They were formerly very common curtains which were installed around the beds in palaces, large houses today although it may seem something nonsensical, also can find this type of plug-ins on the market, and not as difficult as we can think of in principle. So we can create a Bohemian atmosphere and intimate at the same time, in addition to remove light and clarity for a better break in our bedroom. A way to install curtains is placing a support, either wood or metal, square shape, using it at the same time as headboard and bed elevator around the bed. We will post the curtains of the horizontal bars at the top and we can tie to keep them open to the vertical part of the foot of the bed. Otherwise, something less cumbersome and more easy if do not have much space, would simply place two rods hooked to the ceiling, one on each side of the bed and there hang the curtains. Also can create a square on the roof slightly larger than our bed, and cover all sides of this so. It is important to let the curtains pass the light, and if we want to keep the game with the decoration of the rest of the room (or the curtains of the window), we can obtain it by installing double curtain and just letting loose the most clear and that lets the light. Remember that this single resource type is eye-catching and beautiful if we have a bedroom very spacious and with high ceilings, but could prove very burdensome and not make any sense, because in addition to remove us light us seem that we are covering the little space we had. Original author and source of the article..