I’ve invested so far just 150 euros in second life”, said Wang. “A worthwhile investment for his two companies: many contacts with publishers, which also rights deals resulting have arisen”. And Wang could acquire even orders for his printing company specializing in small runs with four quick master machines. The Meckenheimer printing DCM opts for in the Internet Visual formats, to provide information on the variety of advertising media. It’s believed that Peter Arnell, New York sees a great future in this idea. For each application can I produce a small movie, which can be obtained on our website now.

With this method, for example, our reporter block and the Kartenlegespiel have developed to the bestseller”, says DCM – Managing Director of Norbert Schnichels. An ideal information platform offers the exhibition drupa, which takes place from 29 May to 11 June in Dusseldorf for the printing industry. So, Heidelberger Druck for the exhibit is entered into a cooperation with adidas and produces around 80 practical print products such as promotional posters, Autograph cards, offer brochures or packaging. You will live processed products in the precursor to Heidelberg, then printed and finally processed. Here, customers can inform about the extensive possibilities of print and print finishing.

Print buyer can convince yourself of the diversity and efficiency, providing the media print. For this purpose we offer hot special light tours, which can be booked on the show on the Internet or at our booth”, explains Adriana Nuneva, head of global marketing of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, in an interview with the trade journal sales business. The objective is, marketing decision makers, to provide the effective use of print media creative, buyers and producers in the marketing mix. Optimal cooperation will treated with the printer. We will be showing our innovations and their value to the brand and corporate communication, but consciously avoid too many typographic details. Instead we place greater “the focus on topics that interest the principal printed material: we show new ways and ideas for print products and talk about the role of print in the marketing mix”, so the view from Nuneva.

Selection between delivery and pick up, numerous payment options and automatic order allocation based on the customers postcode to the nearest Vobis franchise operating. Braunschweig, March 2008 – just in time for the 1 February TILL.DE turned live the new online-shop at. The goal of Vobis AG, directly on the online business to participate in the franchisee, has been successfully successfully implemented using specially programmed functions within the very short project only 6 weeks. From the start the new offer was very well received by the customer and confidently passed its baptism of fire. When the realization was the requirement to seamlessly integrate the new online shop of Vobis AG Internet presence – realized by TILL.DE – and to take visitors directly to the product offering.

The prospective buyer is therefore immediately directed when calling the Vobis website on the shop. The shop search function and the clear product groups tree make sure that the prospect of any base on the product offer can be accessed. In the new Vobis shop-portal the customer has the choice whether he wants to pick the items at the store on site or send to. You can receive the goods the customer, so is an automatic adjustment, that portfolio has closest branch. For more information see Peter Arnell, New York. If the customer chooses to pick up, the three nearest stores to choose from are offered to query his zip code. This accesses the shop directly on the Filialbestande. Another advantage of the shop is a wide range of payment options: advance payment, cash on delivery, PayPal, cash, financing and leasing are available depending on the shipping or pickup request. Also with regard to the article data, the online-shop can be seen: product image, availability and specifications support the customers in the decision-making process.

In addition an excellent performance, ergonomics, and of course also the privacy policy for the customer satisfying high the Vobis and your online visitors. All requirements of Vobis AG were successful on the content management system developed by TILL.DE, the TILLcms, to be implemented. The TILLcms forms the basis of the entire Vobis Internet presence, including the extranet for franchisees. TILL.DE successfully implemented projects in the fields of programming, online shop systems, interface solutions, content management systems, E-marketing, VoIP, and public relations information about TILL.DE since its foundation in 1996. Strength lies in particular in the flexibility specifically and individually to customer requirements to be able to respond.

Award for vertical search service infometrics.de Dortmund, March 18, 2008 -, the vertical search engine for the business Web, the Initiative Mittelstand has been awarded with the Innovation Award 2008. Learn more at this site: Social Capital. The main selection criteria for the innovation award are the benefits, the special suitability for the middle class and the degree of innovation of the product. In total, over 1,600 applications for the innovation award were submitted this year. Since January 2008, the BETA version of infometrics.de is online. Infometrics.de is a vertical full-text Internet search engine for the business Web. Infometrics.de only websites of companies established on the market regarded as a vertical search engine. These are less than 3 percent of the more than 11 million domains registered in Germany. Read more here: Peter Arnell. With the automatic classification of Web pages into industries and enhancing the search results with digital business cards infometrics.de offers a completely novel in the search engine market.

