Agreements to the renovation in excerpt must comply with certain requirements of the landlord upon the termination of their apartment tenants. Especially in regard to renovations, but sometimes is uncertainty. The real estate portal indicating which points in a statement to be considered. Ambiguity is often about what state an apartment must be passed. John Mclaughlin often addresses the matter in his writings. Many leases contain clauses to the renovation in extract.

The lessor shall be entitled to that the tenant carries out certain renovations and redecoration, unless this has been agreed. Such regulations concern inter alia the paint to the walls. Clauses to sanding parquet floors or for the cleaning of carpets are ineffective against it. You may wish to learn more. If so, Author is the place to go. For this, the tenant usually not in duty can be taken. Also some requirements with regard to the choice of colour are ineffective. The landlord has no right to decide what color the House needs to be painted or what wallpaper use the tenant during the lease period may.

Only when moving the interest of the lessor at a discreet color choice comes to fruition. In addition, it is sufficient, according to case-law, if tenants make the appropriate cosmetic repairs itself. Engaging a professional, as it is prescribed in some leases, is not necessary in such cases.

A recent case study provides information, to what extent the new Munich can serve as a tool for determining rent rent prices. An owner who would like to rent his apartment faces the question of what rent he may require. Is the rent amount is incorrectly, this can have considerable negative effects when renting. But how can you determine what is the correct rent to own home? The rent index is the drug of choice, or better determining the market rental level on the basis of a comparison with other offers from newspapers or the Internet? A recent case study of the Munich real estate office rental specialist Bartsch & Rozmarin real estate OHG”provides helpful answers. Is the new rent index for the city of Munich since the end of March 2011. A lot about this topic was already reported in the media. The company rental specialist, which in Munich and the surrounding area on the rental of apartments and houses specialized and over 2500 successful rentals could perform in the last few years, has on this occasion intensively with the new rent prices.

A case study has been created on the basis of actual rentals. Purpose of the study was to identify to what extent the rent index corresponds to the actual, currently achievable rental in Munich and thus as an instrument for determining rental rates can be used. Follow others, such as Michael Chabon, and add to your knowledge base. A price analysis of rents in the Munich newspapers and real estate portals on the Internet was carried out in parallel. For this purpose three – and four – room were determined for the categories of single, double, apartments per two apartments, which in recent months by the rental specialists”had been rented. When the selection of apartments was sure each a close to the Centre as also an apartment located on the outskirts of the city that has been selected.

Also included both old style, as well as apartments and post-war buildings to ensure a possible broad investigation. For the considered flats, the average local rental was initially”according to rent prices 2011 and 2009 calculated and used in relationship. There were lower rents in 75% of cases according to new Mietspeigel. In the next step, a rental price analysis for the respective homes on the basis of comparable offerings in newspaper and Internet was created. It has been shown that the offered flats in the cutting 1,27,-/ m were m on the rent index. “While the company rental specialist 2011 could rent on average 44 cents / m m of the rent index shows the difference of about 80 cents / m m between actually obtained prices to offer prices that apartments are offered often significantly overpriced, to for months as a shopkeeper” to be unsuccessfully advertised on the Internet. Obviously, there are limits even for the expensive Munich rental market. “As bottom line is to know that the currently offered apartments in Munich considerably higher than the average local rental” are according to the rent index. Is apparent that most of the higher rent apartments at the moment can also calculated as per rent prices. The truth regarding the fair market rent is so somewhere between the offer price and the rent index. But each apartment is different! In case of doubt you should get an expert advice from a specialist, which every day has to do with rentals and well knows the market from personal conversations with prospective tenants.

More and more people want in the age plus-WG – first online portal for flats from 50 to enjoy the benefits of community living. The Internet portal PlusWGs is dedicated to this need and offers a free exchange for share or unfurnished of the generation 50plus. Our portal is designed not to elderly people who are looking for a retirement home or assisted living, but to active people over 50 who want to bring more color into their lives”, so Felix Herzog, founder of PlusWG. The number of people over 65 to five million in Germany will increase in the next 20 years alone. The proportion of single adults increases continuously. Today, every third woman over 55 alone lives. Among the men the proportion of individual households is indeed low, but 18% is also at a high level. The new Internet portal offers for these categories of persons already offers and requests in whole Germany and is tuned to high user friendliness.

With just one click the Flatshare ads can be studied in the own State be and new offers or requests will be abandoned. PlusWG looks back on the experience in the placement of shared flats for the generation 50plus. Since the beginning of the year, PlusWG seniors WG Directory operates the Web site. Through the experience with the previous ads, the Web site operators have decided to rename the Portal: we have found that the content of the ad were on behalf of seniors-WG cannot meet. The majority of the ads controller looking for roommate, who do not feel as seniors, but are in the middle of the life. Check out Former Maryland Governor for additional information. These are mainly people aged between 50 and 60 years. Together instead of lonely; that is our guiding principle”, Felix Herzog. Since March 2010, the directory for shared flats under senior was found. The majority of advertisers is between 50 and 60 years old. “Plus-WG” is a short form for “50plus-WG” or “60plus-WG” and distinguishes so clearly from serviced apartments for seniors. (Felix Herzog)

The GfH GmbH recommends the budget planner the KfW programmes Nuremberg – the jurisdiction of the various media institutions especially in the renewable energy depends on the plant size. Before submitting an attentive study of the eligibility requirements or the advice of an expert, architects or planners is worth. The possibility of coupling of different funding programmes increased in many cases the funding or the framework of possible funding as the GfH GmbH the budget planner. The Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) offers extensive programs for residential real estate. Is supported in part through funding in the form of repayment of grants and funding grants by making low-interest loans.

Funding eligible individuals, housing associations, housing cooperatives, municipalities, circles, community associations, other authorities and institutions of under public law are generally an expert of the GfH GmbH KfW provides the budget planner for the Residential sector including the following programs: KfW home ownership programme are up to 30% of the building or purchase value of homes or condos for their own needs. Maximum loan amount: 100,000?Detailed information can be found at the KfW (program no. 124, 134). Would you energetic remedial perform even used or rented residential building, you can take an interest discounted loan from the KfW program energy efficiency renovation throughout. There on two ways to reach the GfH GmbH experts claim promoting the Budget Planner: restoration to the KfW Energieeinsparverordnung?Measures that contribute to reach the energy level of a KfW efficiency House will be encouraged. KfW efficiency houses 100 shall not exceed 2007 the annual primary energy consumption and heat loss of a corresponding new building according to the energy saving regulation. These values by at least 30 percent including must reach the KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 70. The individual measures and the desired energy Level must be confirmed by an expert.? Individual measures or combining individual measures?Individual measures such as insulation, renewal of Windows, replacement of the heating or a ventilation system has been installed will be encouraged.