How wonderful to learn something, is that no one can snatch us it. B.B. King many pages have been written about Buddha, which contributed in their transit by this planet Earth, such is the case as shown in Wikipedia, Siddh? rtha Gautama represents perfectly the concept of spiritual search according to ancient beliefs, especially from Eastern nature. I.e., the tireless internal effort or the catharsis which leads to the liberating union with divinity or nirvana and that all human beings sooner or later will be forced to perform (self-realization) to achieve someday lighting, then Yes, experience necessary and sobering reincarnations. Also, Siddhartha finally become the enlightened (or Buddha) figure comes to express the mystical idea that towards the own light and therefore obtaining inner peace involves enormous sacrifice and usually begins with a provocative and disturbing doubt according to oral tradition, shortly after his birth was visited by brahman Asita, an ascetic of great reputation by his wisdom and his talent to interpret omens.

Do wise brahman prophesied that Siddh? rtha would become a great ruler or a great religious teacher, what shocked to? uddhodana, who wanted his son to continue his same steps and one day to succeed him on the throne. Therefore his father protected the hardness of life, outside Palace, to prevent the son to develop his trend toward the spiritual. He thought that the best way to avoid the tendency to religiosity consisted of preventing all experience with the side bitter life, so he created in winch him a life full of pleasures and lowest possible contact with the suffering of the reality. Do you say legend, that M? and? It was fertilized by a small and beautiful equipped with six tusks elephant who hurt your lap delicately without causing pain. At birth, the small Siddh? rtha would have appeared before his mother on a Lotus while a soft rain of petals fell on both, and said: I triunfare about the birth and death and vencere all the demons that harass the human.