You quickly find out where you for can fly if you know where you want to fly when, need to enter the appropriate search order usually only at a few websites. But what if your plans are flexible, and you still do not know exactly when or where you want to travel? The new search engine, you must specify a destination. Specify maximum how much money you want to spend and when you want to travel around. The website presents all cheap flight ticket directly on an interactive map. Hidden costs revealed many airlines charge various hidden extra costs, and often only at the end of the booking process. E.g. just will not charge booking costs if the customer opts for a rather unusual method of payment (E.g.

Prepaid MasterCard) is a well-known trick of airlines. For other payment methods, the cost incurred probably. Qfly searches the websites of airlines with specially programmed search robots. All prices comply with the actual final prices of the flights, including all surcharges. Arose out of frustration out Qfly was created out of personal frustration of the developer out. The founder, Joris Machielse, traveled halfway around the world in his college days. Due to its limited budget, the price certain the goal. The existing flight ticket search engines made the search very cumbersome; only flights can be searched if destination and date.

Each time, the founder who programmed Internet pages in addition to his studies, wondered that there was no solution for it. Thus arose the idea to develop a search engine that literally turns the travel world on its head and enables you to search the Flugpreisabhangige. Airlines respond irritated “after some entrepreneurs have invested in Qfly, turns out that existing carriers for the search queries as we not imagine they are suitable. This meant that we develop our own system had to “, as the founder. ‘The most Airlines did not cooperate, therefore we have programmed bots, index the prices from the homepages of the airlines. After we had brought the first test version of Qfly online, it turned out that some airlines are not happy about transparency, we offer the consumer. The airlines are trying to block our search robot in different ways, but fortunately we are one step faster.” Independence Qfly collects all prices directly from the websites of the airlines and is therefore not dependent on the traditional reservation systems. Because it sold no tickets itself is only a search engine you can compare absolutely objectively all prices of low-cost carriers. Also search on traditional art as well as the price-oriented search can compare cheap flights also in traditional manner with a precise destination. While searching for much more flexible, E.g. during a whole month, and at the same time all flights from Airports are located nearby.