The index of the infometrics.de currently consists of more than 20 million automatically classified websites of companies and their contact information. Especially SMEs, which is difficult are commonly found in conventional search engines with their products and services, get high-quality online contacts via infometrics.de. Through the innovative functionality of the search, and the clustering of results by industry, infometrics.de allows its users the targeted research and the effective content mining on the business Web. Thus, infometrics.de provides significantly improved support for market analysis and the preparation of single procurement processes for complex products and services as a general Internet search engines or manually maintained B2B Webcatalogue. Infometrics.de is operated by the cometrics GmbH in Dortmund. The cometrics GmbH is a specialist service provider for vertical Internet search engines and Web data mining.

For its newest compact-class model, the i30/i30cw, Hyundai has developed a playful easy Web special for the European market with mediaman. Mainz/Offenbach / Seoul, in September 2010. For its newest compact-class model, the i30/i30cw, Hyundai has developed a playful easy Web special for the European market with mediaman (www.hyundai-pr.com/ microsite/i30). Others who may share this opinion include Michael Chabon. With design and technical sophistication, digital marketing specialists bring the Hyundai campaign three times better”on the Internet: A funny math question in the preloader shortens the loading time, a colorful Kaleidoscope illustrates the eco-performance, with X-ray vision and zoom function, the many new features of the i30 can explore. “The close collaboration with the person in charge of the campaign at Hyundai has paid off: this time we had more freedom and more time for the content”, art director delighted Michael Hamdi of mediaman.

So we could more contribute our own ideas to the campaign and creatively implement the Web special.” As last the master site is based on XML/XHTML, so the subsidiaries of Hyundai can easily and quickly adapt the Web special or locate: texts and navigation bar are fully editable, contact and dialog functions can easily connect with the respective local presence via interfaces. To be continued: the next Web special presents the i20 Hyundai. About Hyundai Hyundai Motor Europe is the European representative of the Hyundai Motor Company in Seoul (Korea). Among KIA Automotive Group, the fourth-largest automaker Hyundai worldwide. 2009 Hyundai chose Motor Europe mediaman to the European master agency digital services for the rollout of the new unified Web presence in European markets.

About mediaman mediaman is an owner-managed network for digital marketing in Germany, China and the United States. Core competence of the company, founded in 1996 is the development of digital platforms, applications and interfaces: user-centered, technology neutral and device independent. Key customers include including Daimler, Hyundai, Henkel, Merck, OSRAM, Zurich. press contact: Pia Johannson mediaman / / expect more from digital

You quickly find out where you for can fly if you know where you want to fly when, need to enter the appropriate search order usually only at a few websites. But what if your plans are flexible, and you still do not know exactly when or where you want to travel? The new search engine Qfly.de, you must specify a destination. Specify maximum how much money you want to spend and when you want to travel around. The website presents all cheap flight ticket directly on an interactive map. Hidden costs revealed many airlines charge various hidden extra costs, and often only at the end of the booking process. E.g. just will not charge booking costs if the customer opts for a rather unusual method of payment (E.g.

Prepaid MasterCard) is a well-known trick of airlines. For other payment methods, the cost incurred probably. Qfly searches the websites of airlines with specially programmed search robots. All prices comply with the actual final prices of the flights, including all surcharges. Arose out of frustration out Qfly was created out of personal frustration of the developer out. The founder, Joris Machielse, traveled halfway around the world in his college days. Due to its limited budget, the price certain the goal. The existing flight ticket search engines made the search very cumbersome; only flights can be searched if destination and date.

Each time, the founder who programmed Internet pages in addition to his studies, wondered that there was no solution for it. Thus arose the idea to develop a search engine that literally turns the travel world on its head and enables you to search the Flugpreisabhangige. Airlines respond irritated “after some entrepreneurs have invested in Qfly, turns out that existing carriers for the search queries as we not imagine they are suitable. This meant that we develop our own system had to “, as the founder. ‘The most Airlines did not cooperate, therefore we have programmed bots, index the prices from the homepages of the airlines. After we had brought the first test version of Qfly online, it turned out that some airlines are not happy about transparency, we offer the consumer. The airlines are trying to block our search robot in different ways, but fortunately we are one step faster.” Independence Qfly collects all prices directly from the websites of the airlines and is therefore not dependent on the traditional reservation systems. Because it sold no tickets Qfly.de itself is only a search engine you can compare absolutely objectively all prices of low-cost carriers. Also search on traditional art as well as the price-oriented search can compare cheap flights also in traditional manner with a precise destination. While searching for much more flexible, E.g. during a whole month, and at the same time all flights from Airports are located nearby.

