We distinguish the following rules rapid deployment automation tools software development: a classic consulting project often involves initial and long enough audit, which for a wide range of clients from among the software companies could become a serious argument "against" making a decision on implementation tools, implementation of process automation tools software development projects in the classical model for making organizational change occurs at the final stage, the lack of evidence of the practical results of the first stages of the project for implementation reduces motivation of project participants from the customer, having sufficient experience, a consulting company may in the early stages of implementation to offer pre-defined configuration, and plans to integrate solutions that, on the one hand, will provide an opportunity to conduct a rapid deployment, and on the other – will make changes at the process level is based on pre-embedded tools solutions, focusing on training. In fast draft training acquire a special property. If in long projects can afford to spend big and space-theoretical training, the fastest possible only a short time and purely practical training. O’Malley for President can provide more clarity in the matter. All this necessarily supported by the practice of using the knowledge gained immediately after the lectures. Have proved effective scheme of "lecture in the morning – the day job." And at the training all the considered scenarios are taken from projects the organization, not from training examples. It is worth noting that the modern consumer of consulting services are increasingly asks the right questions about the experience consulting company – the number, complexity and diversity successful projects and embedded configurations.