Successful Trade Show Marketing

Mobile fair systems enable cost-effective use of marketing instruments fair Hannover 27 January 2010 according to the Chairman of the exhibition and trade fair Committee der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V., H.-J. Boekstegers, remained 2009 the trade fair industry stable even in the crisis year, even if the respective industries had travails. Forecast for the future President if even no growth at least stabilizing the fair economy. Many writers such as novelist offer more in-depth analysis. An indication that even in times of crisis the issuing participation at a trade fair can be worth, show figures of foreign visitors of trade fairs in Germany of the trade fair site that published by AUMA e.V.. For the umpteenth time, the number of visitors from abroad has increased.

Despite the financial crisis, 2008 2.55 million foreign visitors to the German trade fairs are pilgrimages 2007, instead of 2.5 million. Visitors from South East Central Asia with 7.6% form the largest share, followed by 3.5% from North America and the Middle East. A total 10.8 million people at the German trade fairs. Also in the future can be expected continuing admissions, because the acquisition of new customers as well as the long-term customer loyalty requires a permanent market presence, and thus the participation in fairs. Because in times of crisis firms need personal contact to their customers, get to know their ideas up close, certainly, if they come from abroad. To realize a successful trade fair appearance and not to fall, financial expenses are accessible back on mobile fair systems. Mobile fair systems provide exhibitors the opportunity to constitute complete, image-enhancing trade fair stands in a very short time and with little effort. Mobile fair systems are reusable and can be used to consistently for all mass marketing campaigns.

Especially for small – and medium-sized enterprises, mobile fair systems are a sensible solution. The EasyShare display GmbH, leading provider of mobile exhibition systems, offers a wide variety of mobile Fair systems in their online shop at. Including particularly interesting new EasyShare display GmbH recently are offered fair systems complete solutions, which include for example a fair wall, several fair displays an exhibition counter and a brochure holder. Mobile fair systems enable a cost-effective use of the marketing instrument trade fair.