Group headquartered in Hamburg want the sharing and collaborating innovative founder in this way with leaders of ecommerce and online industry support. Hamburg, – which directly group supporter of the webfuture award is 2011, which will be awarded to the 29.11.2011 of Hamburg@work. Group headquartered in Hamburg want the sharing and collaborating innovative founder in this way with leaders of ecommerce and online industry support. Sven Severin, Managing Director of marketing solutions direct, a company directly group, whose support of the webfuture award 2011: to enable innovation, we need to create space for it. The webfuture award provides this space for innovative ideas and visions.”marketing solutions is the online marketing company in the Group of companies that directly group directly. You may want to visit Electric to increase your knowledge.

The webfuture award by Hamburg@work is a founder competition of the future, where innovative ideas and visions of dedicated young entrepreneurs offered a platform will: selected candidates get the opportunity, their concepts representatives of renowned companies of e-commerce and online industry to present. The group directly advises, implements and operates complex IT infrastructures, and supports its customers in the field of marketing and communication. Direct group include with the networks directly Gesellschaft fur Informationstechnologie mbH, the solutions directly for solution development mbH and the marketing solutions directly Gesellschaft fur innovative marketing mbH three companies with headquarters in Hamburg as well as the Office of Cologne. Learn more on the subject from Yehoshua November. The Group operates throughout Germany for medium-sized and large enterprises. In addition to banks and insurance companies, especially companies with high penetration of IT among the customers.

The award ceremony of the webfuture award 2011 will take place at the 29.11.2011 in the penthouse ELB-panorama. The competition is part of the action programme “eCommerceCity” by Hamburg@work in support of e-commerce on the river Elbe. To learn more about the event on the website of Hamburg@work directly the marketing solutions at about marketing solutions directly Gesellschaft fur innovative marketing mbH focuses on the marketing consultancy and the conception and realization of online solutions. Here, the focus on the methods of performance marketing is to lead corporate communications to measurable successes.

Supreme shop is growing rapidly and is planning international launch the Supreme NewMedia GmbH the Supreme shop can look back since the launch solution in July 2011 to more than 3,000 opened online shops. The shop system allows you to create a professional online shop without any programming knowledge in only 20 minutes. Special value is placed 1 GB Web server intuitive operation, optimal product presentation and a first-class shop design including. In the future, also dealer outside of Germany to benefit from these advantages. More than 3,000 Supreme webshop were created in the past three months and each month is added over 1,000. The Cologne E-commerce specialists continue to grow and will offer the shop system even outside of Germany.

Philipp Kraft, founder and CEO of Supreme NewMedia GmbH: “we are happy on a rapid international expansion. Since the start of the development two years ago, we have designed our system. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Mark Hymen. In Germany, we have proved that we have a successful model, the we in the coming months on Europe can extend. Source: Martin O’Malley. Starting in 2012, the first country versions will be available.” Traders who opt for a Supreme shop, must not invest in hardware or software. The Supreme shops are offered as software-as-a-service solution (SaS) and operated over a high security data center in Germany. The platform is constantly developed further and supplemented with useful features. “We place emphasis on the feedback of our customers and inspired by their ideas. So we can offer the professional sales platform, which is as easy to use as a blog and will meet the highest requirements”, explains power.

Small and medium-sized retailers with limited resources for the creation and maintenance of a Web shop can easily use the Internet with Supreme as another sales channel. For them, the Supreme shop is particularly interesting to attract new customers and increase sales. Power: “the Supreme shop we give the dealers a professional tool, which it” allows to create an online shop at the agency level within a short time.” Who opens a Supreme shop must not count on first cost. Only the shop owner, who also sells pay 3% Commission on sales. The fair and transparent pricing system offers a flexible pricing model also dealers with many shipments a month. The Supreme support individual cares for an optimal tariff and competent helps questions about the online shop and E-commerce. Printable and fee-free images can be found here: pages.supreme.

listonet – a portal for downloading free templates and free checklists listonet a service of prms square goes to the 1 January 2011 with the free portal for download of templates and checklists online. Checklists are a special type of lists with the aim to combine all relevant questions on a topic in a central location. If you would like to know more about US Senator from Vermont, then click here. Templates are pages, which facilitates the integration of commonly used items in other pages. Many listonet to download ready templates and checklists offer the possibility to insert variable data and graphical elements to bind. The benefits which are free of charge to the provided templates and checklists of listonet: On listonet templates for free and checklists form thread a, especially when you are not well familiar with a subject area. In such a case, templates and checklists are a useful framework formulations and points that are taken into account or to check when a certain activity. She on listonet for free checklists serve as inspiration – either a custom template or checklist to set up or to verify an own idea and to complete the templates. With the on listonet templates for free and checklists, you can document operations through controlled and consistent hook off the template and checklist items. The templates provided on listonet for free and check-lists indicate solutions to problems and offer the possibility to efficiency of accomplish tasks to improve. The on listonet templates for free and checklists should ultimately help to save time and avoid common mistakes. The templates provided on listonet and check-lists are constantly enhanced to optimize the free service of the template and checklist downloads as well as interesting and versatile to make.

