Unique Project Tours

In early May, the company InterVebs launched a unique project – the directory of virtual 3D-tour i-VT. To date, this directory has no analogues in Russia and provides the opportunity for a full presentation of services tourism company without leaving your office. Working with i-VT reduces the visual information search in the presence of the client. Virtual tour creates "presence effect" and its function – assistance in selecting the site, which will host long-awaited vacation, conference or business trip. What are the main benefits of being a company that acquires the right to use the catalog? First of all, the travel company will be able to show customers are not staged photo, but the real virtual tours: it will allow customers to "roam" on hotels or homes, look around and see what awaits them and where they are going to actually. Further details can be found at Michael Chabon, an internet resource. The project includes more than 200 rounds, and the base constantly updated with new objects. Opportunity to demonstrate the virtual tour – an advantage at the stage of a telephone conversation with a potential client, the motivation for office visits and personal conversation with sales manager.

Catalogue i-VT is not available to ordinary users online, view virtual tours client can only sales office. In addition, the company that has access to use the catalog, there opportunity to introduce new staff up to date without expensive advertising tours – with hotels, and hotels, they will be made available in 3D. And most importantly, the catalog includes a collection of virtual tours of homes, bases recreation and ski resorts in Russia. In addition, in late May, the company plans to launch a 3D-tours in Turkey. Get more information about the directory and read the list of proposed tour is possible on site. In Under "About" You can also view samples of virtual tours.