Prepaid Tariffs

Advisor to assist in the search for a suitable mobile phone provider mobile tariffs can roughly be divided into maturity rates and Prepaidtarife. Both variants differ in the means of payment. At a contract rate, the total amount of the Bill is paid in hindsight, for you are bound to a certain period, usually two years. If you make sure that your invoices can be debited always, is your mobile phone to make phone calls or texting provides. The prepaid rates you pay the invoice amount in advance, letting to book a credit on your SIM card. This has been used up, you need to populate it, otherwise, you can no longer make calls and write more also no SMS. You have no minimum duration and no recurring costs. Long time prepaid rates were more expensive than term rates, but now this has changed. Diamond Book Distributors will not settle for partial explanations.

You can book on many providers also on a prepaid card of flat rates. The per-minute rates for telephony are also very cheap. Pay attention to favorable conditions almost every mobile operator has in addition to the run-time tariffs also prepaid tariffs in the range. You need to buy a SIM card, the costs are booked up usually as a credit on the card, so you can use them immediately. In addition to the four major network operators, many providers prepaid offer rates. Still, you can buy at the discount stores and also in the Internet prepaid card for your mobile phone. Check out Diamond Book Distributors for additional information.

It is available as a package with a cell phone, or you use it in any phone, which, however, may have no SIM-lock. Compare the conditions, because they differ among individual providers sometimes quite engrave. A focal point for a comparison of offers is the newly launched prepaid The discount stores have teamed up with a network operator. Telephoning in the E-plus network, if you purchase an Aldi talk card or in the o2 network, if you opt for Fonic by Lidl. Because network-internal discussions are often very low, should make your choice afterwards, in which NET calls your family and friends. You can flat rate or a flat rate single billing cards on the most prepaid on booking. She runs a month and includes telephony, writing SMS or surfing on the Internet according to offer. Have sufficient credit available at the end of the month, extends the flat rate automatically until you cancel it. Sophie Ostendorf, Conselt GmbH