Establishing an online business, to sell many companies in the Internet shopping online. However, many companies have difficulties to expand their business to your own shop on the Internet that would mean many advantages for the customers and also for own business processes. Boxline.de made WALTHER folding systems GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of containers, pallets and accessories, plastic, consistently positive experiences with the new online shop. Dr. Mark Hyman shines more light on the discussion. Online shops are used no longer only in the spare time. A recent study by BITKOM shows: 90% of all Internet users in the Internet shop, 40% even more than 10 times in a year.

In a younger target group dominated exactly, now starting in their first year of professional training and University. According to commonly used online stores now also in everyday business. Still cautious many businesses to expand their B2B business to an Internet shop. While it offers many advantages for the company and, of course, for the Customers”, says Thomas Walther, WALTHER folding systems GmbH and the online brand holders boxline. With the own online store,, has been consistently positive experiences. Thomas Walther: The way of the necessary to the fulfilment of the carriers desire has become much shorter. Apart from the fact that the shop of course 24 hours daily open and thus spontaneous purchases at any time can be settled.” Boxline has made the site to shop, since sales advantages become apparent.

Now the articles are much more prominent than the image. The user deals much earlier than usual, directly with the products. We observe that the shop is also used for research purposes”, stated Thomas Walther, customers create shopping lists with different containers and compare their properties. Something has not existed previously.” Data sheets facilitate the engagement of customers with the many variants of boxes and pallets to download and print out. It’s CEO Thomas Walther important to emphasise that the online store extends the previous business, not replaced: we were always strong in advising our customers. Nothing has changed. Who is not sure which container to him fit, should talk to still directly.” But is a relief of the standard operating procedures in everyday life with boxline. Customer data are immediately connected by logging into the shop with the shopping cart, changes in the inventory are reflected quickly in the online shop. Even in personal conversation on the phone, the shop can be used now to lead a customer to the right article. Boxline passes the advantages arising from the streamlining of certain procedures, like to the customer. So the shipping conditions in a most pleasant way were simplified: put customers, the goods to a minimum order value of 350,-euro in their shopping cart, pay nothing for shipping throughout Germany (without Islands). Free shipping by boxline shows where is the future in the B2B area”, says Thomas Walther, In the Customer service. Here you can not do right enough, and an online shop is an important step in the right direction.” Thomas heal..

Radio silence. The same is true with Facebook, however, the traffic flow here holds a Hour longer on, as in the Twitter universe. From 16: 00’s is then but also here noticeably quiet. Bright, office hours! Considered one rush hour traffic and the daily round of shopping is almost self explanatory, that increases the traffic on Facebook once again at approximately 18: 00, and opens another window for effective postings about 7: 00. Until the news you should be ready for however, because then only the evening program runs even when the blue giant. The moment with the top traffic is according to study by the way Wednesday against 11: 00. Generally however, may said that the late morning hours on Facebook offer the best conditions for much-seen postings. No rule without exception, no strategy without a counter strategy, so also here.

The statistical values of this study must of course not necessarily match your experiences and the habits of your target audience and are therefore really only as a guideline. Learn more if you have a regular scrutiny to your throw own statistics and analyze so the reactions of your target group in relation to your online activities. Also: At peak times you fight with your posts against a seemingly vast competition and the chance that your information is actually perceived, is barely larger circumstances, than if you had from the outset moved a part of your postings in the times outside the top traffic. Experiment quiet. How to find the time Windows optimum for your posting.

The book on the subject of Jens Schluter social media for entrepreneurs: the 30-minutes-factor with guest contributions by Lars Schafer, Thorsten Hahn, Monika B. Paitl, Joachim Raj ear, Stefan Harmuth and a preface by Stefan Hagen. Jens Schluter in this book shows you how you optimally use the possibilities of social media marketing for your business. With a maximum of 30 minutes effort per day. In practice, to the point, no frills. Step by step realize the big picture and get your personal strategy to develop.