This is understandable: after all, due to hormonal changes reduced muscle mass and adipose increases. At this age, our body begins to store water. Therefore, best rice diet. Rice grains ideally derive liquid 'drain' us. So, divide 250 grams of rice on 3 receptions, 2 of them combine with additional protein components. Morning: Boil rice, eat it, mix with a glass of nonfat yogurt and a teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: boiled rice, to add 150 g of fish or lean chicken. In the evening: Rice with Steamed vegetables of your choice (can be fresh), watering them a teaspoon of olive oil. The main thing solite food as possible, since salt is known to retain water in the body. Between these three meals in a sense hunger you can eat any fruit or 100 g low-fat cottage cheese. Bonus tip: add a good diet food. Containing soy, because they contain a substance similar hormones, winning 'attack of hunger.

" You: The usefulness of walk: after only 30 minutes of active walking a certain amount of fat leaves the fat depot. ENZYMES – 'KILLER' FAT now in nutrition, we need to hit the brakes: 50-year-old body for the life you want to 30% less energy than a 20-year-old. The most effective substance, 'kill' and make us fat slim at this age – the enzymes. Rich in enzymes and vitamin C all known and less known pineapple papaya. During the day, try 2Gkg eat this fruit (or one of them), including necessarily the pulp and juice.