Recirculation Atomizaton

2,4 Furnaces of fluidizado stream bed. The fuel flexibility is the best characteristic of the boilers of fluidizado stream bed. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Martin O’Malley. They can burn a vast variety of fuels without a bigger loss in the performance. For example, if boilers of sprayed coal, assigned for coal with 45% of ash, are fed with coal of 10% of ash, this can cause a serious problem, but this does not occur in the boilers of stream bed fluidizado, beyond the flexibility of the fuel, other advantages are design compact of the boiler, efficiency in the combustion and reduced emission of the harmful pollutants. 3 Burners of furnaces As RORIZ (2010) a burner is an equipment that by means of the combustion process, has finally to carry through the transformation of chemical energy of a fuel in heat. The fuel can be liquid, gaseous or solid. It stops beyond providing the heat in a boiler or any another device of heating, it also controls the temperature of exit and pressure of the boiler, and is essential that the efficient fuel burning either so that the reduced fuel consumption either. It stops beyond these functions, the burner also has a preponderant paper in the flame stabilization, promoting: – Recirculation (internal or external) of the gases of the flame in order to heat the ar/combustvel mixture; – Turbulence of the mixture; – Atomizaton (Spraying) correct of fuel; Had this last function, for times the burners only are related by atomizers, a time that is this its main characteristic and also it is who differentiates the diverse types of burners.

The atomizaton later involves the formation of films and/or ligament in the proximity of the atomizer and of gotculas. This step is of great importance, and a good atomizaton is essential for the combustion process. The atomizaton strong is influenced by the geometry and diameter of the atomizer, as well as for the properties of the liquid, the fluid of atomizaton, end speed of the same ones, as well as for the conditions (temperature, humidity, among others) of the surrounding way.