The first platform, which specializes in the publication, sale and knowledge around Swiss wine. Zurich/Corseaux, September 1, 2011 SWISS WINE SELECTION is more than just an online store. In addition to the sale of selected Swiss wines that were available previously exclusively directly from the winery, the newly launched platform supports Swiss winemakers when referring to their offerings and the knowledge around the still underrated Swiss wine. Perhaps check out Michael Chabon for more information. Herve Badan, the founder of SWISS WINE SELECTION, would thus share his passion for Swiss wines with a wide audience and at the same time give this recognition which deserve. He hopes to fill a gap. Wine has played in the family of Herve Badan, founder and Director of SWISS WINE SELECTION, has always been a central role. His father awakened his passion, especially for domestic wines early and always complained about the bad reputation that clings to them. Badan noted that understand in this country only a few Swiss wines, and most would rather decorate your basement with big foreign names.

Hardly anyone knows that wine is grown in all cantons, and there are in this country over 160 different grape varieties. So Badan is committed to the goal, to make Swiss wine for connoisseurs, as well as for newcomers, and to give him a better image. While he wants to meet a younger audience, which sets a new consumer behaviour on the day: everything must go a little faster and online at any time and from anywhere forth feasible be. Thanks to the numerous pictures and video selection on the SWISS WINE SELECTION website, visitors can virtually visit the wine growers from home and order the wines even in very small quantities directly into their own home. Selected Swiss wines directly home at the same price as from the winery on the today aufgeschaltenen site of SWISS WINE SELECTION are exclusively Swiss wines offered, which are otherwise only directly from the winery and This at the exact same price”, explains Herve Badan visibly proud.