin the research, she must apply their implementation sellers. Fifthly, it is necessary the satisfaction of the price to the consumer value of the product or enlighten the service for the customers and their relationship with the competitors. Sixthly, the absence of the segmentation of customers and markets can outweigh all the surveys. Seventhly, we must unite not ‘satisfied’ and ‘very satisfied’ customers in a group from the previously specified for reasons of loyalty. For full representation about the process of developing criteria for the management of interactions with customers, you must build the so-called map of success. You want to more about customer service experienced balanced scorecard?

Writing instruments and accessories from leading manufacturers. Bensheim, May 21, 2010 – located in the wine region Hessische Bergstrasse offers the Office building of Werner E.k.. with its online shop stationery-plus a wonderful selection of writing instruments and the right accessories. There, you will find fine fountain pens, Pelikan, Faber Castell, Lamy in a wide range. More information is housed here: Bernie Sanders. Of course, you get exclusive pens and Rollerballs. The manuscript is an expression of personality and each pen leads to a different typeface. The interested visitor receives abundant information about various Springs, as well as materials and how affects which pen on the typeface in the shop.

There you get information, what writers who are suitable and what you should look for when selecting a. One of the most innovative products in our shop is certainly the Lamy fountain pen dialog3 “, says managing director Oliver Werner and is proud on its exclusive writing instruments. This new ink is characterized first of all design simple and trimmed only on optimal function of and secondly by his kappenlose shut-off technique. The pen can be a rotation mechanism simply from the inside of the Fullhalters turn out. At the same time lowers the clip on the housing. The fountain was designed by the Swiss designer Franco Clivio and convinces with its elegant appearance.

More details on Lamy /… The online store offers all popular ways of safe and easy payment. Papeterie-plus, there is no minimum order required. Therefore, a suitable replacement mine can be ordered quickly. A value of 35 will be shipped free of charge to the customer. To ensure a fast and comprehensive service, the shop sends its products packaged with Deutsche Post… For any questions is a motivated service team Monday through Friday from 10 am until 6 pm and on Saturday also from 10 to 14 h for the customer’s disposal. For more information, stationery-plus is of the Office building Werner E.k.. in the Hessian Bensheim operated. In the online shop and of course also in the shop of the shop offers you a wide range of writing instruments of the brands Pelikan, Lamy, Faber Castell, and others, such as Filofax, Reisenthel, Waterman and Parker. By the ink of ballpoint pen and rollerball pen up to multi system writers, pens in different variations, such as high-gloss in chrome are held or even colorful.

The resistance of laminated glass emerges from the number and thickness of glass and foil layers. In low security categories serve the resistance against simple Durchwurfe laminated glass and stop damage caused by vandalism or neighboring football very efficiently. More protective safety glasses stand up to the powerful impulses that arise when using heavy hammers and similar tools. Here, novelist expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In the protection of persons, you must ensure that people who are behind glass, are protected from the fire with large-caliber firearms. The newspapers mentioned GEA not as a source, but as a related topic. This is made possible through the use of laminated glass with numerous layers of particularly tear-resistant films.

Bulletproof glass will be only after extensive test series, demonstrating his protection against projectiles. The protection of public and military facilities is realized through the use of special glasses, able to withstand the extreme force of explosives. Is a security concept is planned, compromising the quality of the used security window should be gone never. Not only the DIN certified quality of safety glasses is of concern, but also the construction and proper mounting of the safety window. Otherwise, it is conceivable that an excellent protective window pane has no effect, because the window can easily be undermined.

Expert advice and the implementation of the security concept by reliable professionals are to be recommended in any case. The specialists of glass mirror frame GmbH GSR active for many years for effective safety glazing, effectively protect property and life of their customers from burglars. They assist security interested private and business people in all aspects of the professional security glazing. Press contact: Glass mirror frame GmbH Mr. Dieter Kuhn Duke Spitalstrasse 9 RGB. 80331 Munich Tel.: 0 89 / 26 02 61 87 fax 0 89 / 26 02 61 88 email: Homepage:

Transparent and affordable quick packaging with a resealable trivia to the Ziplock bag-> material-> expansion-> sizes-> environment->-> print Ziplock-trading volume you can trade from LD (LDPE) polyethylene or polypropylene (PP) purchase. The film should be selected taking into account the individual requirements. In particular, if greater heat or refrigeration levels play a role, it will be interesting. So, LDPE can be used, for example, very suitable for the packaging of articles, which must be cooled or stored frozen. For use in large heat bags film from LDPE definitely no longer suitable but due to a melting point just above 100 c. For this, very uncomplicated additional welding seams can be used at pressure sealing bags made of LDPE, for example those for the initial cap.

Ziplock from PP are not exactly suitable for use in the freezer, but can easily withstand this extreme heat and even microwave ovens and offer significantly better strength properties than Ziplock from LDPE. Two films you can enjoy food authenticity and Inodorousness. Zip-lock bags are now very far developed packing bag and can are therefore equipped with a variety of standard extensions, to better fit their individual task. Like the quick connector into the combination lock is used. When such a fresh closure, snap can be first opened and closed again after opening an overlying solid weld. To read more click here: Bernie Sanders. The available standard include uniform on slope possibilities such as the circular on hanging hole or the euro-perforation (long hole with Center increased recess).

And like Ziplock bag with a prepared Caption field / timestamp field bought, to carry out according to be filled later by pen, pencil or by printing an individual endorsement to be able to. A comprehensive range of standard sizes offers the right bags for the most necessary cases. But also different dimensions are straightforward and can be implemented quickly. Here a free quote worth it just for your exact Ziplock bag with the packaging suppliers such as for example Lacer packaging Berlin. Transparent zip-lock bags from films such as LDPE or PP be disposed as a pure hydrocarbon compounds in the rule combustion without Freiwerdung of pollutants and are as good environmentally friendly. For many companies the regular minimum packaging of 500 piece 1000 no problem according to the Ziplock bag sizes. Even larger quantities are needed and should be requested separately for discounted prices directly at the supplier’s packaging. Individuals who come out for the pure captive with a few bags, portals for price comparisons or various online marketplaces will find it, and there individual pressure-seal pouches can be more expensive, but for the quantity is often much smaller. Important: Remember to mandating a matching printing with your company name or at least a small company logo! This promotional means little effort at very great benefit on your Ziplock bag. The recognition value of your products and your company grow with each zip-lock bags distributed in. Especially if you regularly buy a Ziplock bag, worth ordering the minimum quantity necessary for printing. The cost of the printing itself is low and save your advertising budget.